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  1. i avoid any big brand for coffee beans. always looking for private brands with well sourced and cared beans. totally happy with my medium roasted beans from or They roast them fresh when you order and stock their own organic beans from Chiang Rai. Absolutely amazing taste.
  2. Hi, not sure if too let or helpful. I know a shop in Lad Prao only that will roast your small batch of beans to your liking. they did for me.
  3. i found this shop in Bangkok and they have it all if you are into bulletproof coffee and MCT. they are the only shop in Thailand i could find who sells MCT oil. Also they have their own organic, mycotoxin free coffee beans. They roast them in house on your request/order to give them the best taste for each customer. or
  4. if you would get a "normal" contract from your employer you never have to leave the country to renew anything. did you ask yourself the question, why your employer only gives you 12 month contract? i think the answer is: because he does not want to pay you any compensation. you have a right for compensation if contract gets canceled. (1 month salary for first 12 month, 3 month salary after 12 month,etc.) maybe try to get a normal contract so you have a right to ask for this at a later point. ;-)
  5. i have researched all options myself last year. there is only one that really is interesting in thailand. i have seen their show house at an exhibition fully setup. looks very good. many options for size and design. prices are reasonable. construction time around 10 weeks.