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  1. Any service improvement would be welcome, but this could have been solved with a smartphone app that tracks the buses and offers an ETA at a given bus stop. Then, however, no hardware and maintenance fees would be gained, of course. You have to wonder how much money is being 'diverted' within the BMTA when AirAsia has a fleet of buses at Don Muang that are far newer and better than any of the city's buses.
  2. Cue the Benny Hill theme music...
  3. "...we had too wait to round up the stranglers..." Note to self- don't take the prison bus in an attempt to save money.
  4. Move that rat to an inactive post!
  5. JaiMaii, if you could let us know if the fan was repaired, and how, it would be appreciated by many on here, I'm sure. It's clear that your post is about finding an answer to a problem as well as learning something new. It's not about saving some money, although there's nothing wrong with that.
  6. I have noticed an inordinate number of drivers with red plates driving poorly or unsafely...
  7. Haha, yes, that position has already been filled. :)
  8. A statute of limitations only applies if there were no charges brought against the accused within a specified time frame, which is not the case here.
  9. Sorry for your loss; so many people died building that railway. One thing that continues to make this situation worse is that the Japanese fail to admit the extent of their atrocious behaviour during World War II.
  10. Never underestimate the Thai entrepreneurial spirit...
  11. I stayed at Hotel Mingood on Argyll Road in Georgetown, it's a decent, quiet hotel and the daily rate is reasonable. They can either call a cab who will take you directly to the Consulate for a fixed rate (and wait for you and take you back for the same rate) or you can use an in-house agent who charges a nominal fee for taking your visa to be processed. I took the train from Thailand the first time I went to Penang, I thought on several occasions the train would tip over. The contrast in line quality between Thailand and Malaysia is stark; the Malaysian side's tracks are smooth and rock solid, while the Thai side is sometimes dodgy. Good luck
  12. I'm looking at them as well, the Chromebook website in Thailand is and the email link to purchase one is The 11-inch Chromebook is 14,500 baht in Thailand, but the 14-inch one has better specs and is only 500 baht more. It looks, however, as though it would be quite a bit cheaper to purchase it in your country of origin than here in Thailand. Cheers