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  1. MLB.com will have a playoff package (not expensive) that will allow you watch any of the games. I've used it a lot in the past, and as long as your internet connection is decent, you can enjoy the games with an excellent app or through a browser.
  2. "Smart Bus Stops" finally coming to Bangkok

    Any service improvement would be welcome, but this could have been solved with a smartphone app that tracks the buses and offers an ETA at a given bus stop. Then, however, no hardware and maintenance fees would be gained, of course. You have to wonder how much money is being 'diverted' within the BMTA when AirAsia has a fleet of buses at Don Muang that are far newer and better than any of the city's buses.
  3. Cue the Benny Hill theme music...
  4. Why petrol stops for vans?

    "...we had too wait to round up the stranglers..." Note to self- don't take the prison bus in an attempt to save money.
  5. There's a rat at government house - literally!

    Move that rat to an inactive post!
  6. Help me fix my fan.

    JaiMaii, if you could let us know if the fan was repaired, and how, it would be appreciated by many on here, I'm sure. It's clear that your post is about finding an answer to a problem as well as learning something new. It's not about saving some money, although there's nothing wrong with that.