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  1. black fox

    t eatime tv

    is anbody else having a problem with teatime tv,it was on this morning now nothing at all,ive tried phoning them but no answer so far. have they gone out of business like expat tv?
  2. i remember years ago sarah kennedy buying a new mg (british made) complaining on radio one breakfast show that it was getting water inside the car.
  3. black fox

    books by joe cross

    i would like to .buy books by joe cross,he is an australian who writes aboutjuicing fruit and veggies for weight reduction and health,if anyone knows where i can buy please let me know. thanks in advance
  4. black fox

    24 hr immigration check

    .a friend of mine came back to thailand yesterday and went to immigration at jomtien to register and they told not to bother as he was still at the same address,he checked at the front desk andthey con firmed it.