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  1. mran66

    New Windows (Not Computer)

    Used them before. Window very good. But quality of finish with installation not. Did not finish installation properly. Sent from my SM-G610F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  2. mran66


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  3. mran66

    DLT used car transfer advice please.

    I bought a BKK plate car before, and the seller (car tent in BKK) took care of the transfer to my name (my name in book). No plate change at the time. I drove a year no issues. However, when I had to do the annual tax, I was told can not do as transfer not complete, I was puzzled (as were some locals I asked about what it is about). Turned out that only half of the required cross-province transfer process had been done by seller (farang need to have plates from province where residence, thais not thats why thais puzzled). Had to do the 2nd part i.e get chonburi plates prior to being able to do the tax. This second part of process alone took about a month for me, taken care of local (professional) agent. And no color or other changes, just the plate change for car that I already had in my name. So it seems these processes here indeed are VERY slow...if all paperwork good, I would not be surprised even if would take 2mo, esp if agent on sloppy side.
  4. mran66

    Female dermatologist recommendation please.

    Just visited Anna last week to show a mole-like thing, lucky only seborrheic keratosis. 1400 baht. Not bad
  5. mran66

    Concrete & tile works

    sent a PM
  6. Just to add one more - same was told to be today after coming back yesterday after Songkran self-evacuation. Only 90 day reporting needed she told
  7. Sak garage on thepparasit can do any mechanic job for your car at very reasonable rate. Not a Ford specialist per se, though he done work on my focus suspension Right after the kaan show when coming from sukhumvit, on north side. Speaks good English too https://m.facebook.com/sak.garage.1
  8. i think this is just a normal pump used for households to get pressure to system either from tank or city water. I have city water and storage tank, basically only use this pump when need water from tank city water being off. I would expect there is a leakage somewhere that lets the tank to get filled by water from city system pressure over the time, just wondering if anyone would have had similar issue with this pump hand having got it fixed by fixing something rather than buy the whole new pump. My use is rather infrequent so dont think I would buy another one as long as this works, but would prefer less start/stop cycle when in use. Also expect the constant start/stop might one day burn the motor.
  9. mran66

    Garage with Ford obd code reader

    thanks for those who provided comments - visited couple of workshops before the time of posting, however those did not have the ELM327 thingy, a bit surprising actually as they only cost a little. have my own but it was not with me here but in home country, so asked as wanted to know where the problem is prior to going home for xmas. Now back and tested with the free Fordsys android SW and worked like a clock; was the rear left wheel sensor that was kaputt. After replacing all works good. So no equipped to serve Ford owners with OBDII diagnosis
  10. Hi I have above mentioned pump in my house, normally run it only as backup when pressure in city water system goes off. However the pump have an issue that when in use, it starts and stops all the time, making it both annoying because of noise, but also very hot after some use. I emptied the tank couple of times by removing the plug on the side, after which the pump works "normally" for a while. However, after a while goes back to the short cycle again, tank full of water. Take the plug off and let water out it goes back to OK again for some time (days/weeks, not really followed for how long) Anybody have any idea what could be done to fix this - is there a set of seals or other parts that are likely to be damaged causing this and could be replaced easily? Or something wrong with the tank (possible bladder inside?)? There is no valve outside to put pressure in, so I guess there is a pre-filled bladder inside. thanks
  11. Trying to avoid Ford pattaya like plague as service so bad, however have abs warning light on so would need to read the code behind the error. Anyone aware of a place with obd reader that can read ford codes other than ford pattaya?
  12. mran66

    Water off in parts of Pattaya on Thursday

    As of 8pm Friday water still off in pratamnak
  13. mran66

    Water off in parts of Pattaya on Thursday

    water off all day today in pratamnak at least...and yes it not unusual at all have water cut for a day or two at least here, happen all the time...not sure if because of pipeworks or allocation or what. If no tank would be very annoying actually.
  14. mran66

    Water off in parts of Pattaya on Thursday

    ...yes I know...meant is there a place where could sign up for distribution or even static web page? PWA site seems to have thai only in news section
  15. mran66

    Water off in parts of Pattaya on Thursday

    where can you get these alerts in english?