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  1. I need to get vertical blinds (those with twisting stripes of fabric or plastic that can be slid aside if need) after some remodeling, (about 2.1m high 1.8m wide). Obviously many shops around making those, however wondering if anyone would have recommendations for good experiences with some place, good quality/service and reasonable price? Staying in Pratamnak.
  2. have been using this one for few years, guess tens of times, no problem ever. 1000b each way swampy/1500 don muang. Mr KeaK +66813401365 Line ID...titapat.oor +66862520221 Line ID...keakpattaya email:
  3. I have not seen but you could give a try at the screw shop on thepparasit. They have all kinds of stuff related to screws and related tools incl machining tools. I had luck finding some tools there I could not find elsewhere. North side of thepparasit, i recall somewhere between soi 8 and suk. Clearly visible sign stating 'screws'.
  4. was shopping for groceries today and checked if indeed they discontinued acetone at friendship - seems still there, 50bt for 450ml and 18bt for 100ml bottle. Bought this before and worked well for all careful it easily damages the surface under the stain so it probably is real acetone. At least says acetone and smells like it. Right under the toothbrushes, on alley opposite where butter/margarine is placed. ...But where to find Oxalic some other towns seems to be available in stores selling chemicals - anybody know of such general chemical store in Pattaya area?
  5. I have bought mine from friendship supermarket. In cleaning/detergent section .
  6. for cleaning rusty and oxidized metal parts
  7. ...talking about acids, where to find oxalic acid in Pattaya (in home use quantity)?
  8. I paid 700 for the very same thing some time back in a small shop when had puncture and had the outer tire replaced at the same tlme Usually 180bt to replace punctured inner tube only. Had a few done...
  9. thanks - googled the contact and sent email with my issue to the email address on their service website ( and got a reply quotation incl shipment and payment details within half an hour (seems need to buy the whole motor but still worth). Will proceed and see how the delivery actually works.
  10. My Hitachi vacuum started to loose power and smell electric - seems I would need to get new commutator brushes. Anybody know if there is any Hitachi service center or other spare part shop in Pattaya where could go ask for such to try if still would have some life left instead of getting a new vacuum?
  11. I had mixed problems with by 3BB for couple of weeks, sometime connection drop temporarily, sometime very slow, sometime got a 3BB prompt on my screen asking some password (their system password of some nature I guess) etc. On Friday I accidentally clicked Save on the password screen, and the whole system stopped working, saying that password incorrect too many times or something like that. Called 3BB service and a guy came by yesterday to reset the password (could not do myself as no computer with LAN port). He got the password done, but connection did not work properly, was very very slow (like 0.2M or so), intermittent, and at the end stopped work completely. The guy went to look the 3BB switch box and came back sometime later telling that a cable is broken between my house and the 3BB box, being able to isolate to about 15m part of the line based on his investigation. I hopped on my bike to get a new cable to replace that 15m section and voila the networks works like a charm since. I pulled the old cable off the bush (completely covered by plants) and it indeed was damaged so that the copper was visible (though did not see where it was cut or whether it was cut or just exposed), I guess due to the foliage causing too much stress on it over time. Anyway, I assume, though can not be sure, that all the issues I had with the access were caused by the damaged telephone cable that initially caused intermittent problems as described (maybe not completely broken, just intermittently connected to ground or plants esp when wet), then finally totally stopped working completely. So you might want to check/have checked that the telephone cable from 3BB box to your router is not damaged. If can not find any other explanation and still have intermittent issues, you might just replace the cable to exclude the possibility (was 20bt per meter in hardware shop). I guess the 3BB guys should be able to measure the the cable though. Might be so that on dry day no issues, but on wet day (when damaged insulation has more meaning) have. Overall I am pretty happy with 3BB service when problems occur (as they do every now and then as the last mile installations not really that well made), guy normally comes within hours and helps solve the problem.
  12. ...well for those of us who live west of Suk, the trip to DLT is long and big C short and also can shop at same trip...and it is hit and miss also at DLT as sometime they seem to have off-days. Happened to me once, I recall earlier this year when rode there to settle tax of my HD and the place was closed, just a note on the gate. Back home and another trip next day. What are the pitfalls you thinking of on weekends, please share so that can try avoid? At least was a breeze for me once got the insurance (which I can buy on way to Big C now, and even do the inspection if needed)
  13. at least signboards of the insurance co's clearly stated they open Mon-Fri only. As I was there at about 1.30, can not say whether they open on morning. I understood from some other post that the "mini DLT" on Sat 9-15 only, not Sun, but not sure if so. At least until 2pm yesterday they were there.
  14. Rode to Big C Pattaya Tai to settle my annual motorbike tax based on the advice from this forum (rode all the way to DLT before as did not know before that can do in Big C). Was there around 1.30pm - seems that both of the insurance agencies on the soi (AA and the other one) are closed on Saturdays now, so be aware that you need to get your insurance done on working day or go elsewhere if on Sat (when the tax day in Big C happens). Rode back towards town and stopped by into Macallan Insurance broker. The girls said they not sell govt insurance there. However they advised me to go to the next Soi to a place where I should be able to buy it, pointing to a sign with gear type round symbol. So off I go to find the place and indeed at the end of the Soi (4) there was a place where could buy insurance on Saturday, not sure if closest to Big C but at least not too far (few hundred meters). Also, seems they do annual inspection for bikes and cars for 60/200, as well as provide services for ownership transfer. Actually they offered to handle my tax as well but would have had to come back another day to pick the green book, so easier to just go back to Big C to do myself. Just for info for anyone planning to do annual tax in Big C on Saturdays
  15. it really so that nobody has seen this kind of chairs in any furniture shop in bangkok?