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  1. Property Taxes

    update on the topic, just for sharing: went to my accountant today to ask about the issue. Lady on front desk looked at the paper, took phone and made a call (to city hall I guess). After some 15min of talking she told I would need to pay property tax for land and house at rate of 10500 Bt per year retroactively starting from 2013 + 200bt penalty of late payment. She said the tax assesment is made based on documents provided to city hall for building permit, whatever those have been. Also, she told this is something that city hall enforces on 'lottery' basis annually to meet the quota on tax collection. More activation lately as 'they need money to make the city beaufiful' as she said...So not everyone gets it, but when will, will have retroactive collection if not paid. So kind of small lottery with negative reward! I also asked what happens if not pay it - seems not very clear but presumably nothing much other than you just get another win later with bigger amount to pay as longer dues. They not aware of any major penalties, but who knows. Tax itself is actually quite a bit taking into consideration my house is a small townhouse type one on small piece of land (more floor space than land). At home my property tax would be less for similar property i think, though maybe same magnitude. She said she also need to pay 5000 per year for her own house (small townhouse), and she said this has nothing to do with my house being in company name, but again, who knows. Just one of those small surprising things that you dont really like...but guess can only blame myself as not figure out existence of this before. Was not aware at all that his kind of tax exist in Thailand. Anyway, 10500 per year is not bad at all as otherwise taxation works very favourably for me. Just wish the money would go to making the city more beautiful - wishful thinking I know, it won't Those who never heard, be prepared...
  2. Property Taxes

    wonder if anybody have any further updates or info on this topic - just got back to Thailand after summer at home, and had a letter in the box which I think is the similar as OP mentioned. Presumably would need to go to city hall to settle some tax issue, amount of tax no clear. I have a small house in company name, never got anything like this before. Wondering what is the best/most practical way to deal with this (for a non-thai speaker) - show up in office and hope not to get demanded farang tax, or to have accountant/lawyer go on behalf? Wondering if this something that is clear, or something that small envelopes make more favourable? I would guess I am not the only one with this so would be good to share best practices to deal with the topic.
  3. decorative concrete profiles?

    thanks, will go have a look
  4. Anyone can give pointers where to find those pre-fabricated decorative concrete profiles that are used around window and door opening on outside walls? Must be available somewhere in standard shapes, just have not seen but would need some now
  5. Went to hot rod pattaya to ask and indeed they have a solution. As usual the royal faces seem to be the solution. Thanks to canthai55 for the pointer My bike is pretty much std, with the exception of the V&H computer and matching dual shot staggered pipes and decent set of OEM chrome. Maybe should get a set of original exhaust in case need one day.
  6. Initially I went to test station on pattaya tai but they told me I need to go to the one at dlt as it is harley...any experience on a specific place in pattaya that could deal with my case?
  7. Bought an used HD softail few years ago and this year was the first time I was told I need to go to have the bike checked to get tax sticker. At checking place (at Pattaya DLT) was told by the lady my exhaust is too loud, need to change to original - a bummer for me as dont have the original exhaust. Bike had Vance&Hines exhaust installed when I bought it, and it actually was even too loud so bought the 'quiet baffless' and installed them to make a bit softer. Still kind of has sound but not THAT bad...anyway I ride only little and slow so wont bother much anybody too much anyway. Sure the pickups with stereo systems and big speakers are louder... Anyway, anybody know if any way to settle this without actually getting and installing the original exhaust? I doubt I am the only one with louder than std exhaust? And if anybody would happen to have original (or other one meeting the thai sound level requiremet) exhaust system hanging in store I would be interested to buy (or rent for a short period for the inspection) at reasonable price. Model is Softail Deluxe 2006.
  8. vertical blinds

    I need to get vertical blinds (those with twisting stripes of fabric or plastic that can be slid aside if need) after some remodeling, (about 2.1m high 1.8m wide). Obviously many shops around making those, however wondering if anyone would have recommendations for good experiences with some place, good quality/service and reasonable price? Staying in Pratamnak.
  9. Please recommend taxi to Pattaya

    have been using this one for few years, guess tens of times, no problem ever. 1000b each way swampy/1500 don muang. Mr KeaK +66813401365 Line ID...titapat.oor +66862520221 Line ID...keakpattaya email: Keak_vr@hotmail.com http://www.pattayataxi.info/
  10. Screw extractor, 'easy-out' set.

    I have not seen but you could give a try at the screw shop on thepparasit. They have all kinds of stuff related to screws and related tools incl machining tools. I had luck finding some tools there I could not find elsewhere. North side of thepparasit, i recall somewhere between soi 8 and suk. Clearly visible sign stating 'screws'.
  11. Where to buy 100% Acetone?

    was shopping for groceries today and checked if indeed they discontinued acetone at friendship - seems still there, 50bt for 450ml and 18bt for 100ml bottle. Bought this before and worked well for all cleaning...be careful it easily damages the surface under the stain so it probably is real acetone. At least says acetone and smells like it. Right under the toothbrushes, on alley opposite where butter/margarine is placed. ...But where to find Oxalic acid...in some other towns seems to be available in stores selling chemicals - anybody know of such general chemical store in Pattaya area?
  12. Where to buy 100% Acetone?

    I have bought mine from friendship supermarket. In cleaning/detergent section .
  13. Boric acid

    for cleaning rusty and oxidized metal parts
  14. Boric acid

    ...talking about acids, where to find oxalic acid in Pattaya (in home use quantity)?
  15. I paid 700 for the very same thing some time back in a small shop when had puncture and had the outer tire replaced at the same tlme Usually 180bt to replace punctured inner tube only. Had a few done...