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  1. Michael Hare

    Whats with the weather?

    Not sure if most of Isaan is doomed. As far as I am concerned with my grass seed crops, we had too much rain in July-September. The crops are in the Ubon, Roi-et and Mukdahan areas. Day after day of rainy days. Not huge down-pours but overcast and cloudy days with little bright sunshine. As such, seedlings rotted and those that establishedm developed small seed heads, leading to low seed yields, The rice crops to me look excellent. I am in your area Santisuk every 4-5 weeks and all rice crops, cassava and sugar-cane crops look great. Here at my house in Ubon, continual rain in July-September lead to my lawns being waterlogged for days and days which resulted in the death of most of my good lawn grasses.
  2. Michael Hare

    Health Insurance in Isaan

    When I came to settle in Ubon Ratchathani in 1994, I took out Health and Accident insurance with AIA. So far, I have not made single claim. Pay the premiums every year. My wife though, has had a couple of garden accidents and the accident insurance covered everything at out-patients. The AIA Ubon agents took care of everything from seeing my wife through the hospital and then the revisits to get the wounds cleaned and dressed. We didn't pay anything. Billed directly to AIA. Three years ago when I turned 65, I found out that when I reach 75, AIA will most likely no longer cover my health insurance. Pretty annoying after all these years and not a single claim. So I contacted Pacific Cross and they will insure me with health insurance for the remainder of my life. I still keep the AIA insurance going just in case by the time I reach 75 they may extend the age limit for another few years. I also contacted Bupa at the same time three years ago, but because I had already turned 65, they could not offer me health insurance. Pacific Cross don't have this age limit.