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  1. I left my car at Ubon Airport in May for two and a half days in the pay area. Total cost was 410 baht which I thought was very reasonable. I think they charge a maximum of 150 baht/day. I wouldn't leave my car in the grass area to the right of the entrance. This area is free but is not patrolled and there mud ponds everywhere when it rains.
  2. Michael Hare

    Dermatologist in Sisaket or Ubon Ratchatani?

    My wife went to see Dr Pipat in Ubon yesterday morning. The receptionists told her to come back in July. He is totally booked up until the end of June. Over 300 people have queue tickets. He has to clear those people first, before accepting new patients.
  3. In all my years of holding PR, I have never had my finger prints taken when getting my multiple re-entry permit at immigration in Ubon. Is this a new practice? My last multiple re-entry was in January so I will see what happens when I get my next permit in 2019.
  4. Michael Hare

    Bought 12 Cows have limited knowledge

    I clicked into this thread a few minutes ago and saw two blogs mentioning my name. Thank you for that Kickstart and New Cowboy. Kickstart Mulato II has a protein of 10-12% and if grown and managed well cattle can put on 0.4-0.6 kg/live weight/day on this grass alone (these are USA figures,I would say 0.4 kg/lw/day here in Thailand ), but it likes a free draining land. Have a word with Michal Hare at Ubon Forage seeds, he is our grass expert, and he will advise he also has a Guinea grass seed again 10% protein plus. Thais like Nappier easy to grow, just stick it in the ground like cassasava and it grows, easy to harvest ,grass seed must have a good seed bed, not always easy to do with Thai equipment,then drilling the seed , New Cowboy Grass Feed...Yes Nappier does seem to be the most popular choice and is seen growing nearly everywhere locally. They start it off by using stalks not seeds. The cost is about 1 bht each.. I was introduced to sweet Israel grass the other day. If I may, I would like to add a few comments. There is a lot of promotion by government agencies, in particular, the Thai Department of Livestock Development in promoting Napier grass and associated lines of Napier grass like this new one Sweet grass. I heard from one farmer that while is may be sweet (Who knows? Ask the cow eating it), it has very tough stems and these have to be chopped up befofre feeding to the cows. More energy lost there. Stems as New Cowboy says are expensive to buy. I rai may require something like 20,000 stems or more. Crazy to me. By the way, Napier grass does not produce viable seeds. The Livestock Department for some reason refuse to even mention our grass species. Probably a jealousy thing. However, farmers are not dumb. They know a good grass when they see it. We have sold nearly 30,000 kg of grass seeds in Thailand this year. This is pleasing, because it means that Thai farmers are buying good species. In and around Ubon there is a growing market for fresh grass sales on the roadsides. Several villages are now growing grass full-time, all year round to supply this market. And the grass they think is the best is Mombasa guinea grass. Purple guinea is declining in popularity because of leaf diseases. I have just released another new guinea grass this year. Named it Mun River guinea grass after the big river here in Ubon. One last comment. I emjoyed reading this thread about the economics of raising beef cattle in Thailand.
  5. Michael Hare

    Thai IDs for Foreigners and their beneifts

    You certainly can not rest your case Hans Rayong but I am beginning to suspect the ID card you have is completely different to what myself and others have. On the back of my card there is absolutely NO mention of amphur or province. None whatsoever. What it does say in the 3rd point on the back of the card, is that this ID card is to be used in the area where it was issued. (When I moved to a new house in a different area, I returned my first card and got a new card for the new area). However, under point 3 there is an over-riding statement which states very clearly that I can use this card throughout Thailand if I have permission to enter and reside in Thailand as an alien. This I have as a PR. It therefore over-rights the 3rd point on the back of the card.
  6. Michael Hare

    Thai IDs for Foreigners and their beneifts

    I read Thai. On the back of my ID card there is absolutely no mention of province. The only mention of province is on the front of the card in my address. My card was issued to me at the Ubon Ratchathani Amphur Office. That is where I submitted my documents, had my photograph taken against a white board showing my height. It was printed out in front of me. I saw it being done. I have never been to the Ubon Ratchathani Provincial Office for anything.
  7. Michael Hare

    Thai IDs for Foreigners and their beneifts

    Province - not Amphur (read the backside of the card). I think that Naroge is talking about where the ID card was issued from and where it was obtained from. My first card was from Ubon city council office when I lived in the Tambon Muang and the second one was from the Amphur office when I moved house outside the city council tambon area.
  8. Michael Hare

    Thai IDs for Foreigners and their beneifts

    Beg to differ. if one owns a condo and lives there, is a long-term resident, has a blue book with their name in it, the authorities will issue one with an ID card. As your blue book is blank it is meaningless. You don't live there at all. You live elsewhere, hence the yellow book.
  9. Michael Hare

    Thai IDs for Foreigners and their beneifts

    Yes I do have PR, but people that own a condo also have the blue book. The blue book is for the owner of the building, house or condo. It does not belong to a particular person. When you sell the house or condo the blue book is transferred to the new owner. Daytrader99 above must own his own condo and therefore has the legal ownership blue house registration book. If you read the forum on Thai visas etc you will find this information clearly written there.
  10. Michael Hare

    Thai IDs for Foreigners and their beneifts

    Excuse me Peter. I have a blue house registration book and a pink ID card. The pink ID card is for foreigners living here long-term. It can be issued for a holder of a blue registration book or a yellow registration book. Both books have one's citizen numbers.
  11. Michael Hare

    Thai IDs for Foreigners and their beneifts

    I prefer having my name written in the Thai script. That way, Thai people can pronounce my name correctly Mr Michael Hare. Right every time. When it is written in English script they look at it and say Mr Michelle Haa-ree. Wrong every time. When I got my first five year smart card driving licence seven years ago my name was written in Thai script in the first box ( which has the issue date and expiry date in Thai) and my Pink ID number printed in. Three years ago when I renewed it for another five years they printed my name in English script in both boxes and refused to put my ID number in. Instead my passport number went in. I asked why print my name in English in the Thai box. The reply "this is the law!" I also asked why put my passport number in because my passport expires in four months time and my new passport will have a new number whereas the ID card number is for life. Again, "all foreigners must have their passport number on their driving licence" was the reply. I have investigated this further and found out that they are wrong and my ID card number should be there. Just a little thing. I will see what is written when I get my next five-year driving licence in 2020.
  12. Michael Hare

    Thai IDs for Foreigners and their beneifts

    You certainly can get a Pink ID card with the blue registration book.
  13. Michael Hare

    Thai IDs for Foreigners and their beneifts

    Patriot, I moved to a different tambon. From tambon Muang to tambon Charamae. I also do not have a yellow house registration book. Because of my PR, I am in wife's blue house registration book. Actually, I have never seen a yellow book. Years ago when Thais did not have a book they had these large F4 sheets of paper for house registration. I believe I was the first to get the "farang" house registration in Ubon in 1999. This was called a temporary house registration. Same large F4 size but a lighter blue colour. Once I got PR in 2004, I moved straight into my wife's blue house registration book. I think the yellow books came in about 2005-6 or thereabouts.
  14. Michael Hare

    Thai IDs for Foreigners and their beneifts

    Getting a life ID comes with age. Thai nationals over the age of 60 have life IDs; those under 60 have IDs for ten years. As I am over 60, my ID is for life. I view Thai IDs frequently in my business with village farmers. Surprising, many IDs have expired because they forget to go in and renew them. Too much bother I think.
  15. Michael Hare

    Thai IDs for Foreigners and their beneifts

    The national identification number starting with 6 is for foreigners with long term residence. My number starts with 8, as this is for those with PR. When I got my PR 14 years ago no ID card was issued at all. This pink ID card is a fairly recent development. When I first applied for it in Ubon five years ago, no one had a clue at the local city council about such a card. However, I got one in the end. And it is great. It also is for life.