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  1. Michael Hare

    Phytosanitary Certificate - Buriram

    The Thailand Government Phytosanitary certificate is accepted world-wide and will be accepted by Australian Authorities. But that does not mean your product or products can enter Australia. Many products from Thailand are prohibited from entering Australia. None of my forage seeds can enter Australia. Australia can sell forage seeds to Thailand but can not import Thai produced forage seeds. Best to check if your product can enter Australia.
  2. Michael Hare

    Seven Seas - Warin Chamrab

    I have been informed by the owner that it is a classey restaurant which will open before the end of the year.
  3. Michael Hare

    Phytosanitary Certificate - Buriram

    My company exports tropical grass seeds world-wide. The phytosanitary certificate is only issued by the Plant Protection Organisation of Thailand, Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Bangkok. It is signed by the Export Plant Quarantine Service. In most cases the seeds have to be fumigated. This fumigation is printed on the phytosanitary certificate. If the country of import issues an Import Permit for your bulb, then read the requirements. Your bulb may also have to be fumigated. There may also be other requirements to do lab tests for freedom of certain diseases and pests. These tests are also done by the Plant Protection Organisation of Thailand at their lab on the Kasetsart University campus in Bangkok. My shipping company handles all the documentation for our company.
  4. Michael Hare

    Huai Wangnong reservoir

    In 1965 it was a swamp. In those days only dirt roads crossed the front of this swamp. About 1999 to 2001 or 2002, the most powerful politican at that time organised to dig out the swamp and build a road right around the reservoir. It was then, that the real estate around the lake took off.
  5. Michael Hare

    Any decent butcher in Ubon area?

    Two goat farms in your area Phibunmike. However, one would have to buy the goats and slaughter them at one's house. Both farms only breed the goats to an age of 4-6 moths and sell on to other farmers to fatten up for slaughter or for further breeding.
  6. Michael Hare

    i have lost weight already living in isaan

    The 'expert' was discussing coconut oil, not the water. There is coconut water, coconut milk and coconut oil. Coconut water is good for you. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/282857.php
  7. Michael Hare

    i have lost weight already living in isaan

    This expert from Germany says coconut oil is poison. https://www.theguardian.com/food/2018/aug/22/coconut-oil-is-pure-poison-says-harvard-professor Also beware of all the MSG in Thai food.
  8. Michael Hare

    CDN Steve

    I had a similar problem here in Ubon with a tree on the roadside outside my house. I contacted the local city council and they have a team that does this kind of work. I had to fill in a request form and outline the problem. The team came with a cherry picker and the job was done. Cut the tree down to ground level. They hung until I got home from work to see if the job was done to my satisfaction. It was. But I had to give them all a generous tip and a bottle of beer each! I asked for them to take all the branches, leaves and rubbish away. Yes, yes they said. Next week. They never came. However, the locals collected the wood for themselves.
  9. Michael Hare

    Information Amnat Charoen ( Yasothon )

    The OP is going to his wife's village in Kut Chum which is about 40-50 km from Yasothon city. He and his wife have been married for 17 years. He his returning to his wife's roots. I congratulate him on this wise move. Anyday, I would rather be in Kut Chum than Pattaya, where he currently lives. I strongly suggest to leither69 to kick himself hard where it hurts, because he knows nothing about the wider district of Yasothon, let alone long lasting love and family friendship.
  10. Michael Hare

    Information Amnat Charoen ( Yasothon )

    Amnart does have a semi-circle four lane by-pass road. I use it all the time when travelling from Ubon to Mukdahan. At the first set of traffic lights when entering Amnart from Ubon turn right. This four lane by-pass road takes one around Amnart and comes out on the northern road just before Big C. Avoids the congestion of central Amnart. I read that the OP (napoleon3) is going to live in a village near Kut Chum. I thought Kut Chum was in Yasothon province. Therefore shouldn't he be reporting to the Yasothon Immigration office rather than the office in Amnart? Perhaps there is another Kut Chum village in Amnart province.
  11. I left my car at Ubon Airport in May for two and a half days in the pay area. Total cost was 410 baht which I thought was very reasonable. I think they charge a maximum of 150 baht/day. I wouldn't leave my car in the grass area to the right of the entrance. This area is free but is not patrolled and there mud ponds everywhere when it rains.
  12. Michael Hare

    Dermatologist in Sisaket or Ubon Ratchatani?

    My wife went to see Dr Pipat in Ubon yesterday morning. The receptionists told her to come back in July. He is totally booked up until the end of June. Over 300 people have queue tickets. He has to clear those people first, before accepting new patients.
  13. In all my years of holding PR, I have never had my finger prints taken when getting my multiple re-entry permit at immigration in Ubon. Is this a new practice? My last multiple re-entry was in January so I will see what happens when I get my next permit in 2019.
  14. Michael Hare

    Bought 12 Cows have limited knowledge

    I clicked into this thread a few minutes ago and saw two blogs mentioning my name. Thank you for that Kickstart and New Cowboy. Kickstart Mulato II has a protein of 10-12% and if grown and managed well cattle can put on 0.4-0.6 kg/live weight/day on this grass alone (these are USA figures,I would say 0.4 kg/lw/day here in Thailand ), but it likes a free draining land. Have a word with Michal Hare at Ubon Forage seeds, he is our grass expert, and he will advise he also has a Guinea grass seed again 10% protein plus. Thais like Nappier easy to grow, just stick it in the ground like cassasava and it grows, easy to harvest ,grass seed must have a good seed bed, not always easy to do with Thai equipment,then drilling the seed , New Cowboy Grass Feed...Yes Nappier does seem to be the most popular choice and is seen growing nearly everywhere locally. They start it off by using stalks not seeds. The cost is about 1 bht each.. I was introduced to sweet Israel grass the other day. If I may, I would like to add a few comments. There is a lot of promotion by government agencies, in particular, the Thai Department of Livestock Development in promoting Napier grass and associated lines of Napier grass like this new one Sweet grass. I heard from one farmer that while is may be sweet (Who knows? Ask the cow eating it), it has very tough stems and these have to be chopped up befofre feeding to the cows. More energy lost there. Stems as New Cowboy says are expensive to buy. I rai may require something like 20,000 stems or more. Crazy to me. By the way, Napier grass does not produce viable seeds. The Livestock Department for some reason refuse to even mention our grass species. Probably a jealousy thing. However, farmers are not dumb. They know a good grass when they see it. We have sold nearly 30,000 kg of grass seeds in Thailand this year. This is pleasing, because it means that Thai farmers are buying good species. In and around Ubon there is a growing market for fresh grass sales on the roadsides. Several villages are now growing grass full-time, all year round to supply this market. And the grass they think is the best is Mombasa guinea grass. Purple guinea is declining in popularity because of leaf diseases. I have just released another new guinea grass this year. Named it Mun River guinea grass after the big river here in Ubon. One last comment. I emjoyed reading this thread about the economics of raising beef cattle in Thailand.
  15. Michael Hare

    Thai IDs for Foreigners and their beneifts

    You certainly can not rest your case Hans Rayong but I am beginning to suspect the ID card you have is completely different to what myself and others have. On the back of my card there is absolutely NO mention of amphur or province. None whatsoever. What it does say in the 3rd point on the back of the card, is that this ID card is to be used in the area where it was issued. (When I moved to a new house in a different area, I returned my first card and got a new card for the new area). However, under point 3 there is an over-riding statement which states very clearly that I can use this card throughout Thailand if I have permission to enter and reside in Thailand as an alien. This I have as a PR. It therefore over-rights the 3rd point on the back of the card.