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  1. I can see clearly now the haze is gone! For the past week, so far, the haze obscuring views of the mountains has lifted. Just in time as colors are changing and the views are excellent. The past seven days has seen me ride over 1000 kms. thru Mae Salong, Doi Tung and Doi Chang, Wawi, Phu Chi Fa and all along the Lao/Thai border region. The weather is great for riding and the clarity is excellent. Finally, I'm able to take clear photos of/in the mountains that do justice to their beauty. 1000 spectacular photos later, I am now peacefully resting in CR and getting ready to ride to CM later this week to see what lurks over that-a-way. For those so inclined, and who perhaps have not made the journey, the road to Wawi is a great ride lined by wildflowers and provides nice photo ops. Pu Chi Fa is glorious now too. I stayed over night for 500 BHT, took photos in the afternoon and then again the following morning ... and they are spectacular. Because of its altitude, morning views still contain haze ... but of the good variety. My morning photos of Pu Chi Fa are stunning, clouds below you with the rising peaks of Lao jutting above ... and crystal clear. The contrast is beautiful.
  2. I made a road trip yesterday myself ... to Phu Chi Fa. We took the hard road thru the mountains going east from Chiang Rai. The landscape must be gorgeous ... but the haze simply took away much of the scenery. I took no pics because of the conditions. It seems the higher you go the more hazier it gets. I can see why ... the mountains are still wet and I guess the haze is evaporating water. From what I understand now it will not go away until late in the hot season another 5-6 months away. If anybody knows different please do tell ... perhaps a day or two of clear after a rain perhaps.
  3. Ajarn Answered: "Simply, it's visible humidity... Very common this time of year" Will it go away as the season progresses? I'm hoping to take some excellent photos! Thanks everyone!
  4. Yeah, I've heard about the smoke from Indonesia making its way all the way here. But, their dry season is ending now and their monsoon season beginning. That should help, but I don't know if that's the whole story. Any other long timers here know if November/December are hazy months. Some websites I mentioned above said that the weather should be clear and good for mountain photography ... but I'm really beginning to have my doubts now.
  5. Seems that since the rainy season has ended all the mountains are covered with haze that obscures visibility and makes meaningful photography futile. Was up in Doi Tung yesterday and it was very disappointing I've heard about the haze in March, April, May attributable to mountain burning .... but this is November! Does anybody who's lived here long-term know if this haze is here to stay until June 2007 and the next rainy season? I've read websites such as 1stopchaingmai.com and GT-rider.com, and they say that this time of year (especially December) is the best for photography. But, it seems the opposite is true! Anybody know the real scoop on the haze? Is it everywhere in N. Thailand, will it go away for a while? Thanks All!