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  1. UK pensions

    A high proportion of pensioners use their vote. Of these. a high proportion are thought to vote Conservative. The conservatives do not have a majority and only cling to power through their coalition with the DUP. They yearn to ditch the triple lock but these three factors are compelling reasons why they probably won't
  2. Get rid of buses from Pattaya and Jomtien Beach

    How do you propose to get these changes introduced ?
  3. Draught British beer(and Irish) prices in Pattaya

    Nan Laew: So, just checking my understanding of your Australian language tutorial. If I am told by an indigenous Australian to piss off what he means is that I should go away and drink some good, fresh, cold, beer , or were you just taking the piss?
  4. UK pensions

    On behalf of His Imperial Majesty I am delighted to receive your most gracious comment and for the restoration of normal diplomatic relations between the Sultanate and the Kingdom of Yorkshire.
  5. UK pensions

    Oxx: I agree with much of what you say, however: 1) If you choose to avoid pork, pray five times a day, dye your hair purple or wear a ring through your nose and if that is the reason you can't find a job then that's your problem not mine. If you are poorly educated then the assistance provided by the state should be to help you correct that deficit. Employment is not a right. Unemployed people have a job and that job is getting a job. They are really no different to the self employed. What they don't have is a salary. 2) There is no problem with immigration, the problem is our dismal failure to exercise any form of control. Why do we still hear of colleges for foreign students where you can buy a degree, a masters degree, a passport and a driving licence ? They will even visit your home to provide a VIP bespoke service if you have the money. The first rule of immigration should be that it is of benefit to the country and of no detriment to its indigenous population. On returning to the UK, why have I been able to walk through customs and immigration without even seeing a single official on duty ? Why do I come across such a high number of people from ethnic minority areas of the UK who are not employed and who can not speak more than a few words of English ? How did they get here and what tests did they pass for entry ? Why does the Border Agency appear to be full of officials with Asian and African names ? Why is anyone who highlights these uncomfortable truths called a racist ? 3) I am immensely proud of the UK benefits system and pleased that my taxes go to pay for it. Where I am angry is when I see it being used to prop up those who have chosen fraud and laziness as a lifestyle and who defend themselves with accusations of racism.
  6. UK pensions

    Oxx: The benefits system is too elaborate and too generous. There are many countries who don't have such a generous benefits system yet their populations don't starve. People of working age, of sound mind and physically fit should not be the recipients of long term benefits. It isn't the Government who pays for these benefits it is we the taxpayers who have provided for our own future, through careful planning and hard work, and who are then made to support the feckless and the lazy through paying an onerous level of taxation.Our overly generous benefits system is one of the strongest pull factors in encouraging unwanted and often illegal migration to the UK. Look at the size of the typical immigrant family in the UK and ponder the demands they put on our schools and hospitals, all paid for out of taxation. The first priority of any country is to first look after its own people.
  7. UK pensions

    Thats the problem with a system that pays pensions to those who have made NI contributions and pays benefits to those who have not.
  8. UK pensions

    Only if they have paid the requisite number of National Insurance contributions.
  9. UK pensions

    The Queen's speech did not contain the key election pledges to introduce a so-called “dementia tax”, to bring in means-testing of winter fuel payments and to scrap the state pension triple lock .
  10. UK pensions

    Theresa May's change of policy from triple lock to double lock was an own goal. Firstly it wasn't going to happen to 2020 and secondly the 2.5% trigger would be irrelevant if price or wage inflation was greater. On current forecasts the government would be paying out the same increases on double lock as they would have done on the triple lock . She would have been wiser just to leave it be.
  11. UK pensions

    I don't think the prospects have improved much by the inclusion of the DUP in any new government. Northern Ireland politicians of all persuasions are distinguished only by their capacity to be disagreeable about everything. There are now so many issues of burning importance to address that frozen pensions will be off the agenda for quite some time. In any event an agreement with the DUP is not yet a done deal.
  12. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Shellfish are frequently cited as the cause of allergic reactions but they are no more likely to cause food poisoning than any other food.
  13. London Ale

    Do you mean London Pride ?
  14. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    I for one am sceptical that a deceased chef can be that good at cooking
  15. UK pensions

    Video on Yorkshire culture.