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  1. UK pensions

    Why not simply become self employed for four years as for example, a cabinet maker, window cleaner or book binder then make sure you charge so much that you get no work. In the period of your "self employment" pay Class 2 self employed NI contributions.
  2. UK pensions

    The full rate for the National Living Wage, as from April 2018 will be £7.83 an hour. An overtime rate is payable after 39 hours a week so 39 hours can be presumed to be full time for the purpose of calculation. The full rate of the Old Basic State Pension, as from April 2018 will be £125.95 a week. If this is divided by 39 for the purpose of comparison, the figure would be just a fraction under £3.23 an hour. Therefore, expressed as a percentage the Old Basic State Pension will amount to 41.25% of the full rate for the National Living Wage. The same calculation using last years data showed the OBSP to be 41.89% of the NLW. It would therefore seem to the case that the government, being sympathetic to our predicament and noting our concerns, is now providing a positive incentive to all pensioners to die earlier.
  3. Fat unattractive bar girls

    Go to the Pattaya Local Authority, Trading Standards Department and ask if you can have a copy of their complaints procedure. Photographic evidence will be helpful.
  4. UK pensions

    There are of course many people who do benefit from correcting shortcomings in their NI record and it is good that this is drawn to their attention I have a small gap in my record going back over twenty years ago, yet even without correcting the gap I have 47 full years of contributions and one part year. Out of curiosity I asked the DWP to advise me how much it would cost to correct the record and in due course received a letter telling me I could fill the gap with a one off payment of £28.50. I phoned the DWP and asked them what benefit would I gain by making the payment and I was correctly advised that there was no benefit whatsoever. The flaw, as I see it, is the failure of the DWP to make it explicitly clear to the applicant that is no benefit to be gained when they send out any letters about the cost of correcting the shortfall. To the average man in the street it would seem quirky to advise people of a shortfall and identify the payment needed to correct it when no benefit arises as a result of the payment.
  5. UK pensions

    On checking the details I agree, you are right. A full single, basic state pension in April 1984 would have been £35.80. A full basic state pension in April 1971 would have been £6. A good basis for comparison would be to take the most recent statistic for average UK male further life expectancy at 65, this being 18.5 years then compare the difference between the single full state pension in April 2018 with the same pension payment 18 years ago. April 2018: £ 125.95 April 2000: £ 67.50 The loss would be about 47%
  6. UK pensions

    The problem is as the freeze squeezes your income you probably won't be dead. Most people underestimate their life expectancy. You might become too old to complain but you won't be too old to suffer. One of the pensioner campaign groups featured the story of a 90+ year old lady living in Canada who now draws a paltry UK state pension of just £6 a week. Maybe the government in Canada would provide some measure of financial support but you wouldn't get anything in Thailand. If you are affected by this then you should be angry rather than accepting.
  7. UK pensions

    I re-read the document and could find no reference to recovery being limited to 7% per payment. Please let me have the paragraph reference when you have had the opportunity to again review the document.
  8. UK pensions

    Sorry, I don't understand ?
  9. UK pensions

    ..........and they can do so without court proceedings
  10. UK pensions

    Herewith, the latest policy document from the DWP , entitled: "Benefit Overpayment Recovery Guide". It is dated February 2018 so there is no issue about it being out of date. At Appendix 1 it is clear that in their understanding the term benefit is intended to include the state pension. It clears up many of the issues we have been debating except for the vexed question of whether the DWP would be vigorous or otherwise in the enforcement of its policy. Please note in the introduction that the document is intended to be a guidance document of the DWP for its staff: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/683470/benefit-overpayment-recovery-guide.pdf
  11. UK pensions

    Life has many apparent contradictions. I used to live in Saudi Arabia but it would clearly be erroneous to deduce from this that I believed in beheading. "I think therefore I am" but from this is does not follow that " I'm pink therefore I'm spam".
  12. UK pensions

    Many on this thread have faced the same dilemma. Should I engage in a deception and receive the future increases or tell the truth and receive no increases ? I believe in democracy and the rule of law so if I had to make this decision I think I would reluctantly come down on the side of telling the truth. Notwithstanding this I have the utmost sympathy and understanding for those who try to overcome this problem by deception.
  13. UK pensions

    Wrong, I don't think so. You are still thinking about this in terms of the DWP bringing a claim against the OAP. They don't need to so they don't have to prove anything. They first recover the money without court proceedings the you are the one who has to prove things. See below taken from the DWP website: "DWP benefits that we can recover overpayments of under social security legislation(S71 of the Social Security Administration Act) and that we can take compulsorydeductions from. Attendance Allowance Bereavement Benefit Carer’s Allowance Disability Living Allowance Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) Incapacity Benefit Income Support Industrial Death Benefit Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit Jobseeker’s Allowance Maternity Allowance *New style Jobseeker’s Allowance **New style ESA Pension Credit Personal Independence Payment Pneumoconiosis, Byssinosis & Miscellaneous Disease Benefit Reduced Earnings Allowance Retirement Pension Severe Disablement Allowance State Pension Universal Credit Widows Benefit Widowed Mothers Allowance Workers Compensation (Supplementation) Benefit
  14. UK pensions

    Then you don't have a frozen pension problem.
  15. UK pensions

    Well alright, drop the figures down to one day and £5000; its still sufficient to be a deterrent. You would have to apply for legal aid which you might get if they were suing you, which of course is not what we are discussing here; you certainly wouldn't get it if you were suing them. You would also have to fly back and fund your travel, subsistence and costs of temporary residence in the UK so you would need to be a brave men to bring a case of this kind.