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  1. Yes, the shop owners should have patience, and they will be sooooo happy and understanding, when this is finished. Of course there will have been a few miscalculations, and probably have to be dug up again, same as the Suk tunnel. I can understand, it hardly rains in Thailand, so hard to predict things. Detours? Yes, of course after you start on the detour, no other signs to give further directions, just go down every soi, and hope it goes where you want to go.
  2. so was there water running all over the street?
  3. Maybe Collenbourn auction house. give it a try.
  4. Take the books to one of auction houses. You can make a few baht!
  5. Disgusting!, Why are tourist allowed to take pictures and film on the beach. There is only a bit of trash on the beach, and I think it is moved around, from place to place to make it look dirty. Should be a law against this kind of propaganda, and hurting Pattayas reputation.
  6. Probably built on filled in wet swamp, or even over a filled in pond, filled with garbage! I seen a pond once, felt sorry for the fish and animals that lived there, in the garbage. Came back a couple years later, and there were houses built on top of all that garbage,
  7. The 90 day report is the simplest of all procedures, better to worry about other things!
  8. Years ago, the same type of accident happened on same bridge, doing a photo opp,
  9. Girl bitten and the parents are happy with compensation, just great!
  10. Probably a farang driving, and without work permit, and on overstay!
  11. This whole situation could have been avoided, if all customers were armed, especially in a bar, where there might be drunk people. All men, women and childern should be armed, the more guns , the more protection!
  12. China first, Saudi first, He will learn that others can play the same game. In the meantime, there is still Cuba to threaten.
  13. I think a line of boats, all with their props tuning, will push the water out to some other place where green water is not needed! easy fix!
  14. I hate to blame the victim, but it does seem like a nicely packed up package, ready for taking, even the ring in the package!