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  1. So, were they selling only to foreign tourist. Im sure they might have sold a couple to Thai tourist also
  2. How long did it take to make up a story like that!
  3. Isnt it illegal to be in possession of a dildo that big, on beach road!
  4. Four arrested over robbery at Chon Buri 7-Eleven

    Wow, three packs of cigs! he must be a very tough guy!
  5. Traffic police fined me illegally

    or rather Not working on burglaries.
  6. Traffic police fined me illegally

    One guy is fighting a 400 baht fine, and another is pissed because the traffic police in Australia are now working on burglaries! Must be a slow day!
  7. Prawit: I will quit if NACC finds me guilty

    So if he borrowed all the watches, then there are 24 people walking around without watches!
  8. I really take care of myself, I want to be healthy, so I can drink more! I dont like going to a doctor, just go on TV, and get lots of conflicting advice, but I really need to drink more, thats my ambition! Actually, you should go to an AA meeting, since they are professionals, and can give lots of advice.
  9. I think Prawit is going to have 24 pissed off friends, if they are all investigated! Im sure they didnt declare any watches, so who is going to take the wrap, him or his friends!
  10. How do you get a 1000 baht note in your change! Its only the sellers that can get a fake note.
  11. Yes, he could just say they are all illegal copies, but he would lose face with all his cronies.
  12. Watching 3 teles, are they all tuned in to the Fox channel!
  13. Maybe a cover up for someone higher up the food chain. Seems quite common here.
  14. If it was an expensive watch, I have an idea who could have taken it, but it has to be VERY expensive, no knock offs!