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  1. What about after shopping, you decide to bring your bags back to the car, and want to continue shopping? Do you pay again?
  2. I wonder how much influence her mother, had on the decision to get her face worked on. "Look dear, its so easy".
  3. For Japan, it works, for Thailand, 555555!
  4. If you leave out the word "reputable", then there are hundreds, if not thousands, everywhere. They can be found, with their wares, outside the shop.
  5. They look pretty young, are they on retirement visas?
  6. Typical alcoholic! Dont know when to stop drinking, and dont know when others are tired of looking at a drunk, that thinks he is the life of the party. Your lucky that your wife doesnt kick you out. Pay up and consider yourself lucky.
  7. Why do they always hang their heads, they should be proud and show their faces. 'after all, they are so clever!
  8. Yes, Thailand needs subs, how else can the aircraft carrier be protected!
  9. I arrived at SFO with only a back pack, and that seemed to get their attention, so had a half hour of search and questions!
  10. If there are less beach chairs being used, wouldnt the logical thing to do, is figure out why they arn't being used. Maybe some tourist have had enough of the garbage covered beaches, dog crap, too many hawkers. Not only one beach, but all beaches are filled with garbage.
  11. I noticed that electrical wires are resting on the decorative baskets, someone will have the shock of their life, some day!
  12. What is the difference in counterfeit cops and real cops? Nothing!
  13. Bill Gates does not understand Thailand, and anyway, we have different electricity, and internet.
  14. Admits to setting the bike on fire, but no charges filed! What does a guy have to do, to go to jail?
  15. Im sure the bank employes have taken them out of circulation, no customers will ever see one.