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  1. How much money to retire in Thailand.

    It's got Nothing to do with you. Move on .play your keyboard games somewhere else.
  2. How much money to retire in Thailand.

    I will be over in Match/April do you want to repeat that in my face or are you happy hiding behind a key board!!! If you take your blinkers off and read all post you will see that when we marry i will be able to go onto her medical.Does that make sence???
  3. How much money to retire in Thailand.

    I will be able to survive without the Girlfriend House and Car. I know my capabilities!!!!
  4. How much money to retire in Thailand.

    Thanks for all the positive replies. There is a lot of you that should get a life and stop being so childish and narrow minded. Is that the reason you don't live in your country of birth anymore!!!!
  5. How much money to retire in Thailand.

    I am street wise and think with my brains ,not my balls. I have been to Thailand a few times and know te scene. I'm street wise. Why all the negativity ?did you loose everything???
  6. How much money to retire in Thailand.

    Yes o know thank you
  7. How much money to retire in Thailand.

    I know that i will have to marry to have the benefit of medical insurance.I'm still working and earning a good salary .Will only retire ones i had enough and that is coming closer.
  8. I suppose this question has been ask over and over but i don't seem to find any thing about it.. I'm Australian and 58 years . I have $400 000 in super and my house is payed and will give me a income of $1600 a month. My Thai Girlfriend is a Government Official so i can go onto her medical if need be. Will this money be enough to retire in Thailand. I'm not a big spender and the Girlfriend has a good job , own house and Car.
  9. Best enlarged Prostate treatment

    Yeah you right. It was only a UTI and after three different Antibiotics and twice in hospital on intravenous antibiotics it has cleared up but i now have a problem with C. difficile. I have been through hell ,but at last the did a stool test and confirm some more antibiotics to kill this one.
  10. Best enlarged Prostate treatment

    Thanks ,i did and bought a seat designed to stop pressure on the prostate!!
  11. Best enlarged Prostate treatment

    More information about myself.I'm not fat and cycle to and fron work about 150 / week and more when i'm fitter. I'm 58 years old.I't started with a UTI .I was placed on antibiotics but it was the wrong one and the infection moved to my kidneys. I landed up in hospital and they gave me the correct antibiotics.The Kidney infection was gone within a day. So i stayed on the mencation for 10 day's .As soon i i finished that the infection was back so they put me on another general antibiotic.They also did a scan ,blood test and internal examination and said that my prostate is enlarged but normal for my age. My water flow has improved and i'm off the antibiotics for two days. After 5 days of completing the antibiotics i will go for another Urine test. The also did bladder measurment and i am border line retaining urine after a wee.
  12. There are many treatments and surgery available for enlarge prostate which ones are the most effective .Also how soon should one have this done when symptoms start.
  13. Benefits marrying a Public Servant in Thailand

    Good on you mate. So that is why i'm doing all these investigations to find out which way to go. I want to make sure that i'm covered if ever i settle in Thailand. If one run's away from your country because of your criminal doings then obviously you don't consider that at all.
  14. Benefits marrying a Public Servant in Thailand

    William looking at your name are you from Africa?
  15. Benefits marrying a Public Servant in Thailand

    Don't waist you time on this idiot !!!