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  1. A nation that has lost the moral ground it was founded with. It was an example to the world, no more.
  2. yimlitnoy

    What happened to Silom bars: all closing?

    Shenanigans Pub corner Patpong and Suriwong. Let's hope, if the manager is reading this, that they consider having a different promotion cheaper beer every day of the week until closing hours like The Pintsman was doing and an extension of the Happy Hour to 8 PM.. Then I am happy as I can drink every day at affordable price... and remain happy until closing time.
  3. yimlitnoy

    What happened to Silom bars: all closing?

    200 Baht on Happy Hours only for a pint of Guinness
  4. Now it is Khaosarn Road. Yes the killing of Thailand. Somebody is destroying the old Makkasan Fort, Sukhumvit road, Patpong and Convent... Soon they will only have the Chinese visiting and trying to find a way to send all the food from Thailand to China. Why food is now so expensive, have you seen the price of beef in supermarkets? My wife is now visiting Canada and she says that beef is so cheap there. We can only afford the chicken, I have chicken from Monday to Friday cooked in many ways.
  5. yimlitnoy

    VPN for Android TV box?

    Anybody using a VPN in Thailand? I was planning to buy NorthVPN. Also Do ISP in Thailand blocking any contents? I would welcome any advises.
  6. yimlitnoy

    What happened to Silom bars: all closing?

    Shenanigans Pub is an excellent replacement Pub in the Patpong area. The Pub is all new, it has outdoor and indoor tables, many TVs and no music, so a discussion is possible. I am now happy with this new Pub, the cheapest local pint (Tiger) is 99 Baht and the rest is around 130 Baht during Happy Hours. I only hope that they will extend happy hours to 8 PM or even 9PM so I do not start in my drinking habit so early. Of course nice long ponytails beautiful waitress and the manager is very sociable. Patpong bars are now so expensive that after this Shenanigans stopover, unfortunately I have to head home. I liked the now closed Pintsman Pub because they had a beer promotion each day of the week with a different brand, this way I could continue in my daily drinking habit at affordable price until late in the night...
  7. yimlitnoy

    Killing the Khaosan goose

    BMA is destroying the touristic Bangkok. From Khaosan road to Sukhumvit road to the Old Fort, it will be all shopping Malls. As if other countries have no shopping Malls. My Thai wife is now visiting our son in Canada and she cannot believe the prices of everything, cheaper than in Thailand. In canada we do not have a 300% tax policy which only encourage fake goods, Thailand is a paradise for those fake goods. Soon a bowl of rice on the street will be the same price of a good clean meal in my country. The Governor of Bangkok is destroying the Capital of Thailand with his heritage. Why is he doing that?
  8. yimlitnoy

    What happened to Silom bars: all closing?

    I hope the prices of a pint are friendly. I will try today Patpong's The paddy Fields and Shennanigans. So far Soi 23 for me was the last affordable pints (during happy hour...).
  9. yimlitnoy

    What happened to Silom bars: all closing?

    Thank you, I will check Hemingway today. Prostitution bars are now encouraged, high prices, tattoo marked girls, extremely expensive wines in supermarkets... Bangkok heritage buildings are disappearing...
  10. Last christmas The Pintsman on Silom closed without any warning, the same with O'Reillys on Silom and today i noticed the bar Molly Malone on Convent also closed, all those bars were there for more than 30 years at the very least. Last year was Hemingway on Sukhumvit soi 14, also now the Kiwi on soi 8 also moved. Anybody knows what is happening? where can we now get an affordable pint in normal pubs?
  11. yimlitnoy

    What's your cost of living here in Thailand?

    $20,788.84 Per year 40.26 Years to go ฿57,689.02 Per month $1,732.40 Per month
  12. yimlitnoy

    What's your cost of living here in Thailand?

    My budget is calculated as an average for the past 2 years, I have a car, I drink 3 pints a day but do not smoke and I rent in Center Bkk at THB 10,000/month: $20,788.84 Per year ฿57,689.02 Per month $1,732.40 Per month
  13. Of course America prefers Russia and North Korea, this is the new Trump order. We are seeing the start of a declining empire. How dignified can they be in putting innocent children with fleeing parents refugees in detention camps? It is a good move for Canada to start making economic alliances with new partners. A few years ago, Trump was threatening moving to Canada after president Obama well attended inauguration, a prelude to a Canadian wall maybe?...
  14. yimlitnoy

    Milk sell by dates.

    I once met a young chemist from NZ in a bar in Bangkok, he was visiting Thailand in his work, he told me that Dutch milk was powder milk as well as another brand, I forgot the name, he was also exporting to Thailand. In any case I think that both natural whole milk or powder milk taste almost the same. I simply prefer the Magnolia Full fat milk as it produces a better foamy milk from my french push coffee maker.