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  1. severe pain in both shoulders

    To hide the pain with Diclophenac is not the solution. In another topic, Sheryl you were right, cataract surgery under local anesthetic does not hurt at all., the surgery took 5 min. Thank you for your advice.
  2. severe pain in both shoulders

    Ah ah ah! Well site Geologist, I sleep on location but in a very comfortable setting traveling by helicopter... Often we are given a foam mattress, not a Leesa mattress.
  3. I simply put facts, not alternative facts... The result is there for all to see. Let the market dictate the best rate for the Baht. Confidence in a country also count, you want the goods to be delivered... This also forced the exporter to improve the quality of their product in order to compete in the market place.
  4. It was false to say that the Baht strengthening was hurting export. All told, a sliding Baht is a sign of failing confidence in the prospects of Thai assets. When the Baht begins a bullish rebound, we’ll know that faith in Thailand as a place to invest and do business is also on the rise. From Asiachart.
  5. severe pain in both shoulders

    This is my case but we never know, it might apply for you. At work I was given a very soft mattress and this caused severe back and shoulder pain during following days. I simply changed the mattress for a harder one then all was ok, no more Voltaren pills. The doctor did not know the cause of my pain.
  6. Eyes - Floaters

    I had the same symptoms then a retinal detachment followed, also i was diagnosed with high pressure...
  7. You can update your bank statement via ATM on the spot when at Chaeng Wattana. I always do this on the morning of the extension.
  8. I have a one year extension due to retirement on my visa and a re-entry permit, can't they let me re-enter via the Thai side automatic door for expediency?
  9. Do you have any example for more than 1% interest in bank account in Thailand? CITI give 0.85% on 20 million Thai Baht... You can look on the website... Would you trust any other Thai bank for this amount?
  10. I am 66, have you tried to get the required insurance in Thailand for above 65 and at what price? In addition of all this, you need to apply for a criminal record check... Not worth it!
  11. Thank you all for your good advises. The old passport was already cancelled yesterday and a new passport is issued. I only hope it arrives before 3 July. Case closed.
  12. Have you ever had 4 eye surgeries one after the other in 6 months? In those cases, passport renewal is last on your mind, you simply want to get on with a good vision. By the way my next passport is valid for 10 years instead of 5 years. In any case a doctor certificate will settle any problem but those doctors are so busy I wanted to let them doing what they are good for, that is to save eyes.
  13. Thank you Brittim, I will call my embassy today on office opening, cancel the procedure, ask for my passport back until I can extend my visa to give me more time and make this a safe legal procedure. Then after this I will renew the procedure for a new passport. I understand your point and their procedure is questionable.
  14. The embassy today has kept my old passport and also my TM card. I understood what you are saying but this only works if I have a passport in hand, old or new.
  15. I am scared that my new passport arrives after expiration of the actual visa. Does the immigration officer will process an extention all the same? I also intend to ask my doctor for a medical letter attesting recovery from an operation