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  1. Of course America prefers Russia and North Korea, this is the new Trump order. We are seeing the start of a declining empire. How dignified can they be in putting innocent children with fleeing parents refugees in detention camps? It is a good move for Canada to start making economic alliances with new partners. A few years ago, Trump was threatening moving to Canada after president Obama well attended inauguration, a prelude to a Canadian wall maybe?...
  2. yimlitnoy

    Milk sell by dates.

    I once met a young chemist from NZ in a bar in Bangkok, he was visiting Thailand in his work, he told me that Dutch milk was powder milk as well as another brand, I forgot the name, he was also exporting to Thailand. In any case I think that both natural whole milk or powder milk taste almost the same. I simply prefer the Magnolia Full fat milk as it produces a better foamy milk from my french push coffee maker.
  3. The Thai are now drinking hard stuff: 40%++ instead of softer beer and wine. This policy of government heavy tax measured in alcohol content is only encouraging alcoholism and early death. Less sales will simply bring less taxes... Now all are drinking whisky by the bottles. The law needs changing, who can afford a THB 2000 steak with a THB 1000 wine glass?
  4. Price is also important...any special every day?
  5. How do you test an ELB checker? You push the button while running hot water? Any precautions to take? I have a National water heater with a push button in front of it to test and it says push up to reset. I do not see any ground wire, simply 2 wires electrical supply.
  6. Where is the Indian woman shop selling white cotton bed sheets near Villa Sukhumvit? The shop was once next to Villa Market on Sukhumvit Soi 33 but it has moved somewhere else.
  7. yimlitnoy

    To tip or not to tip?

    Tipping in Thailand is a waste, now most of the time , even after they levy a service charge they are expecting a minimum 100 THB. Yesterday I had one small beer in a bar and the waitress make an unhappy face when I asked for some change on all the 100 THB bills change she first handed to me in order to give 50 THB on the 180 THB beer. If they are going to play unhappy all the time then let's give a justification for them to be unhappy. Now I only give a tip when a smile is apparent on paying the bill.
  8. Maybe you should ask them, are you shy? How anybody else would know?
  9. Everybody with decency should care.
  10. yimlitnoy

    Any one still using a Windows mobile phone

    I have a 6 years old Nokia Windows 720 and I love it for ease of use. Android is too complicated and it looks like that if you install an antivirus on an Android phone, it received more advertisement and unsolicited offers.. The battery has a long life and it updates automatically. As you say, it is now not available in the market.
  11. Stability? Better opportunities elsewhere...
  12. Why have you kept your money in CAD? The trend has been going down for more than 10 years already, enough time for you to react, the bottom is not far I suppose, the CAD is at a 10 years low against the THB:
  13. In your opinion what is the best medicine to lower hypertension? Then I will discuss with my doctor about this after you suggest some anti hypertension regimen. I am now taking Prenolol 100Mg and Amlopine10Mg daily but my pressure simply stabilize at 145-150 each time, never to 120/80.
  14. yimlitnoy

    Best hypertension medecine?

    You are right and I will follow your advise. It is time for a full checkup and another stress test, the last one was in 2004... As you say better safe than sorry!
  15. yimlitnoy

    Best hypertension medecine?

    Sheryl, The reason I am using Prenolol is because, as you guessed well, I was prescribed 50Mg Tenormin 25 years ago when it was discovered that I had some hypertension. In any case you have helped me a lot as always. This year I had 5 eyes surgeries (mostly IOL anterior and posterior related) under general anesthesia, all preceded by an electrocardiogram and continuous pressure monitoring during the surgery and nothing was said about my medication. I am only 67 and about 17 kilo overweight. I was not running because I was told by my eye surgeon not to run but now the last surgeon has allowed me to run which I will do starting tomorrow as Lumpini park is very near. I measured my pression daily and make the adjustment when necessary. However on each monthly hospital visits, it looks like that the systolic is then 145 to 155 mm Hg. When I mentioned to my eye doctor about the advisable medication for hypertension, I was told to go and see a general doctor as they do not do those kind of things... You guess the rest. Thank you for all, you are of great help in this forum. 9663 advises is quite a lot and we surely need you.
  16. yimlitnoy

    Best hypertension medecine?

    Why with 1 tab Amlodipine10 or even 1 tab Enaril 20 (Enalapril) or a combination of both in half (in trial mode), my heart rate is always increasing to 80bpm and even 92bpm while simply working on my computer... Of course I am also watching MSNBC American politics saga... It could also be due to lack of sleep. This morning I had 112/67 and 93bpm, at noon 133/79 and 77bpm, this evening 136/82 and 87bpm.
  17. yimlitnoy

    Best hypertension medecine?

    I am now taking Amlopine 10 Mg then the pressure decreases but to only 150, not enough, while the heart beat is going up to 80 bpm hence the Prenolol to reduce the heart beat to normal. At home I usually get 130/80 while on each hospital visits to my ophthalmologist it shows higher 155/90. What would be your safe suggestion to combine with Amlopine 10Mg in order to get the difficult inaccessible 120/80?
  18. yimlitnoy

    Best hypertension medecine?

    Maybe you are right but on low dose. I was once prescribed some Losartan but the pressure was going up instead of down and Calcium Channel blocker simply gives me headaches even at very low dose. I am asking to see what is the most reducing anti hypertension prescribed medicine on this forum.
  19. I went to The Pintsman Pub on Silom Road to reserve a table for Christmas, New Year 2018 and their fifth Anniverary soon on 17 Jan. There are no signs on the premises to indicate why it is closed and huge chains have been rolled over each door. The O'Reilly also on Silom road has been demolished, anyone knows why all those excellent bars are being closed or destroyed? Also the fine excellent Hemingway Bar on Sukhumvit is gone and the white Swan had to move to an adjacent Soi along massages parlors. Is it a new Bangkok policy to direct tourists towards prostitutes den like Patpong, Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza? By the way Thaivisa announced today that one waitress was killed today on Soi Cowboy and dragged in a nearby building. What is happening to our quiet and affordable bars with newspapers to read, good Thai secretaries customers and sports on TV to enjoy in this business District on Silom Road?
  20. yimlitnoy

    The Pintsman Pub on Silom is Closed?

    Anyone knows where to drink a cold pint at affordable price (100THB-120THB) on Sukhumvit or Silom, before 9 PM in a clean environment like Hemingway was? I cannot afford the beer in Thailand anymore, overprice compare to Vietnam and Cambodia.
  21. My son did his high school in French in Thailand until age 17, his marks and aspiration for a good future were poor. He then went to Canada to get a degree. Now graduated, he only thinks to attain success in life by doing business. It is a passion for him, he works hard but so far he is doing good and he is very happy in Canada. He has many international friends but few Canadian friends. To us, he is more happy in living in Canada but still loves Thailand for the entertainment scene. He has dual citizenship. For us Thailand seems to be a dangerous place for a young man, we are happy that he is living in a safe Canada environment.
  22. yimlitnoy

    8-year German expat with no passport deported

    I infer that He was likely supporting a thai family but ran on a tough time in his life here like so Many. I would drink with such a criminal without hesitation, unlike many african working the street of sukhumvit with impunity under the eyes of all to see... In any case, he is a survivor and he will do well anywhere else in this world. Of course the law is for all to be followed, i kind of feel sorry all the same for him.
  23. yimlitnoy

    Special Privileges for Thaivisa Customers at ShowDC in Bangkok

    I wondered who own all those empty shopping Mall in Bangkok? They are now destroying the charms of Sukhumvit from Emporium to Soi 14, I hear soon to Soi 8. British Embassy soon also going. Do they think that tourists do not have shopping centers in their country except the Laotian, Cambodian and Vietnamese? All Thai people that used to live on Sukhumvit were forced to sell and they now left this area. Why all the construction / destruction of Thailand heritage? Also food stalls are disappearing, any thought for the hard working poors?
  24. yimlitnoy

    Has anyone recently done a Thai Will?

    I simply copy a will form from internet, I filled it up and made it sign by 2 adults Thai nationals, i.e. my landlady and the guard downstairs. Apparently it is legal this way. If you are legally married to a Thai then all your assets will automatically go to your wife and children in the advent that a will is not made. You do not need a law firm to write a will for you, a will in English is sufficient.