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  1. Special Privileges for Thaivisa Customers at ShowDC in Bangkok

    I wondered who own all those empty shopping Mall in Bangkok? They are now destroying the charms of Sukhumvit from Emporium to Soi 14, I hear soon to Soi 8. British Embassy soon also going. Do they think that tourists do not have shopping centers in their country except the Laotian, Cambodian and Vietnamese? All Thai people that used to live on Sukhumvit were forced to sell and they now left this area. Why all the construction / destruction of Thailand heritage? Also food stalls are disappearing, any thought for the hard working poors?
  2. Has anyone recently done a Thai Will?

    I simply copy a will form from internet, I filled it up and made it sign by 2 adults Thai nationals, i.e. my landlady and the guard downstairs. Apparently it is legal this way. If you are legally married to a Thai then all your assets will automatically go to your wife and children in the advent that a will is not made. You do not need a law firm to write a will for you, a will in English is sufficient.
  3. However the warning is useful for people driving in the area where visibility will then be reduced as it once happened to me, it rained so much that continuing driving was becoming dangerous. It has all to do with safety when the windshield wipers cannot cope with the volume of rain. If you go slower you can get rear end and if you continue driving you cannot see where you are going... very unpleasant situation.
  4. BOI company - need advice

    I was Operating Manager of an Oil Services Company in Africa, it was customary to have all invoices sent and paid within 90 days. Even our best clients, all in the top 100 companies in the world, were paying only on the last day of this 90 days. You may be the only one asking for payment within 30 days which forced them to use their small cash account (box...) designed for daily operations instead of their approved monthly operating expenditure Funds. If you threaten them legally you will simply loose their business...
  5. The owner has offered a reward but the finder thought to be honest was a perfect reward and he kindly refused.
  6. Last month my 23 year old son came to visit us from Canada for 14 days. My son is Thai and he has a Thai driving License. My car has 2 registered insured drivers, my wife and myself. I simply called my car insurance and requested that they changed my wife as a driver for my son as the new insured driver for the two weeks period then automatically all went back to normal once the two weeks were done. All for a fee of 50 Baht... Better be safe than sorry especially in Thailand.
  7. This post is simply a disguise advertisement for this lawyer, there are no information other than to say that there are 2 types of divorces: UNCONTESTED DIVORCE and CONTESTED DIVORCE.
  8. I had to go twice a week from Sathorn Road to Rama 6 Ramathibodi hospital for 6 months, I can say that 80% of the time, the taxi drivers tried to cheat me by going through their way instead of my way which is faster, they act in a threatening way, they have no change when at destination, they let me on the road once because apparently not enough gasoline which was a lie, one fell asleep at traffic light, one was pulling his facial hairs at traffic lights with 2 baht coins, one tried to keep the change from 100 Baht at highway toll. Come on Thailand, when will you have a school for taxi drivers like they have in most other countries? The first impression of any tourists are when they board their first taxi from airport to hotel...
  9. Lorry should have full length lights on their side, with new LED technology it would be a very cheap improvement on the vehicle law.
  10. Maybe they should change visa requirements for tourists relative to how many are in jail in Thailand then this is not discrimination, only retribution.
  11. In Control panel, simply check Device manager and if none are red, then your hardware is OK.
  12. 1st Class Insurance on an Older Vehicle

    Try the best: Bangkok Insurance!
  13. Entire body hurting.

    35 years ago in Bangkok I had muscular pain everywhere on my body especially in the morning, I was 30, I could hardly walk, every steps hurt, everything seems like rheumatism. In Singapore they isolated Chlamydia then they called this: Reiter Syndrome. Chlamidia is apparently half viral and half bacterial in size that I apparently caught sexually somewhere between Singapore and Bangkok. In Bangkok and Bombay where I was working they did not know what it was then in Singapore Mount Elisabeth hospital after blood and semen analysis, they found Chlamydia, it was reactive to Tetracycline among many other antibiotics. I then took Voltaren 100Mg tablets for a full year with 100Mg Tetracycline tablets daily and I was ok after a full year only of this treatment. This is to indicate that you need to see a specialist with a full blood and semen tests.
  14. Any experience with visa on arrival in Hanoi from Thailand, does the waiting time at the counter in Hanoi airport counter rapid, say less than 30 min? Otherwise I will make the tourist visa in Bangkok.
  15. Thank you, I will do it in BKK then, in case..
  16. It is not a good idea to carry cash while transiting countries going home. What the law says and what the custom officials do are often two different things, corruption is rife at borders... A SWIFT is the way to go.
  17. severe pain in both shoulders

    To hide the pain with Diclophenac is not the solution. In another topic, Sheryl you were right, cataract surgery under local anesthetic does not hurt at all., the surgery took 5 min. Thank you for your advice.
  18. severe pain in both shoulders

    Ah ah ah! Well site Geologist, I sleep on location but in a very comfortable setting traveling by helicopter... Often we are given a foam mattress, not a Leesa mattress.
  19. I simply put facts, not alternative facts... The result is there for all to see. Let the market dictate the best rate for the Baht. Confidence in a country also count, you want the goods to be delivered... This also forced the exporter to improve the quality of their product in order to compete in the market place.
  20. It was false to say that the Baht strengthening was hurting export. All told, a sliding Baht is a sign of failing confidence in the prospects of Thai assets. When the Baht begins a bullish rebound, we’ll know that faith in Thailand as a place to invest and do business is also on the rise. From Asiachart.
  21. severe pain in both shoulders

    This is my case but we never know, it might apply for you. At work I was given a very soft mattress and this caused severe back and shoulder pain during following days. I simply changed the mattress for a harder one then all was ok, no more Voltaren pills. The doctor did not know the cause of my pain.
  22. Eyes - Floaters

    I had the same symptoms then a retinal detachment followed, also i was diagnosed with high pressure...
  23. You can update your bank statement via ATM on the spot when at Chaeng Wattana. I always do this on the morning of the extension.
  24. I have a one year extension due to retirement on my visa and a re-entry permit, can't they let me re-enter via the Thai side automatic door for expediency?