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  1. bkkbudddy

    Ulthera Therapy

    She'll, Thank you very much for your advice and comments!
  2. bkkbudddy

    Ulthera Therapy

    Greetings, I'm interested in getting Ulthera Therapy in Bangkok. Ulthera Therapy is a noninvasive cosmetic procedure to tightened sagging skin and increase collagen to make you look younger! Any recommendations where I should get this procedure? Thank in advance.
  3. bkkbudddy

    Gyms near Sukhumvit 53

    Greetings, WE Fitness at Ekkamai BTS Station!
  4. bkkbudddy

    Dell Laptop

  5. bkkbudddy

    Dell Laptop

    Hello, I want to change motherboard and upgrade RAM in my Dell Inspire laptop! Could you please recommend a shop that specializes in maintenance and upgrading Dell laptops in Bangkok? Thanks.
  6. greetings, I have herniated L4 and L5 and once in a while I have severe pain! When I'm in pain, I want to wear a lumbar support brace until I'm well! The pain last 3 to 5 days. Where can I purchase orthopedic lumbar brace in Bangkok? Thanks.
  7. bkkbudddy

    Are Rabies shots essential before going to Thailand?

    Greetings, I received my rabies vaccination from Red Cross Clinic and the price was very reasonable compared to private clinics or hospitals! The clinic is located directly front of the snake farm in Silom area!
  8. bkkbudddy

    Dismemberment suspect suffered profoundly

    Greetings, Yes, I agree with the victim's father, the culprit must be sentence to death immediately!
  9. bkkbudddy

    Nebido Testosterone!

    Greetings, I'm not into body building, therefore, I'll be using Nebido only for testosterone replacement!
  10. bkkbudddy

    Nebido Testosterone!

    Greetings, In Pattaya, which pharmacy sells original Nebido Testosterone 4ml for injection? Also, which medical clinic's physicians will provide injection services? Thanks.
  11. Greetings, He must listen and obey the command of police officers! Police officers are just informing the law! It doesn't matter if he's a lawyer, everyone should be treated equally!