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  1. The lazy law enforcement credo ''why do anything if no one notices''...showboating and grandstanding ,supercedes to serve and protect...
  2. IMHO ..police need to remember ,''serve and protect''.. self promoting grandstanding officers who cross that line ,have only their own interests in mind...
  3. Looking good their boys. MEMO to the dude in the middle ''your fly is open''....
  4. Yes that man really went above and beyond ....Hopefully he finds the help he deserves...
  5. 2 woman alone in the mountains ,what could possibly go wrong !
  6. Field Marshall Prayut wont be happy until he hits #1
  7. Every cival servant and law enforcement officers credo '' let no good deed go unnoticed''..
  8. Aparently the speeding van driver with the Koreans didn't get the memo....
  9. Chief of DLT called , good thing your flat lined, because your fired too, you don't fit into the new''zero deaths '' policy
  10. Stand down boys and girls...go round up some Ugandan women or shake down some young Koreans on rented scooters..
  11. This teacher deserves a medal,saddly not even named in the article...This is one of the few storys that actually warrants a photo opp ...
  12. Im sure they are scatching their heads thinking ''we tried everything ,even the honest taxi tall tales aren't working'' ...''Mabey its time for another new shopping mall''.....
  13. Start with teen pregnancy , round up all the Douche bag fathers and hold them financially responsible for the children they abandon.
  14. I would imagine a huge number of all vehicles on the roads fail emissions standards.....in a land with no ethics or law enforcement , how can anything ever improve..