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  1. we will hear the other side of this story soon....
  2. ''its the bottom of the ninth and khun tua lek is up to bat''.....this ahole has never seen a baseball game in his the question is''why would he have a bat in his car''....
  3. it seems all thais know is disrespect and lawlessness...mabey the military is the only chance this country had...hopefully in the future ''breaking the law will be the exception and not the rule''
  4. the pile just keeps getting bigger...
  5. In Thailand ''we love you long time ''..
  6. who will ride this train..this is becoming another power struggle of a few old worn out politicians who want nothing more than to ''build a bullet train'',i would love to ride one as well,but I don't think thais and Thailand really need this YET...and where will they load the goats,sooters and bags of rice most passengers need to transport,or will they be on the 4th class train that waits in every sidding for hours while this bullet train is 2 hours away,as the well heeled Chinese tourists we keep hearing about flock to Thailand to ride the dream train..and we watch education slip deeper into the abiss
  7. so sad and so desperate..and so uncommon in you children closely and listen to them..many times they want to talk about it...I believe everyone wants to be heard..regards to the familly
  8. still waiting for the north pattaya project to awaken...mabey they will meet somewhere in the middle...