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  1. the good news is ,it's been 8 days since our last ''honest taxi driver story''....
  2. yawn...we are way past that honey...don't you watch Fox News, in the big house..
  3. So who is the 3rd wheel exactly??
  4. I would bet in 9 mnths she is a new mommy, and that little puke lives with another child to ruin...scum
  5. the smell of sewage in Thailand ,that's odd..
  6. machete and baseball bat sales will sky rocket...
  7. hahaha yes the Thai head scratch ..I know it too well..haha
  8. after reading about this ,my wife told me this has happened many time in the past ,in the same scenerio...tragic just tragic...
  9. no good deed goes ,without a'' photo shopped'' opp...
  10. one can only ''hope'' thais and tourists respect and value of what remains of the once amazing beaches of south Thailand...because Pattaya beach(which was never that great) is now, nothing more than a boat launch/ cash cow, for the thai/chinese tour groups..