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  1. I pray for everyone..this is just a tragic..
  2. this article they choose to use the term,'' bar girl'',as this thief sits with her helmet on to hide her face..,but a month ago when a ''young bar girl'' lay dieing on the pavment from a fall, and the ex military brit runs away like a coward ,they call her a'' prositiute.''....<deleted>
  3. the thai way of crossing as intersection or making a uturn....,bullie your way out until the uncoming traffic must either slow down or sstop,...this way ,the responsibility is on the oncoming driver(s) ...the bullie style only works when all drivers are paying attention...
  4. sadly, I and my family havebecome mall rats,not by choice, but as the beaches and air become more polluted and the lack of shaddy park greenspace in the neibouhood we and many like us are left with no other options...its the future I am afraid..,,life under the dome...
  5. I watched this ''sting covert operation'' at ''real time'', as the police parked the truck ,sat in said truck,exited truck, leaned on said truck for 30 minutes as the secretly passed vital information on the walky talky...then loaded up and went for something to eat,all the while the vendors ,busy selling ,not 10 meters away....it was almost like a stare down competition...Amusing Thailand...
  6. the Rich and the Shamless....pathetic!!
  7. haha first I had to goggle IMHO....its not even the buses them selves although most are old and need upgraded....I have sat and watched beach rd..with the buses screaming down the rd at high speeds, and then watched as they were in a slower traffic ...and I must admit...if the drivers obey the speed limits 40 kmh and do not use ecssesive rpms, it changes everything....moving the volume of toursits we see now in pattaya is no easy chore but if the drivers would respect laws and the fact this is a beach resort not a freekin speedway,park in designated parking areas,shut off engines when not in use etc etc...it could work for all of us.
  8. austrailia and new zeland have the most expensive cocain in the world...
  9. 11 passengers injured as bus crashes into tree

    I agree...in some way you have to respect him for that
  10. ya'all listening yet,as I have been ranting about this for 5 years now...they have thrown this city pattaya ''under the bus''..in the beginning the bus traffic was limited to beach rd ,now all the small sois and narrow roads are used by buses to park and sleep and avoid the very traffic they themselves have created ,as they pull down lower hanging trees and power lines to these drivers any road is fairgame and any speed and or rpm is ok...screaming around belching smoke..the tour bus and its drivers ,in my opinion is the #1 problem now facing urban pattaya..these filthy buses should be parked outside the city and never allowed into city limits...most other civilized countrys are trying to reduce traffic chaos, while Thailand has no respect for anyone or anything,until pattaya comes to a standstill and chokes on its own greed..do not blame this on the Chinese,they just ride around in comfort while we on the ground suffer....and I suggest to anyone who thinks this is an over reaction..come down to pattaya at 8 am any given day.....it is simply insanity and out of control...
  11. another new mall and more condo developments!!!..when that fails ,just blame it on the Chinese tourists...
  12. and now you are giving me advice...just get your facts straight next time you quote someone dude....
  13. I don't see ''hill''in the article..yes the hill is nice,but for us down here in the ''war zone''of beach rd/freeway /boat launch and refueling area...mornings are not the same anymore...enjoy your run sir
  14. I just returned from my run on beach rd...have you seen the morning traffic