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  1. Thailand’s top cop visits Pattaya

    I saw the photo opp .....life in the bubble...as Thailand clings to the memories of a once great kingdom...
  2. correct...back in the day it was common to drive drunk..now through adds,education ,police presence ,serious fines,and shameing...it was turned around..drinking driving destroys so many lives...but thais just play the numbers game.....and what are the odds really million -1...the lottey of life
  3. when was the last time you ever heard of some one saying,''i have had too much to drink ,im calling a cab '''or a bartender speaking up, or a friend stopping the drunk from getting behind the wheel,or passengers refusing to ride with a drunk..i spoke up a few years ago with my wifes family ,driver drunk,11people in the truck, 5 children in the back, i said no way ..he was relentless with his ego ..we all watched as he drove away..we waited for a taxi.........the man still hates me to this day,it happened 12 years ago..
  4. they said that about the ''ping pong ball show'' 30 years ago......
  5. go to utube and search ''new super casino in pattaya thailand''.......very cool video...
  6. Road checkpoints enforcing traffic safety

    so predictable...did we see this coming or what.....memo to the photo opp cops...stand down,you're not fooling anyone anymore..
  7. Thailand loves the revenue...just cant leave anything be..
  8. The Wild Kingdom, where the strongest , biggest and richest thrive.''it's a jungle out their''...Amusing Thailand..
  9. Thailands ''Dirty Little Secrets''..volume 10
  10. treat officers like the children they are # take away cell phones...
  11. thai( mostlymales )who live with this ''maverick'' attitude, and refuse to grow up, are destroying this once amazing kingdom....get serious about enforcing the law or Shut The <deleted> Up,.. call in some outside help ...cause I for one am getting tired of this cycle of pie charts ,period costumes, promises and probes,in order to deflect the truth .Thailand on its own ''cannot change'' ...Na Bura.,buat hua....and fix the beach while your at it...do something right ...sawadee pi mai.
  12. I forsee a photo opp with a dozen poor sharks hanging by their tails with the usual finger pointing...
  13. Today I could ''taste the love'' with a pail of ice water in the face as I sat in a baht bus...let the good times roll