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  1. mok199

    Thailand's Phuket smartens up to bring tourists back

    A ''gadget''...its getting harder and harder to tell people I live in this country...
  2. another ''Big show about nothing''....a disgusting new mall , I liked that corner better with ''Kiss restaurant'' ...Pattaya needed another mall like we need another ''taxi returns bag of cash ''story..
  3. Lawless defiant emboldened....This is not a civilized society
  4. mok199

    Bt5m of loud 'substandard' exhaust pipes seized

    The inflated thai male ego just shrank a few ''desciples'',because for them(with the loud scooters) ,its all about ''getting noticed''...
  5. i have a condo/love nest to sell, complete with mood lighting ,red velvet curtains and a king size water bed ...CALL ME
  6. mok199

    COSI Pattaya Naklua Beach on target to open

    Building was the easy part,now comes the challenge of filling it...
  7. Yes I wonder how much effort the joker would sacrafice if ''no one was filming ''...
  8. Thais need a grandstanding photo opp and a free T-shirt to pick up trash...Thailands moto..''why try saving our environment , if no one is looking'''...
  9. stop with the ''moves, slogans freebies and promises ,when thais learn to conduct themselves professionally and treat thier enviornment and guests with respect''.they will return
  10. Thailand ''use at your own risk''
  11. can that man and his followers do ANYTHING with a camera rolling.. JUST DO IT
  12. From my observations ,spoied since birth thais(male and female) cannot show remorse ,it seems to manifests into fear and rage somehow...I guess we call it ''losing face''...in my experience in Thailand '' being right can be dangerous '' thais do not deal with losing very well..
  13. I watch daily as the beach tour group herders ,push shove and insult Chinese..absolutely diigraceful,the lack of respect.....A lawless defiant society out of control...