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  1. I speak for myself..i am tired of cleaning up after thais and Chinese..its hard,but..I now walk over and around the garbage and try not to let it upset me...BUT IT DOES IT PISSES ME OFF..the laziness and disprespect in asia is unbelievable..WHEN WILL THESE PEOPLE GROW UP....
  2. thailands only possible salvation is the Casino..''.'.lord knows they have tried every other sales pitch known to mankind...or...just build another mall...
  3. Mayor sets 2-week major beach cleanup

    let me explain what our beach has become...each and every one who arrives on a ''cheap tour package''' from china etc,is promised a free ''parasail''..so in the morning the beach becomes nothing more than a boat launch...with sometimes 50 boats waiting to onload tourists..this continues until 1pm..with hundreds of tourists coming and going ..this is the beach ..now the buses must bring the said tourists to the beach from hotels,and return them...the caos starts ar 7am and continues until 2pm..then it is deserted..until 4pm when they same tourists come out to take selfies on the sand..boat owners now leave the boats moored on the beach all night.tied and anchored in the very sand we walk on..we have no more beach,we have a money making piece of sand...until the boats and buses or gone...this is the way it will be...
  4. add into the group those flying fireballs they call lanterns..
  5. another new mall...surrounded by grass...
  6. Soi Siam Country Club becoming ghost town

    but on the bright side..we are getting yet another new mall...
  7. ban plastics...sell food in washable plates and glasses...a country out of control with plastics and automobiles....but that would mean thais have to change...and we all know that wont happen in our lifetime..
  8. Thailand is ageing and money is short

    build another mall
  9. its time for a 45 bhat dollar..mabey some quality people will return...cause this city is lost in its own ass..
  10. finding ignorance here is like shooting fish in a barrel. the origin is not a suprise...but on a positive note... I know a few talented girls who can make a swan from a drinking straw....
  11. no excuse for this behavior.the lack of professionalism in Thailand is the problem..no training no laws no morals no respect..and above all NO SHAME...
  12. if by mafia, you mean ''BULLY'', then yes..
  13. mabey if Thailand could make ''chicken smell like fish''...
  14. this is about feeding ''seafood frenzied Asian tourisits''at the all you can eat seafood buffet...I cant even imagine the amount of sea food needed to satisify Asian needs...Asians need to change their eating habbits and realize the planet is not ''all about them''..