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  1. ''Marine life could be damaged if it reached the sea''...ha what marine life? ..thais have fished that all away too...
  2. those no budget Asian tour groups love the free'' all you can eat seafood buffet''...why else do you think they come here.....
  3. the famous inflated thai male ego and entitlement behind a badge ....dangerous..
  4. more ''ROBE RAGE''...amusing Thailand...
  5. and yet again spiritual thais show the world they are phonies
  6. she needs to be a ''complete makeover'' star...''that woman is a mess''..
  7. Christmas fair returns to Onnut

    WHY NO POSTS....its beginning to look at lot like Christmas..i for one am stoked about this and we will be taking our boy...FOR SURE...
  8. AMUSING THAILAND..if they were as good at solving POMPEMS as they are at creating POMPEMS...we would have NO POMPEMS
  9. these tour buses are parked anywhere and everywhere making once wider roads much narrower,and harder to get by,any place they can clean out the bus and hang their dirty socks out to dry,while they wait for their next tour group...take a walk behind the once peaceful and quiet dusit resort ...in pattaya we have no where left to walk with out these filthy buses either parked or screaming down the roads..
  10. Belgian dies after hitting tour bus

    tourists with their own cars..now that's clever..555
  11. Belgian dies after hitting tour bus

    tour buses in urban areas are simply disgusting..these filthy ,smoke belching,retard driven,traffic causing,toilets on wheels should be banned from entering city limits .PERIOD...
  12. PM urges Thais to help beat corruption

    just stop using our childrens education to further an agenda...everything else is yours (and always has been) for the taking..SHAMLESS THAIS...
  13. the lottery of driving in Thailand...most win but some lose...it will never change ...but we await another catchphrase ,a dog and pony show photo opp, with a new pie chart...followed by a seafood buffet...