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  1. Pattaya has been ''Thrown under the bus'', more chaos,traffic ,garbage and pollution is just ''collateral damage''...we all knew it could never be great, but... it could be'' much better.''..
  2. more and more woman are going Lesbian in thailand...not hard to see why sometimes..
  3. when all else fails ,thais always have ''hope''.''blame''.and of course ''good luck to you''...most of know how to educate or children,sadly its not here...
  4. headline should read '' several thais wake up to reducing plastics''..
  5. yes sir ..the boats are back the buses and the chaos ...I was afraid it was too good to be true..sad, I think the beach is owned by the tour groups now..
  6. mabey its the pollution, I know our family in pattaya have all become mall rats .the dust the tour buses churn up and the diesel they belch out ..its almost impossible to sit near the beach..
  7. I think that ''staged photo opp'' is not representative of the majority of visitors and locals who abuse thialand, eat the seafood and take selfies....i really don't know how much more this once great, pristine kingdom can endure
  8. had the video not ended happily , I would have never used the term '' hillarious'' I just hope the poor bugger has no lasting phsycological and emotional trauma..have a good day sir
  9. living ground zero in pattaya I see thousands of Chinese every day and I don't mind them..its the tour operators and their ''flunky employees that create all the chaos,and noise''....cant thais be a bit professional ,its embarrassing to watch as they herd and shove these tourists around,some are seniors and these thai thugs, treat them like cattle,forming groups and lines for their morning free parasial.i watch daily and their is no need for this behavior, except to look tough and be the bullie..Thais needs to go back to charm school..
  10. I was waiting for the lift yesterday ,and when the door opened ,out came a pack of young Arabs...after the sniff test ,'' I decided to take the stairs''.I live on the 24th floor..
  11. Drama queens and Drama Arabs....who spends more time on thier hair??
  12. the tail wagging is truly hilarious...'' I found my bone that went missing yesterday''
  13. needs a good soundtrack,may I suggest ''why cant we be freinds''.
  14. sure they can put that on the bucket list right behind plastics, road carnage, tatskin and the red bull fellow..the list is getting very very long..but as one member said to me yesterday ...''thais are trying isn't that enough''...