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  1. ONLINE Reporting of Address Now Possible in Phuket

    Yes, I think a good step forward. I've also received a User ID and Password from immigration after applying online for an account. So, It won't come as a surprise that I don't think you did anything wrong. ;-) To the contrary, you are following the law better than someone who does not bother to notify immigration of their stay. As others have pointed out above the address registration (notification of foreigner staying at an address) is different from the 90-Day Report (for staying in the kingdom for 90 or more days). But I take your point that the 90-Day Report online facility received more publicity than the address registration online facility (at least so far). That doesn't cause me any concern. Immigration would not have approved your address registration online account (or mine) if we weren't allowed to have one. I think we should all be cheered that immigration is making it easier for us to comply with the regulations.
  2. Baht in the bank before renewal

    1900 Baht
  3. ONLINE Reporting of Address Now Possible in Phuket

    Cool. Were you able to get your account online or did you have to go to Phuket Immigration and establish your account there? What sort of documentation did they need to see: Blue or Yellow Tabian Bahn, Chanote? They may have reset the registration system, wiping out the previous reports. But it probably won't have any impact, if you are able to report yourself again. That, and the current address registration receipt (TM-30) you have in your passport should be enough, one would think.
  4. ONLINE Reporting of Address Now Possible in Phuket

    Actually, it was a slightly different looking system but for the same purpose. And it wasn't used without an account, it was used with an account that I was able to set up online as the owner without offering any evidence of my having a business. Can you direct me to which room at Phuket Immigration I might be able to apply for an account to be able to use this registration system? I do not have a business but I am the owner of my condo and possess the blue and yellow tabian bahns demonstrating that. Is there anything else you think I might need in order to get the account from immigration? I would be using it to register foreign friends who might be staying with me in my condo from time to time. However, I do not, nor do I intend to, ever rent out my condo. I would also like to use it to report myself staying at this address when I return to Thailand from a trip outside the country. You've mentioned it is not intended to be used for this purpose, but as I would be the owner, house-master, and person staying there, it seems like I should be able to report that I'm still staying there after I return from outside the country. After all, who knows better where I am staying than my residence owner (me), my house-master (also me), and me (the person staying at that address)? ;-)
  5. ONLINE Reporting of Address Now Possible in Phuket

    Well, I think what happened is that we used a system that was being trialled/tested and now that the trial/test is over, they are refering people back to the "real" address registration system which requires you to register with the immigration office and supply evidence of your business (business license, etc.). So, we are back in the same situation we were in before this trial/test system appeared. Unfortunate, but such is life. Maybe they will at some point actually implement a system or change the exisiting one such that it will be available to all people (regardless of their status of having a business or not) but that doesn't seem to be the case now. I guess the fact that they bothered to conduct the trial/test at all is a good sign. Let's hope so, but for right now I feel like Charlie Brown when he's sure that Lucy will really hold the football for him to kick this time, despite a long history of that not happening ;-)
  6. ONLINE Reporting of Address Now Possible in Phuket

    Well, I'm afraid the news is bad. It looks like it is only available to businesses (which was not true of the previous system documented above). It looks like you need to register at the agency, which I take to mean the Immigration Office. It looks like it might be possible to do so online, but it looks like you would have to submit documentation to prove that you have a business (business licence, etc.). So I'm afraid we're back to where we started, online address registration and reporting is not currently supported except for businesses. Maybe that will change in the future, but for now it looks like submitting the TM-30 directly to immigration is the only way for non-businesses to report foreigners who stay at their address. This would, of course, also be the case for self-reporting (the foreign owner of a condo unit, for example, reporting that they are staying at that address). It seemed too good to be true that we would be allowed to report our addresses online ;-) I guess I could try to get my condo management to apply for an address registration account and then they could allow the owners of the condo units to use it to report themselves and any other foreigners staying in the unit they own. I think that would be a challenge (a quest worthy of Don Quixote!) and I may take it up when I get back from a trip I am planning to take outside of Thailand. When I get back from that trip I plan to visit immigration on the way home from the airport and file an updated TM-30 to notify I'm back in my usual residence. Well, it's not the end of the world, but it sure would have been nice to be able to do that from home. Immigration would in either case be getting exactly the same information, but it would have been much more convenient for the foreigner complying with this regulation.
  7. ONLINE Reporting of Address Now Possible in Phuket

    You are quite right, there has been a change. My apologies XD1 at Phuket! You are selecting the correct choice. It appears the access point to the registration system has changed (or at least the one I used successfully before). I can no longer use my UserID/Password that worked before. I'm investigating now. Just wanted you to know that you weren't doing anything wrong. It would have worked a few weeks ago ;-) I will try to create a new account and report back on the results.
  8. ONLINE Reporting of Address Now Possible in Phuket

    Take another look at Page 2 of the PDF. I think you're picking the wrong option. The right option is specified in step 2 on that page. It is the option being pointed to by the purple arrow. I believe you are picking one option too high (the third option above 90 days (Online), not the second option). It contains flashing red text on the right-hand side and black text on the left side. Specifically, it matches the name in Thai given in step 2. From your screen-print, it looks like you picked one option above the correct one.
  9. This won't help the OP as he is outside of Phuket, but for those living in Phuket, it is now possible for everyone living in Phuket to do an online report (not just businesses). Maybe this process will be implemented outside of Phuket, too, but for now, it works in Phuket:
  10. Reporting your address

    If you are in Phuket you can do the address registration and notification online:
  11. I have never been fined for not registering my stay at my address within 24 hours. However, thanks to Phuket Immigration's online address registration system it is now a 5-minute job I can do from the comfort of my home, so I plan to do it in the future whenever I return to my home from outside the country. I do understand the law requires this although I concede that it has not been enforced in the past. I plan to comply because the cost of compliance is very low. Other people may reach other decisions that work well for them in their particular circumstances.
  12. Funny, it always seems like it's the guy standing in the immigration office who gets in trouble first. Especially if he wants to get something from immigration. It falls to him to solve the problem or he simply doesn't get what he wants. It may not be fair but it is very effective ;-) Look at it from the perspective of the immigration officer. He could go off and chase down the miscreant hotel/condo owner, but if he simply waits long enough a person will walk through the door of his office who very much wants to get something from him (like maybe an extension of permission to stay). Not only does this person come to the Immigration Officer without the officer having to chase him down, he is also highly motivated to be as cooperative as possible, up to and including paying any fines he may be legally required to pay. The system is sheer genius and beautiful in its simplicity ;-)
  13. The bad news is that you (the person who will appear in Phuket Immigration Office trying to get an extension of stay) are the person who is most likely to be fined for not registering your stay at an address within 24 hours of arriving at that address. Yes, the owner, the house-master, and the possessor are all liable for registering your stay, but you will be the person standing in the immigration office. Who do you think it's easier for immigration to fine? You? Or the owner, who isn't there? Also, if you don't pay the fine do you think you are going to get your extension of stay? Now, the good news. You can register your stay at the address within 24 hours of arrival yourself by using the new online Registration System! Directions on how to do this at Phuket Immigration are detailed at this link. Note that at the end of doing the online registration you will be able to print out a receipt of your address registration. Take this to Phuket Immigration Office when you want to apply for your extension of stay. If the issue of you having done your address registration (TM-30) comes up show them the receipt. Also note, that the account you set up is for the address where you are staying. Therefore, it makes the most sense if the owner/possessor of the house creates the registration account and then reports you as staying at their address (this may make more sense if you read the directions linked below). But if they are unable or unwilling you can do it for them. You create the account for them and report yourself. Doing it this way does not require the owner or possessor to visit immigration. You will have to visit immigration to apply for your extension of stay but you do not have to visit immigration (within 24 hours of arrival) to report your stay at an address (TM-30) if you do it online instead. Actually, you are doing the friends whose address you stay at a favor because once the account (remember it is really an account for the property at the address) is created they can use it in the future to report other foreign guests that stay with them who may have business (applying for extension of stay, for instance) at Phuket Immigration.
  14. Now Phuket Immigration offers online address registration to everyone. Details here:
  15. ONLINE Reporting of Address Now Possible in Phuket

    Interesting question. It would seem that under the law the landlord (absentee or not) as the owner, along with the renter as possessor, are each liable to being fined for not registering any foreigners staying at a particular residence in Thailand. Of course, as a practical matter, it is much easier to fine the renter as he is the one with ongoing business at the immigration office, as compared to an absentee landlord. The enforcement mechanism against the renter is much more effective ;-) It does not seem to me that you are doing anything wrong by creating an account for a residence where you are staying for the purpose of allowing you to comply with the existing law for reporting the address of where you reside. But then I'm not a lawyer. Just a guy trying to stay on the right side of the law and, if doing so can be done conveniently, then I'm in favor of doing it that way. In my opinion, you are simply providing true and timely information to immigration pursuant to complying with existing law using a mechanism that immigration has made available online. By making the possessor (renter) liable to fines the law seems to acknowledge that a possessor is authorized to take the necessary steps to satisfy the legal requirement and thereby avoid having to pay a fine.