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  1. too rich to lose face for this, they will lay all the blame on the others, no finger prints will be checked on the rifles to match him to any of them and he will walk away unscathed. Its not if you are guilty but how rich and connected you are that matters here
  2. Military ‘exposed in online poll fraud’

    when the military first took over and stopped the killing it was good, they returned confidence with the people. When they started to weed out the corrupt officials/people it was good too, showed they were doing the right thing, they actually instigated/promised several moves that would have made Thailand a great country but unfortunately they didnt follow through on them and have started going the other way like all previous govts. To be honest I doubt any of the political groups in Thailand would be able to fix all the crap as they are all in it for themselves, in this country money/wealth rules and corruption is a big part of it in every walk of life here, no one has any regard for anyone else or the betterment of the country, it is all purely about them and their own/families status. The military has run its race and its time to go, thing is will they do it quietly or will they fight to stay
  3. Best bank

    I really like my bank, Bangkok Bank but when my visa card expires in a few years I will be closing my account and transferring to another bank as they are getting into bed with union pay and I refuse point blank to use that card as it is not accepted by most western businesses, it is also not accepted at many thai businesses. Hopefully they will come to their senses before hand and continue on with visa otherwise they are going to lose a lot of their customers, especially all us farangs that need to work with overseas payments
  4. Video: Find driver who killed my dad, says son

    the car is at fault, all 3 lanes go straight ahead, the right lane is the one to be in to turn right as well, the car went past the exit then slowed and started turning before putting on their indicator, in fact the bike was virtually beside him when he did put it on. Leaving the scene after causing the accident was also over the top, these idiot drivers simply do as they please and rarely use their mirrors as they think they own the roads, yes the bike was going fast but the car had slowed and was in the wrong lane to begin with, the bike was in the correct lane to go straight ahead or turn.
  5. its actually good to see the family home included in the seizure, for some reason when other corrupt people that have been caught out have their assets seized the family home is left with the family, when their homes need to be seized, the families need to be removed, why should they retain the homes, thai laws are too lax
  6. this is a joke coming from the party run by one of the biggest corrupt criminals there has been, admittedly there are several problems now but they have done a lot more about corruption than any other govt even if they are not clean themselves. There is more infrastructure work happening now as well, roads are being built/re done everywhere, pity that they are not as fiscally able as others could be. This is just ptp wanting to get their snouts back in the trough, they are scared that they will not be able to rip off the country as they have done in the past, nothing new at all
  7. unfortunately in Thailand religion is a total joke and involves just as much corruption as the govt itself, if money is involved no one can be trusted as has been shown in recent years with all the crap happening inside the temples. The monks do not follow their teachings at the best of times, it has become a total sham over the years and the good ones are becoming far and few between. Then you have the thais themselves, most have no idea what it means to be buddhist and they do not follow their teachings, its whatever suits them at the time that is important, screw their fellow thai
  8. when 2 visa cards went missing in the post the local post office told me it happens all the time as they can on sell the cards, then there is someone I know that had several packages stolen, last one had to be signed for and it was the postie that did it. He wasnt sacked and did not have to pay restitution either, just apologize and nothing else happened, this is Thailand where graft and corruption rule in case anyone was not already aware it
  9. nothing to do with the police even if it was a tea money set up, its the drivers, these idiots never look to see what is happening in front and behind them, all they care about is getting where they are going at there own pace, usually way over the speed limit. The cop in the middle of the road was able to be seen for a good distance, drivers should have already been slowing down but these idiots just maintained their speed and closeness to the car in front, when taught to drive one of the big things was always allow enough stopping distance between you and the car in front, these people really need to learn this, we also were taught never to simply cut in front of a truck but saying that truck drivers are supposed to be taking more care due to their size and weight, here that simply doesnt apply and they have no idea about safe breaking distances
  10. suthep is just as bad as thaksin, they are 2 peas in a pod. all that matters to them both is money, the people of Thailand are a far distant second. This idiot needs to be locked up and put away, people in the south are well aware of him and his families "businesses", they are the same as thaksins, far from legal and all to profit the family and rip off the public. We can only hope he goes away for a long time but like all the other cretins that were in the red shirt blockade he will probably get off lightly, only the poor are held responsible here
  11. this is how many thai drivers do it, they force other cars/bikes to stop for them when they do not have right of way, they lack patience and dont like to wait. They seem to think they are entitled to do it too, until such time the police actually start to hit these idiots up with big fines etc it will continue, trouble is you have to get the police to do their jobs first
  12. it would appear that samsung in Thailand do not like fulfilling their warranties, we bought a fridge and the freezer door didnt close properly. We phoned the warranty call centre continually for something to be done but they never showed up, finally after the warranty ended they sent someone out who promptly told us we would have to pay to fix it. I have found that many businesses in Thailand refuse to honour guarantees thats if they even acknowledge you, they dont like anything cutting into their profits or having to replace faulty goods
  13. wont do a thing, thais simply refuse to follow the road rules, the arrows mean nothing and I have had 3 or 4 cars all lined up beside me at a u turn area because they lack patience and none want to wait for anyone else. Until the laws are enforced and the police get off their bums and do their jobs the road deaths will just keep climbing
  14. Thai Govt urgently tackling IUU fishing

    just goes to show that all the new regulations brought in the last couple of years to stop all this were all wind, what ever happened to the bots that were not licensed etc not being able to leave port, seems that the fishermen just kept doing what they always have, decimating the waters with their illegal methods
  15. still waiting to see what happens over his land that included national parks land, when will they actually make these scumbags pay a decent fine and do some time for their corruption. Really looks like no one is game to make these people pay in case they get caught themselves, they are all bent