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  1. in other words the report is spot on and the chinese dont like it becoming common knowledge, they really need to be shown they are not as good as they think they are, what they are doing in the sth china sea is another reason to push them, too much arrogance thinking they are more than they are
  2. seajae


    I was on tramadol ER for quite a few years(severely damaged discs in the lower back) and they did work to a certain extent, they kept the edge off the pain but I was on 400mg a day so they knocked the crap out of me, took me a while to wean myself off them too. I was also taking oxycodone when the pain was severe, both are potent and both are synthetic and you can become addicted to them. These days I do have some 25mg ones that I will only take when pain is bad, they were out of date 2 years ago
  3. I would be hoping he comes out one morning to find every panel on his car smashed in plus all the windows broken, this ar*ehole really needs to be put in his place
  4. seajae

    Traffic light cross roads misunderstanding

    left turn at a red light when allowed is ok but they still have to give way to the traffic with the green light doing the uturn(can only turn left when safe to do so), problem is most thai drivers dont like waiting or try to force their way through a turn. When we used to drop our daughter off at night school we had a turn like that when we had a green light, cars turning left with a red light would try to force their way but I would hit the horn and keep going, they expect others to stop for them as many thais will, unfortunately for them I drive as the rules state.
  5. seajae

    Price of Durian?

    been getting stuck into a friends durian, no chemicals used and the fruit is absolutely delicious, sells at 80 baht a kg I think, luckily we dont pay the asking price. As stated the variety has a lot to do with it and some can get very high prices, really boils down to what you want in taste and texture.
  6. seajae

    I am Being Blackmailed and want to prosecute this Skank

    this is what happens when you think with your d*ck , mate, you made this situation happen, why be married if you are going to screw around, no sympathy at all, would tell you what I really think but would probably be sent on a holiday by the mods
  7. and they concentrate on the helmet, not the fact the idiot was obviously going way too fast, why didnt they say the bike wasnt good enough and came apart. Hard enough trying to get people to even wear a helmet yet this idiot paper tells them the expensive ones are no good when it has nothing to with the helmet at all, it all revolves around an idiot driver that could not control the bike and it was what he hit at speed that caused the damage, these people are morons, kid this age shouldnt even be allowed to ride a bike that size.
  8. so how about enforcing the road rules, stopping them from weaving through the traffic, make them indicate, stop at red lights, give way, no more riding the wrong way along a road, these actions would save a hell of a lot seeing most ignore the road rules anyway, they seem to think that being on a bike allows them to do as they please
  9. from reading certain posts one can see why some members come to/live in Thailand, unfortunately there isnt a lot we can do about these people. Laws protecting minors are there for a reason, these young girls and boys do not have the mental ability/experience/knowledge to actually be able to agree to having sex with pedo's with full knowledge of what they are doing, in many cases they have been forced into it by others. We all realize there are some sick bastards that see these kids as fair game, the laws need to be there to protect them from these people as in this case. Anyone trying to claim otherwise either dont have the ability to think rationally, never had kids of their own or have their own pathetic reasons for doing so, just my opinion as a father
  10. in recent years we have seen just how much money etc has become a big part of monks and their temples, so much for them living a life of no luxuries and temptations. Many monks these days have thrown the laws they are supposed to abide by out the window and are now in it for themselves, when will we see the govt crack down on them and stop the corruption that has become endemic with many of them, time to take being a monk back where it belongs and no longer a money making venture
  11. what they need to do is have decent sex education courses in the schools so the kids are more than aware of the consequences of unprotected sex etc. Teaching them to actually think for themselves would also help rather than just accepting what they are told but then when the kids realize what the govts are doing to them they may well stand up for themselves and tell the govts no, better to have kids with no thoughts of their own so the govts can do as they please so they will keep controlling them
  12. its the old thai adage, if you dont know or dont look then you are not at fault. How many times do we see bikes come out of side streets etc without looking, that way if they are hit by a car they think it is not their fault, same with money, if they dont ask where it came from or why they are doing it, they are innocent. Sounds like the whole family is corrupt, just lock them all up
  13. looks like someone is still delivering envelopes, thought this was supposed to be sorted, obviously it is just being covered over. They have been at this for around 2 years now, new regulations were brought in so what has happened and why arent they being adhered to/pushed by the authorities
  14. they attack the kid because they know they can beat them, thais dont fight unless they can win so they either have a heap of others to help them or pick on someone a lot smaller/younger. Doesnt matter what happened on the road, the bike was probably travelling too fast in the conditions anyway, I have seen a bike with 2 on it go over when no one was around bacause they turned too quick and applied the brakes(all the slippery patches on the roads dont help), no idea how to actually ride in the wet, could well be the same here. Charge the one that attacked the girl fine her and lock her up, as it says elsewhere in here today slapping someone is assault, do it on a kid and its can be 15 years jail
  15. probably more like raising it will add questions as to who really is responsible, was the boat actually seaworthy, hard to tell when it is on the ocean floor but certainly makes it a safer bet for the owners not to be held responsible