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  1. again we see the pathetic response to jealousy from a thai male, cant handle the fact that they are not able to satisfy their partners so resort to killing anyone that can or if their partners simply cant stand all their BS anymore and want out. Really does show how little their manhood is, only able to beat up on women or males when they have a group, truly pathetic
  2. I did my yearly extension this morning, took all of 30 minutes, guess it depends on the staff and their commitment without any BS. There is a sign up at the desks saying that long term extensions should take between 25 and 35 minutes if you have all your documentation, it is spot on, guess there are some offices that simply dont give a sh*t and go slow, looks like our local office is one of the good ones and should get a big pat on the back
  3. seajae

    Seasons Greetings

    yes, once again it is that time of the year when we should all think happy thoughts and be friendly with our fellow man(and woman). Wishing everyone a merry christmas and happy new year, may next year be a good one for us all and especially the people of Thailand.
  4. basically sounds good but how are they going to pay for it, taxes will have to be introduced on all workers not just companies/govt workers. Thailand is a cash society and millions are hidden by those that deal in cash, will be interesting to see how they aim to cover the costs. The call for the armed forces to be controlled is a good one, reduction in generals is a must, ending conscription is also good, they are not needed. Would like to see a lot more of what they are proposing, for some reason the reporters seem to ignore most of it and leave everyone guessing, would be great to see a party that actually keeps the populace in mind with its policies and not just set themselves up to make a killing
  5. seajae

    Throw Away Your Western Manliness!

    what an absolute load, my wife works and she earns her own money(more than me), I give her money every month towards our commitments and the general house costs, she will buy breakfast or lunch if we go somewhere but she expects me to buy dinner if we eat out and at times we share costs. I was brought up to pay my own way and I always have, I was taught to treat women with respect and not treat them badly, I was taught to be courteous and to never hit a woman, all these things are totally ignored by thai men and I refuse to act like an arrogant bastard as they do. After the first part of your rave I stopped reading as it ia all bullsh*t
  6. they need to remove the statute of limitations on all offences to stop all the criminal elements from both sides simply waiting their time out overseas as the shins are doing as well as several others. Doesnt matter who it is they all need to be thrown in jail and do their time, fat too many escape because of this stupid legislation
  7. seajae

    Lazada issues getting worse

    got my watch from Lazada, first attempt a few months earlier was a shambles, said I wanted a genuine watch with the proper certificates, seller cancelled the order, must have been going to send a fake, refund took almost 2 months. Second attempt was successful with a different seller, watch arrived on c.o.d, I opened the box and took out the watch and checked the certificate etc to make sure it was genuine while the driver watched me, it was so I paid him. Have had a couple of dramas with them but it is usually the sellers fault or again the delivery by kerry, if c.o.d they are usually fast but if you pay before hand they can take many more days to deliver
  8. this simply shows how entrenched corruption and graft is within thai society and govt offices, it this govt was serious about graft and corruption they would now investigate all those that refused to take part as they obviously have something to hide. Also have to wonder if this is also being done to protect the govt(themselves) as well
  9. Just go in with your old licence, thats all I did and supplied all the other requirements, doctors certificate, proof of where I live, passport etc, did not need to have a wp. Then you just do all the eye/reaction tests, took me an hour or so all from the time I walked in.
  10. spell checker was probably made in Thailand
  11. seajae

    Use ATM card in Australia.

    look at their website, it will list where it will work
  12. I had Dtac in Australlia no problems, really surprised me but it worked pretty good.
  13. seajae

    another faulty purchase

    hahahahahaha, lets see, in the past 12 months here is a list. New LED TV lasted 5 weeks than they took 2 months to repair it(not replace it). New toaster last 6 months, they refused to replace it. Another new toaster lasted 3 months then I fixed it myself. Hot water urn lasted around 3 months and again I fixed it myself. New beds(2) lasted 3 weeks then broke(both of them), took 3 months to repair(again refused to replace) Garden rake, broke first time I used it, simply fell to pieces so I just threw it away. Had a laptop computer repaired(new screen), when turned it on the next day it wouldnt start, needed new motherboard due to short(wiring), they said my faullt not theirs. Had full service on car(new shockies/springs etc), then a couple of weeks later the steering arms(where work was done) just fell to pieces, they denied responsibility. The service on the engine, never drained the oil(oil still black and smelled burnt,sump plug still covered in dirty grease with no marks from a spanner on it) , never cleaned the motor, indicator light not working etc etc, Lots of empty oil bottles left in car and receipt stating they had done it all but refused to accept the truth and said I had faked it all(major dealer). New hard drive, top brand made in Tailand shit itself well inside warranty but refused to do anything Do I think Thailand work is absolute shit, YES. Does this change the way I think of the country , NO, just that the work here is pathetic and no one cares. If I want something I just make sure it isnt made locally.
  14. seajae

    Foreigner !

    After seeing what the refugees get away with in Australia I think they are much better off than me. They arrive there by boat, they have already destroyed their passports so they cant be identified, they are given shelter and fed then they are put onto social security and given housing, free hospital/doctors and never have to renew visas etc. They can work if they want to but most just refuse to because they are getting paid to do nothing by the govt anyway. Here with no passport you cannot get into the country, you must renew your visa every year and have a good reason or have heaps of money in the bank. You will never get govt help, you cannot just go out and get a job and the govt will never help you with accomodation and social security, no free hospital/doctors, you need a wp to work and only then in jobs that they allow, the overtones are extremely racist in Thailand but I accept that and love being here. I have seen just how much the refugees going to Australia are getting away with and yet they are bitching about it, go figure. If you did the same thing here that they are doing in Australia(burning down the facilities , bashing others, protesting etc) you would be kicked out of the country. Has being here changed my opinion of those going to Australia, yes, they are a pack of whinging bastards that just want everything for nothing. Do I like Thailand, yes I love it here, doesnt mean I agree with what they do but I love the people and the country plus with all the crap that the immigrants are causing in Australia I would much rather stay here anyway.
  15. seajae

    Sin Sod

    mate, my sin sot was the cost of the wedding & reception.