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  1. problem is that all those high up have always got away with it, now that they are actually being made to be held accountable and look like losing everything they are not happy and are refusing to accept their culpability in the events. Can only hope the courts refuse to accept their pleas and take everything from them as well as lock them up, if they do it may well signal a huge change to corruption in Thailand and make others very wary of doing anything illegal that will have an effect on them and their money, money is simply too important to them all to risk losing it or having it frozen and seized, way past time someone made them pay
  2. mate, the facts are there if you bother to look them up, she has even admitted she never attended any of the meetings herself, in fact she was a no show at many of the govt/parliament assemblies as well, if you were here at the time you would know as she was often photographed on shopping expeditions both inThailand and abroad, have no idea where you get the "she was hard working" because that simply didnt happen. She was in the press constantly with pics, just not doing govt work in many of them. Unfortunately she let her brother organize everything for her which is another reason she in in trouble now, she was a patsy for him, he was the real leader, she was the puppet which is why she never really did all that much where politics were concerned
  3. wifes cousin has one, not impressed at all, all you are doing is paying for the name as the components are no longer made up to their original standards
  4. interesting as the little farmers were not included in the scam because they didnt grow enough rice, it was aimed at the bigger growers. There were minimum limits on the amount of rice that had to be sold which small farmers couldnt supply because they didnt have enough land so they never saw any of the money. You also seem to be forgetting or ignoring all the missing rice, rice being brought in from other countries, the govt to govt scam, the rotten rice, etc etc, these are the reason she is being charged because she ignored all the warnings of them happening plus the fact she appointed herself head of the rice scam but never once attended a meeting, she was too busy shopping elsewhere.
  5. here there was a 12 year old girl that used to drive herself to school, her father bragged about it and posted videos. Nothing happened, police did bugger all, any wonder Thailand is ragged by so many as being backward, when the population totally ignores all the rules/laws and the police refuse to enforce them you get what we have here every day of the week, one huge cesspit of corruption. If the police actually did their jobs and enforced the laws Thailand wouldnt be such a joke but that will never happen, backhanders and tea money are too much a part of their lives plus they are too lazy to actually do anything physical
  6. antifa came armed as well or are you ignoring that, the fact they wear masks says a real lot about them, strange that you refuse to accept the truth about these cretins, doesnt suit your agenda I suppose
  7. again pathetic, he isnt his father but then again the democrats formed the KKK originally so why dont you blame them too
  8. hahahas, using a US traitors quote, tell me again how many US deaths was he responsible for, he had to chase a pardon for his crimes while serving, using him is an absolute slap in the face to any decent americans
  9. seems the left are refusing to accept that antifa and blm are just as bad, as white supremacists and KKK, they are all hate groups, blm called for dead cops and got them, strange that the then president didnt put them down or single them out. Also strange that the mother of the lady that was killed thanked trump for what he said, he called out all the hate groups which included antifa/blm as well as the white supremacists/kkk. Cant believe how pathetic US voters are these days, they lose an election then all they do is whinge and try to cause so much crap to happen, while backing groups that attack and kill people but refuse to denigrate them, you are pathetic, Same as here, the reds and yellows are both bad but the reds are far more violent, in the US the white supremacists and kk are really bad but blm and antifa are not far behind or do you think calling for cops to be killed and having it happen isnt important because it doesnt score any points on trump. What also doesnt help are all the idiots that dont even understand their own history, try reading up on the main reason seeing the north also had slaves and did even after the war.
  10. anyone else notice the red lines look like a mushroom, arent they kept in the dark and fed on sh*t.....
  11. as it should be, why risk further deaths to retrieve bodies, I realize the families would be upset but losing more lives would be even worse, like many thais though, the families can only consider themselves and no one else, whats a few more bodies as long as they get what they want. Its good to see that they will not put anyone else in danger just because of the demands issued
  12. in other words he is upset that they have to have local members and they must go out and promote themselves instead of just paying for their position, most politicians in other countries have to be able to explain policies etc, here they just pay the locals to vote for them, lots easier as many politicians have no clue in reality. Would be a change to have politicians that are capable of rational thinking unlike what we have had in the past, including the new pm, they might even attend all the sittings
  13. this shows how stupid thai laws are when a dog can attack someone and the owner does not get held responsible, they should be made to pay full costs for the hospital care etc as well as having the dog/s put down, it is totally unacceptable to have dogs roaming free and attacking people
  14. problem is lack of maleness with the teachers, they are all pathetic little boys that need to show how they can beat the crap out of young students because they are too chicken sh*t to take on someone their own age/size. This is illegal yet the police do nothing, surprise surprise, they are simply too lazy to get off their fat bums and do the work required then to top it off the school director says it is ok to beat them, why arent these morons in jail, better yet why arent the parents beating the crap out of the teachers, this is just another pathetic face thing with thais
  15. Junta moves closer to regulating media

    would be refreshing to get the truth from the media, all we get are there own biased crap at the moment depending on who they prefer/like, they make up stories etc just to grab headlines, even better would be making them research their stories fully before twisting it all around.....