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  1. big problem is that many do not want to work, they think labouring work is beneath them and do not like doing anything physical. Education is extremely poor and many are still partially illiterate after they finish all their schooling, they are not capable of thinking for themselves and refuse to follow directions from anyone. Thainess is a big problem as well, they think they know better than everyone else, refuse to accept any fault, put their own wants in front of customers/ the company and will argue with you when you try to explain how to do the work required, their arrogance makes it very hard to get any sort of decent work from them. While there are those that are great workers and willing to learn there are those that are not, age doesnt come onto it either as some of the older ones are just as bad as the young ones. In Australia I have had out of work professors and other professionals doing manual labour for me, here that doesnt happen because they are too scared of losing face and it is not in an air conditioned office, the fact they could earn money rather than have nothing doesnt come into it, as Thailand becomes more modern I can see the unemployment rising a lot unless attitudes change
  2. Suthep’s video reminds junta of its roots

    this man needs to be removed form the public for a very long time, he is just as bad as thaksin and if given the chance will stir up just as much trouble. Time for the govt to have him charged for all the corruption he has been involved in over the years, time for the yellows and reds to be listed as illegal groups
  3. has he ever heard of gears or was he too busy on his phone, there was no attempt to slow down at all, he was in the wrong lane as well, too much weight and speed for the brakes, time to start locking up the drivers/truck owners and seizing vehicles. Making the drivers actually do heavy vehicle training would help as well but as long as they can slip the ones in charge of licensing an envelope it wont happen
  4. in other words everyone will rubber stamp what ever china wants them too.
  5. it appears that the ones making the decisions arent worried about the actual education of the kids but more about how much they can make, why do they need so many committees, all the schools should be run the same way with the same education standards. They have 80% of the education budget spent on these stupid committees instead of the schools and the kids education, is it any wonder many students in Thailand are still illiterate, time to remove all the committees, appoint a proper education board to set the standards & run thew schooling nation wide and put the money back into teaching the students not lining the committees pockets
  6. Bank of Bangkok and my pension

    they gave me one of those stupid chinese union pay cards after my visa expired and no western country online would accept it so I changed it over to a visa with them, had to order it from the Bangkok head office. The manager at my bank didnt want to do it & argued with me so I would say they are on a commission to get people to use them but I ended up going sh*t face on her and demanded a visa or I would cancel my account and lodge a complaint with head office, she backed down pretty quick. They do have visa cards as advertised in their brochures, ask to talk to the manager or simply contact head office and tell them.
  7. Lt-general surrenders over weapons

    as long as they keep weapons/explosives off the streets I dont care who they arrest, the mentality of some of these people is pathetic, they see nothing wrong with killing innocent others to get what they want. The sooner they are convicted and removed from society the better, doesnt matter their shirt colour, if they promote violence they are terrorists and need incarceration where they cant do anymore damage, removing the real leaders would be even better
  8. not declaring them then flashing them around shows a bit too much contempt, they are supposed to be anti corruption but with things like this happening it is making them look stupid. He needs to be made to show ownership/purchase etc and explain where the money came from, doesnt matter which side of politics people follow they all need to answerable to the law and to be charged when they dont, too many just walk away after crap like this, if its good enough to chase thaksin then its good enough to chase their own. Time for everyone to be held accountable for what they do, names, wealth and position should not be able to be used to get away with any type of corruption
  9. people shouldnt play around with bookings they dont want to make, why even look at it in the first place, maybe trying to be more than what she was/look important and then got cold feet. Pretty hard to screw up a booking you didnt want in the first place, probably didnt realize she would have to pay with reserving and wants to be refunded for her screw up
  10. this is what happens when the owner/farmer doesnt give a sh*t about anything, they know trains travel through but do nothing about where their animals are. Loss of his animals and a big fine to cover all the damaged they caused should make him realize he has to take responsibility for what he does or doesnt do, something a lot of thais do not accept.
  11. nothing new here, no regard for anything else but the almighty baht plus the fact that they are edible for some people, easy way to make some quick money. That and the conditions of the beaches/water doesnt help either, unfortunately animal preservation and Thailand dont mix
  12. has anyone seen or been shown any proof it happened yet, only taking 500 baht seems a bit odd as well, while if true it is pretty bad it would be great to see proof it actually happened as stated, should be easy enough really. So far it is only based on what has been said by the girl, facebook posts etc would be very helpful, the other thing is we have seen people impersonate police/army before as well, still many unanswered questions here that need proper investigating
  13. maybe too many people use 91 and the companies want to make more profit from it as they are the ones that will reap in the money if it increases in price, again we see the total lack of logic being used
  14. until they actually make these people obey the road rules nothing will change, they need to make the police get out and patrol the roads on proper road bikes and cars not their stupid trucks. Impound cars and bikes of repeat offenders, not let the drivers/riders simply ride off after being caught drink driving. The reason for the majority of deaths is the lack of respect for the laws and the police not enforcing them, they need to fix this before anything can be achieved
  15. seen it both ways so while some may get hard done by others are not, been pulled over for not wearing a seat belt and let go, one other time I got off with just a100baht donation, depends on the cops really