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  1. again we see the total lack of any type of maintenance, these idiot truck drivers get in the trucks without checking anything on the truck, wheel nuts, making sure all the lights work and are clean so people can see them, general mechanical work etc, they are simply too lazy to do any extra work
  2. seajae

    Farmers pay the price for EEC

    problem is many thais do not understand that if they do not repay a loan they lose their land if it is collateral and still think they should own it. Unfortunately if they are silly enough to borrow from loan sharks and allow their land to be put up against the money they are no longer the owners, this is a perfect example, her father took the loan out using the land but she refuses to accept the truth of it, she does not own the land or have any right to it, same in any country where you borrow and use collateral. Why didnt she/her family pay the loan out instead of simply leasing the land or was it cheaper to lease as money always seems to be the deciding factor. While loan sharks are a huge problem here if the farmers stopped using them they would not be losing their land
  3. seajae

    Low life falang scammer targeting Thais

    should at least learn to spell "states"(staets) right, t before e, obviously english is not their first language but I am sure they will find a thai lady that only sees dollar signs.
  4. mate, I share all expenses with my wife, she has insisted on it since we met, if your girlfriend wants you to support her fully then you are in for a rocky relationship. It takes 2 to tango, the way I look at it if you have to pay for everything you re buying yourself a full time hooker, if money is more important than love then its not a marriage or a partnership, you may as well be single and hit a brothel when you want a bit. Sounds more like she is in this for herself and simply wants what she can get, think long and hard before you really commit long term, if you have no problems picking up women then look elsewhere for a genuine woman as she is obviously not genuine at all
  5. it would only have worked if they also started collecting all the stray dogs and cats as well, many pet owners dont give a sh*t about them, they simply let them run wild with no training at all. Really over people simply allowing their animals to crap in other peoples yards and on the streets, really doubt the owners would take responsibility for them though, they simply dont care what they do and in many cases dont even feed them, instead letting them scrounge through rubbish etc on the streets
  6. would hazard a guess that the pick up had tried to undertake the truck in the narrow bike lane and gone onto the gravel shoulder at speed and lost it, probably because they saw her move out and they hit the breaks, admittedly she has gone past the stop line and into the bike lane but then most thai drivers sneak out further than they should but the pick up is at fault with the suzuki also partially at fault for going past the stop line into the bike lane.
  7. my wife suffers from nasal congestion so she uses them at times, in fact I noticed I started to suffer nasal congestion a lot more over the years since I have been here so at time I also use hers. Nasal congestion and simply the smells here in thailand from vehicle emissions and the stench of the rubbish, stinking canals etc would be enough to have people reaching for them. Overall I do think that nasal congestion due to all the crap in the air is the main cause for their use though, you only have to look at all the people picking their noses to realize how bad it is for many but I am sure there are those that simply like the smell/feeling they get sniffing them
  8. looking at some of the replies it would appear that while anyone capable of rational thinking would fact check a story/claim before making a judgement its obvious democrat supporters lack the mental capacity to do so and simply believe what ever their leaders tell them too(sheep), much easier and less taxing on their mental abilities. With nothing more than hearsay they are condemning the judge when witnesses have shown it did not happen, even ford has refused to follow through with her claim, this was one big set up and it has collapsed leaving the dems and their supporters looking for revenge, pretty pathetic really but then dems are, I am an aussie so have no political side in this but I am capable of reading and making my own decisions without being told what to think or too biased to see all sides to an argument
  9. they ride on footpaths and through market walking areas because they are too lazy to walk in many cases, walking through packed markets and idiots on bikes are hitting their horns or revving their bikes to make people get out of the way, I ignore them. These people simply do not want to find somewhere to park their bikes and walk and it is dangerous, I have seen a few people cleaned up by these idiot riders as they swerve though the crowds. Trouble is the police refuse to do their jobs and get out of their air conditioned offices and actually arrest/fine all the idiots breaking the law, until such time as we get a police force that does what they are paid to it will continue so I doubt it will ever happen
  10. this has summed it up perfectly and my wife is a huge part of it, I love living here and have found I no longer get as much satisfaction when we travel back to Australia for any length of time, this is my home. Thing is I have always been open and honest no matter where I lived, if I see fault I say so and there are faults in Thailand same as in every other country, while living here we have to accept faults but when we see blatant things it can really upset the apple cart, venting in here is much better than venting at the thais, only common sense, if people take offence then maybe they need to toughen up a bit. I know I would not be living here if I didnt enjoy it and as these pages are forum pages they are here for everyone to express themselves even if we dont agree with some of what is said and there are those that seem to dislike everything thai, they do make it hard to understand why they are actually here but most of us are simply enjoying our lifestyle, beautiful Thailand, sunny one day, p*ssing down rain the next
  11. by all means show me where I did that, the only ones that dont want to believe the truth are dems, totally pathetic but thats how they operate or do you now think the fbi were not honest, of course your only claim was totally unsupported by any of the witnesses but that doesnt matter, dems belong in the gutter for what they have done
  12. latest is ford is not going to follow through on this even though there is no statute of limitations where it occurred, why is that, does she now realize that after the investigation and the fbi talking to her so called witnesses she will be caught out, we can only wonder. There was never any proof it happened apart from her statement and that was shown to be questionable, also there are rumours that certain democrat politicians were further involved than declared and will be investigated, dont know if this is fact but even fords statement was not fact, it was only what she claimed happened, the only evidence brought forward was by the so called witnesses who said it never happened. Will be interesting to see what happens now and if there is any fbi follow up and charges as I am sure it will not simply go away especially with fords fbi friend that tried to get one witness to change her story, really think their is going to be some interesting revelations that one side is not going to like at all, maybe even some resignations
  13. and the letter they wrote before that stated the opposite, he was accused of gang raping women and organizing them, his family was dragged though the mud as was his name and they even called for his daughters to be raped as well as made jokes about them, I know as a father I would have done a lot more than what he did especially when the fbi have shown that some of what was stated at the hearing by his accuser was in fact lies under oath(as can be found stated elsewhere, the second front door was put in to access a spare room they rented out to other people, she coached her friend on how to "handle" a lie detector and this friend tried to get one of the "witnesses" to change her story plus of course her being scared of flying ) as well as exonerating him, he did what any normal father would have done in the same situation. Problem is that this is being decided on party lines, democrats refuse to accept the truth as can be seen in here as well as everywhere else, I vote for neither so I am impartial and look at the evidence, never seen so many lies and innuendo used by a political party because they hate the president because their candidate lost, truly pathetic.
  14. makes it hard when most thai drivers do not know or follow the current road rules let alone try to work out how to use a round about, more than likely caused by the "me first" way they drive. Round abouts should make it easier but as the same people cannot understand what they are supposed to do or who to give way at all the other intersections it just causes mass confusion, ignoring it and driving over it is much more simple for them and doesnt tax their thinking