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  1. and hopefully it can be used on some of those in the current govt at some stage, if it can then I am sure no one will bag it, we can only hope
  2. seajae

    Council slams police action against lawyer

    its about time they arrested one of the lawyer scumbags that are everywhere in Thailand, forest encroachment, killing protected species, both are criminal offences yet he is upset he was arrested, too bad, you do the crime you do the time, something these legal scumbags think they are above
  3. when are they going to make the drivers walk through the back to make sure the kids are all out, blaming everyone else id bullsh*t, the driver picks them up, they are the ones responsible to ensure they are all out of the vans but again we see the buck passing hands because the drivers are too lazy to actually physically check the backs of the vans, its pathetic, they need to be charged with manslaughter if they fail to ensure the kids are all out
  4. when you break the laws you should face the charges, thats just common sense especially when all the others involved in the crime have been arrested and charged/jailed for it. This is no different, the fact thaksin isnt in the country is no excuse, if he did the crime so he needs to be charged same as the others have been. While it may well have political pushing to bring it forward it is still done by the thai justice system, the same one that has found thaksin innocent in the past and has seen both sides of the political parties charged/jailed as well as found not guilty. We cant be picky and hang crap on the magistrates when it suits us, the law is there to be followed, both sides have been treated the same by them so this is no different, I am sure when/if members of this govt are in front of these same magistrates people will not be so p*ssed off and making excuses or saying it is biased, lets see what happens and let the evidence decide, that is what trials are for
  5. until you have one of your own die due to the callousness of one of these low life scum then you really have no idea what its like. My 14 y/o daughter was raped and killed by a drug dealer, due to the law he had bugger all done to him, at the inquest he looked at me and laughed, did I want him dead, you bet I did but the law was no help. Do I want to see these criminal low life's given the death sentence, you bet I do, its what they deserve
  6. when road deaths will only ever drop when the police are made to go on the roads to enforce the rules and to pull over all those breaking the law this is entirely useless and just another way to waste money, the police are the ones that need to actually do something, that and making drivers/riders obey the laws
  7. democrats are simply using whatever means possible to cause flack for trump, this is a total joke and makes the US look really stupid, civil war between the dems and the rest of the US because clinton lost, pretty pathetic really. All they are doing is showing everyone how p*ssed off they are and doing more for the illegals than the actual citizens
  8. thai farmers have to learn to accept that they can not simply demand a set price for anything they grow, they have to compete with the rest of the world. They refuse to modernize/change the way they do farming as "its the way we have always done it", the only way they can improve now is to start to modernize and reduce costs etc so they can compete. I find most thais are very money thrifty, they will look for the best prices before they buy but the farmers are whinging when it happens to them, why pay twice the price for animal feed locally when you can import it for half that, the farmers are learning that they no longer get to demand anything, maybe now they will realize they cannot just keep on doing it as they always have, will be interesting to see if they go forward with their thinking
  9. seajae

    Anger as MP defections set to harm Pheu Thai

    what a joke, the ptp have paid off others for years to join them, all of their members put financial returns first and now they are bitching because they are losing members to another party, pretty hypocritical really, good enough for them but not others. I am sure thaksin will start offering bigger dollars to them all soon though to stem the flow, he definitely doesnt like losing as it will ruin his cash cow
  10. I have been looking for a worker to do some labouring, nothing really hard and I will be there as well, we supply lunch and offer over double the daily wage for half a day, cant get anyone to do it, they are too lazy, would rather sit around playing with their phones
  11. again we see them postponing a money raising venture for the country, maybe they need to postpone it till they sell off certain holdings or maybe they just want to keep their snouts in the trough as long as possible, they are all corrupt
  12. seajae

    Tops home delivery log in

    mate, didnt think of that actually, just cant believe they are now going to this extreme
  13. seajae

    Farangs in Rural Areas - where do you meet?

    actually ran into another farang this morning, it was nice to have a chat for 15 minutes or so then walk away, rarely see them around, will say hi if I do but getting together regularly for a drink etc is not in the least bit interesting to me, I am quite happy doing my own thing plus it keeps me out of all the bullsh*t that gets spread around, not interested in politics and who is screwing who
  14. seajae

    Tops home delivery log in

    Just tried to log into Tops home delivery, have been using it since it first started and have the 1 card as well but they have now updated the site and they will not let you log in unless you give them your passport number etc, there is no way in hell I will give my passport number and all my personal information to a supermarket, what a joke they have become. Have to wonder if this is part of how the government is going to spy on everyone, just told them where to stick their online delivery
  15. seajae

    water bill

    mate, I dont have a clue when they are due, my wife pays them. She loses the car keys regularly due to her bad memory, unless she sees the physical bill she misses it or I will grab it if I see them on the gate. In Australia you are actually told you are overdue or they knock at your door before doing it, here they just shut it off and for peanuts really