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  1. yet every year they complain about the floods caused this way and do nothing about it so they can complain again the next year, maybe levees would be a good idea........
  2. funny, I see thai men doing it often and no one bitches let alone takes pics, maybe they are simply jealous of the size seeing thai men are supposed to have smaller ones than westerners
  3. Supreme Court delays yellow-shirt verdict again

    unfortunately this happens with both sides as well as civilian cases, the courts really need to stop delaying any cases due to non attendance and issue verdicts against the offenders as well as arrest warrants. Too often we see people walk when they should be in jail, doesnt matter if they are yellows, reds or from wealthy families, its way past time thai courts started doing the right thing and lock all these cretins up and issuing the verdicts on the stated days so they cannot keep being "sick/too busy" till the time limits run out.
  4. in other words we dont want thaksin to face the courts for his actions but this law should apply retroactively to everyone, the way the people run away to avoid being charged is bullsh*t.
  5. doubt it, we dont like corrupt criminals here, she was caught out and was found guilty by the same courts she presided over and found the opposition guilty.
  6. "use provocateurs and paid mercenaries to intensify the situation", really, so the ptp and reds cheering at the big gathering after they announced the deaths of the kids caused by red shirts was all sutheps fault. I know the man is low but that is absolute crap and you know it. The only person controlling the reds is thaksin, lying about the facts doesnt help but then telling the truth is against everything you and all you red mates believe in. By all means show us all these facts or is it just in your mind, the junta got involved because the ptp govt refused to stop the reds from killing innocent people, those are the facts and were in all the news at the time and it worked, the reds ran away like the cowards they are
  7. the shins think they can do what ever they like and never have to face consequences, thaksin ran away, yl ran away and now this little cretin is trying to get out of it as well. The whole family is corrupt, all their money is from corrupt practices and the try to lie and use innuendo to cover their <deleted>, next their lawyer will be delivering cake boxes again, its all they are capable of
  8. New traffic tickets in use by December

    would work great if thais actually had drivers licences, many simply dont have them and it wont stop the tea money, probably increase it
  9. the rats are fleeing the sinking ship, hopefully they will all be caught and made to pay for their corrupt practices.
  10. on thai reasoning when you shoot someone you are not guilty because the bullet killed them and not the shooter, they only pulled the trigger, what more could you expect from these idiots
  11. Shut up! Shut up! Shut up... Please

    been there done that, I simply tell my wife that I am not interested in their crap but say it loud enough so everyone hears it and that we are not buying it with all the bullsh*t. I find that simply telling them to <deleted> off when we get there works really well and they do tend to leave you alone, good shops usually are ok and wait till you ask, walking away and out of the shop usually does show that you are not happy with them when they refuse to do so.
  12. you mean the junta that stepped in when the reds kept killing innocent kids etc and were being cheered by the ptp who refused to do anything to stop them, seems you are having mental lapses of what really happened but then the truth wouldnt back up all your crap
  13. Did anywhere the beer price go up?

    mate, my vodkas are slightly cheaper, go figure.
  14. the yellows and reds need to be removed full stop, while the reds are far more violent they both cause far too many problems. Suthep is and always has been a huge pain the same as thaksin but he is no longer a member of the democrats so has no influence anymore, just his yellows unfortunately while thaksin still owns the ptp/reds and tells them what to do. The parties need to be independent from these people, hopefully the new laws on parties will mean thaksin cannot own/run the party anymore and the ptp will have to drop him. Until such time as the elections are called no one will know what is happening, the voting also has to represent all regions in Thailand, not just the most populous, that way everyone does get a say in who runs the country and it is simply not the one with the most votes but with the support of most regions. Thailand with out the shins and suthep or the reds/yellows would be a much better place.
  15. obviously didnt offer the police enough money to show up, police refuse to do their jobs unless those needing them offer them a reward. Why isnt the govt coming down on these officers fro refusing to do their job\s, its pathetic, a drunk that was driving and getting violent and they refuse to do anything about it, they need to be fired form the force