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  1. I went to renew my 5 year licence last month.i did not need a doctors certificate.This was 3rd time to renew.This time had to sit through a stupid video for one hour .
  2. kevvy

    Australian man dies in Ubon Ratchathani

    It is easy to blame the person,, blame the world or blame yourself. but when you think about it , the only thing you can do is sit celebrate who the person was. There is no way any of us are ever going to understand what happened or why it happened, and why they did it and it is easy to get into figuring out ...what you could of done.... Heh True Blue , R.I.P. Mate
  3. kevvy

    Central Plaza Parking

    heh Rip... what did you think of the changes that are happening there , did you see the outside food shops ? I seen about 20 people with hard hats on in suits walking around the outside looking at different areas..
  4. I lived in Winnipeg canada so I know cold .I could go on with that , but we are talking about chiang rai .. Here is cold for people have lived here most of their lives.
  5. i love the cols season mate.. live below the mountains and is a little colder than the city .It is so nice to see the fog coming down the mountains. Plus our home is heated , so still walk aroung in shorts and tee shirt . Watch movies in the home theater, as snug as a bug.Love it .
  6. No Mate , better ask Nyezhov there is no cold season in Thailand. Cold is -40.
  7. yes,, and we have over 40+ here in summer ..
  8. yes it was great to see some sun ,I live south outside of town .The nights are getting cooler now , love the cool season . I have woken up some mornings in this time of the year and had ice on my windshield , and last year went through a hailstorm . ...grouse ...
  9. kevvy

    Central Plaza Parking

    yes mate tops still going strong . actually i like the outdoor shops better .you have the food shops either side and all thge seats in the middle ..You just walk along and can see every food shop and what they have . Actually, I have noticed they ar5e gettin more western items in. E.G ..Cheese, salami, and dried goods.
  10. Us northern people do not need idiots like this to tell us .... JEEZ LOUISE
  11. heh, that is my home state ...but you are right ....They are thinking of bringing in a tax ...for people with big noses as they breath more air in.
  12. kevvy

    Central Plaza Parking

    It is getting harder to get a park at central now. Arrived at 11.10 am and the park park was full .did not go underneath .. Where yo drive into the underground parking is closed off and all the food shops are there now. Same as inside too all the shops are gone ..Big renovations happening
  13. kevvy

    Claudia's birds farm

    See more of Nittaya Bird Farm on Facebook ... Scammer dont buy ! nothing but a scam ms claudia abuh njungbuen DONT BUY...found this on facebook...I have also heard from other sources that is a scam . If you Google the contact email address (begins lydiacaleb) , you'll find out this is a scam. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. You'll undoubtedly be disappointed. See: http://scamnumbers.info/forum/viewtopic.php?p=6736#p6736 https://wastingcontradiction.wordpress.com/tag/thailand/ (includes foul language) The images on the fake website have all been lifted from other sites. (Reverse image search on Google and you can see the originals.) She use to scam puppies too
  14. There are many baby boomers here ... be careful.... hehehheheh