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  1. kevvy

    Fruit at central

    Someone was asking about fresh beetroot and where to get it. I seen it at tops today and while I was there they also had Australian nectarines ..which I was please to see .
  2. kevvy

    downloading torrents in Thailand

    If you took the time to go to what I suggested you would have seen many thai Karaoke sites ..typical armchair poster ..Try and help and there is always one smart pass
  3. A recent report highlighted the apparent long-standing use of amoxicillin injection into orange trees three to four times a year, to treat Citrus greening disease – caused by a bacteria spread by psyllid insects – and said that orange farmers did not realise the danger of the practice. The Ministry’s permanent secretary Dr Sukhum Kanchanapimai says that the abuse must be stopped. FDA deputy secretary-general Dr Surachoke Tangwiwat said his agency had required respective provincial health offices to check on orange orchards for the distribution of amoxicillin to orange farmers and ensure that the sale of antibiotics is made only at pharmacies with pharmacists. https://thethaiger.com/news/national/alert-amoxicillin-use-in-thai-orange-orchards
  4. kevvy

    BIG C

    There has been some talk about the new big C opening and the distance it is from the other side of town. There was suggestion that the lease will expire as well. I was in there today and my wife spoke to the service manager and He said that they will stay open as well. That is good news for us folks over this side of town.
  5. kevvy

    Flower Festival

    This is what I found out ..This is the phone number you can ring For more information, please contact TAT Chiang Rai Office Tel. +66 (0)53 717 433, +66 (0) 53-744674-5
  6. Mate . please dont ask for help on this site , I too felt sorry for a girl who had nothing and we got the response of ... my hand is in my pocket....how can I help .. etc etc ..... my wife and I drove 100 klm to give her food and clothes , and then later brought her a bike and paid for her school bus pick up as she was walking to school .. I ask the posters now they can help her as I have made contact ... What do you think happened ?? nothing. We will be making the trip again soon as we have done before ...
  7. no, they did not ,, I remember them well, and the sawdust on the floor
  8. if you read the post , it said for stupid reasons ... I did not mean just for oranges in a market ..!!!!!
  9. kevvy

    downloading torrents in Thailand

    G'Day Just type this in thai Karaoke downloads cheers
  10. Didnt feel a thing here in Mae Lao. My wife sells land and homes around the area and many times customers come to look and are scared because of the earthquakes, so they look at land 5 klms from Mae Lao as they think the quakes dont go that far .
  11. This does not just happen in Thailand , all over the world people get shot for stupid reasons . This a very sad story , as is all the other stories where people get killed.
  12. Can anyone please explain ... We hear all these stories from this site , rapes, murders, innocent people being run over , school children being abused and the list goes on .. WHY , doesn't this site or the Nation let us know what actually happens to the people who get charged and their sentence .
  13. WHAT!!!!!! none in Chiang Rai?????..
  14. why? these are just two Thai tourists trying to get a honest taxi driver .They do not represent the taxi drivers of Thailand geeezzzz.