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  1. kevvy

    Random Chiang Rai Thoughts

    you are not that young , i put you in the older guy box too(heheh). , sad or the for person who got hurt .
  2. How many were tourists and how many were just in transit .
  3. The usual people with their <deleted> replies. The lady was murdered , an innocent lady . Her life was taken away from her , and we get these replies. get a life .... RIP , your life was taken away from you too early .
  4. so many scams going on , offering Thai women great jobs over seas.Just google it and you will find interesting stories . Stories I could tell you about my wife's friends who were in same position .Respectable company in Ireland offering jobs , Even had u tube channels showing the business. I was weary so I rang the company in Ireland , yes it was the same company but never heard of jobs being offered in Thailand ' The old saying. if its to good to be true , ..............
  5. Thai police have arrested an Australian man for allegedly promoting sex cruises with prostitutes on a Facebook page. Police said Tuesday that 49-year-old Stephen Allan Carpenter was arrested the night before in the central province of Saraburi. He was brought to the seaside resort town of Pattaya, where he operated his business and an arrest warrant had been issued. Police said Carpenter's business, AUSTHAI Tours, advertised online a six-hour cruise with Thai women at a cost of between $1,187 and $1,562. Police sought his arrest after one posed as a customer and made an advance payment. Carpenter has been charged with procuring women for prostitution, posting pornographic material online, overstaying his visa, and working illegally as a tour guide.
  6. least he didnt killed tens of school kids with automatic guns. . he was wrong to shoot the girl and father. should have shoot himself first.
  7. they did it in Chiang Rai , came and took pictures very polite men . I am on a visa based on retirement
  8. Great to see how good Thai people are . Well done to this man. It is a shame we dont get more of these great storiesabout Thai people .I lost my wallet 6 months ago , and within 15 minutes the man posted it on chiang rai times and I found it after other Thai people knew me and called ..All the money (20,000) was still there .
  9. Yes the same as Victoria ..they say it saves life's, i am sure they do if you are doing over the speed limit by 10 +kl ms. To have a 3 klm over the limit and get a ticket is just revenue raising
  10. kevvy

    Living in a quiet Issan village.

    Wow, where i live you can hear a mouse fart . so sad for the man .RIP
  11. Going home I drove through one on the main road near white temple , It said I was going 85 , when actually I was doing 70. .
  12. Anthony Bourdain's suicide a reminder of how fragile life is and that we never know what is going on inside of another. Very sad about this news , my heart goes out to you Mr Bourdain wherever your journey takes you too.
  13. kevvy

    IKEA near the airport.

    IKEA can deliver as well.
  14. it would be interesting if his wife , could give her side .. no wait a minute she is THAI , she must be lying and bad. ????