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  1. Mate haven't seen the nasty member on her for quite a while . Actually it is a great place now
  2. Mate , it seems to be quite here now and pleasant to read the posts. How long for ?. He will have to return soon ... Have a great day .
  3. rijb spot on mate
  4. Hey True Blue. RIP Mate
  5. Our house has a truss roof system, so the is a cavity between the plaster board and the brickwork of 4in. There are no internal columns. We had local people do it , and the truss roof was a team who came up from Pattaya . The rooms are 4 metres high . It can be done ...
  6. Has one year pasted already
  7. Even if he started it , which we do not know, that does not explain why 10 or more guys have to kick and punch him .I wonder what you would say if 10 more more kicked into you .
  8. What some say is boring others love it . I would not move from here , and go where? Back home to Australia . Chiang Rai is the place to be to my wife and I . Everyone will find were they want to be sooner or latter
  9. Some good things on here this is one of the better temples . It is amazing .. .... Wat Sang Kaew Photiyan Post me if you want the directions . Kevvy
  10. Khun korn waterfall . It is not baby friendly as you have to walk up a steep track and it is hard to do without a baby.The Victoria estate has a locked gate and has only 2 or 3 houses in it all empty and about 60 blocks. They want to sell it for about 67 million baht .It is not Luxury , it just has some made roads in it .
  11. I asked the guy there why the huge increse and he said , there has not been one in over 10 years .!! I asked him "so that justifies the huge increase "He did not anser me .
  12. I said to her keep the 30 baht for the tip.
  13. Went to CM today(friday 7th April) to ger a stat dec for my 12 month visa for retirement. Had all my paperwork really to show proof of income,book ,investment documents. The guy in charge said I do not need to have the proof of income. So I filled out the forums paid my 1800 baht. Yes now they charge 1800 baht for a stat dec.In and out in 5 minutes,........
  14. Qantas use to be a great airline ...once.... not any more . The hostess think they their to look at , I dont know why as they are all old , just like the airline.Had to fly to Australia 4 times a year not long ago and used Qantas .I soon woke up and went to Thai airline.
  15. Sorry , yes it was a budget airline. I have also flown on great airlines on long hauls(Emirates, Singapore) . This BUDGET Hong Kong express is one is the worst .