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  1. LongTimeLurker

    7/11 after immigration?

    You can get food at The Magic Food Court on the ground floor level before you check in, or maybe check in early and go down there to eat. For drink after immigration, if you want water, Boots is cheapest. If you want beer after immigration then the duty free stall at Concourse G (where Boots is located also, and sort of opposite the Leicester footy shop) is cheapest (Baht 50 I think)
  2. LongTimeLurker

    7/11 after immigration?

    There's no 7/11. There's the usual food outlets you can get food and drink at unreasonable prices. Suggest you bring your own food with you.
  3. LongTimeLurker

    Osaka / Tokoyo

    I'm going in April to avoid Songkran, 7 nights in Tokyo and 6 in Osaka with side trips to Fuji, Kyoto and Iga. I'd suggest for only 4 or 5 days you'll find plenty to do in either Tokyo or Osaka but will be pushed to see both. Air Asia fly direct from Bangkok to Tokyo Narita and to Osaka KIX. Booked accommodation on AirBnB, Osaka is much cheaper than Tokyo if cost is an issue. P.S. A lot of the airbnb places provide the portable wifi modems
  4. LongTimeLurker

    Renewing UK passport

    No they won't post it, they require you (or a POA) to collect and bring your old passport so they can cut the corner off.
  5. LongTimeLurker

    It’s Teachers Day! Here are 50 cute Thai teachers

    #45 is in twice
  6. Probably a VIP visiting for lunch or to do some shopping.
  7. LongTimeLurker

    AIS Customer, Moving To New Condo, Transferrable?

    Is your 'phone number a landline number from AIS? Mine was a ToT number that I transferred to another condo when I moved and I can use any ISP with it.
  8. You should have kept the original and submitted copies, that's what I have done when having to submit consular certified docs.
  9. Then I'm wondering if my wife can change from the guardian extension to piggy back my retirement extension? Currently we need to season 500k and 800k respectively for our visas so if the kid can have a student extension without a guardian then it could save me some money?
  10. LongTimeLurker

    Best Bank to Put My Money Into Outside the USA.

    Will they open accounts for visitors?
  11. LongTimeLurker

    Shipping belongings to Thailand

    What sort of visa are you on? When I imported household goods I had arrived on a non-B and the company was processing the work permit when the goods arrived. If I had received the work permit already then there would have been no import duty to pay but customs wanted Baht 20,000 due to not having the work permit. I could have waited until the work permit was processed but would have had to pay demurrage to customs for storage of the stuff so the costs could have been more than the duty. Fortunately my company paid the duty. No idea how they calculated the amount of duty, I got the impression it was just a number plucked out of the air that could be negotiated. So having a long term visa (retirement?) could be important, you'd maybe want to talk to the customs office first.
  12. LongTimeLurker

    Two Positives Make one Negative

    It's a problem I've faced every time I've wanted to open a bank account in Pattaya.
  13. To piggyback the extension does the wife have to show funds in a bank account?
  14. LongTimeLurker

    best way to go Pattaya from Don Muang airport ?

    Hmmmmm. Having said that, the A1 stops at Morchit BTS and the bus station is the other side of Chatchuchak Park, so a taxi from DMK to Morchit bus station may be the best way to go.
  15. LongTimeLurker

    best way to go Pattaya from Don Muang airport ?

    A1 airport bus, Baht 30