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  1. LongTimeLurker

    "FREE" VPN for Android

  2. LongTimeLurker

    Box file

    I had to buy one in UK as I couldn't find one anywhere in Pattaya. You ask for a box file and they give you a lever arch file.
  3. The mom & pop store down the road from me shut down but the 7 in the condo sells beer at any time.
  4. This is only going to lead to an increase in the number of accidents where vehicles collide with barriers. Then, because it costs money to repair the barriers, they won't be repaired and will eventually be removed as they are deemed to be causing a hazard. In the meantime the experts' brother in law will have made a lot of money out of installing barriers on the roads in Thailand.
  5. LongTimeLurker

    Prs Gym

    I used to go there at 06:00 in the morning, well before the heat of the day builds up and aircon is needed by some.
  6. Meanwhile, the UK Daily Fail claims Australians have identified Toulon, Penang and Barcelona as the 3 best cities to retire to. And Daily Fail claims the 5 best cities for Americans as Mafra, Portugal; Cuenca, Ecuador; Central Valley, Costa Rica; Pedasí, Panama; and Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  7. I guess Australian's aren't good at geography, or the journos working for the Daily Fail in Oz are as bad as their UK counterparts?
  8. LongTimeLurker

    UK pensions

    OK, didn't know that although it doesn't apply to me as I own nothing and haven't spent more than 30 days in UK in the last 30 years.
  9. LongTimeLurker

    UK pensions

    Do you mean non - resident or non - domicile?
  10. LongTimeLurker

    Dept. Land Transp. Frustrations

    An IDP is not valid for the country it's issued in.
  11. LongTimeLurker

    UK pensions

    more than 183 days to be exact
  12. LongTimeLurker

    UK pensions

    It's not a question of residency for tax purposes, it's a question of physical residence.
  13. LongTimeLurker

    UK pensions

    Indeed, wasn't it a policy statement of the Conservatives that they would uprate the pensions, and then in power, nothing is done.