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  1. There hasn't been a Penang post in awhile so I just wanted to let everyone know the Penang embassy is now requiring all tourist visa applications include proof of onward travel (within 87 days, 3 days short of 3 months) and proof of at least ten days reservation at a hotel. (This according to banana visa service at least.) Penang used to be so easy, this is probably my fifth time through here for a tourist visa and a few of those were back to back's. Looks like those days are over for now. Also, no more free visas. I missed that by one damn day! I bet Laos is way easier. But this is part of the 'adventure' isn't it eh? Not knowing what one embassy will be lie from the next. You want uniformity and predictiblity? Go to a boring country then. (I'm being facetious.)