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  1. We talk about China wanting to control everything but I have a problem understanding why the US wants to be everywhere and knowing everything. What is that old expression? "Clean up your own back yard."
  2. Ha, Ha, neither is prostitution.
  3. I am sure that there are a few experts here who would say that the airfare doesn't usually reflect the equipment being used.
  4. Don't you think that is a bit of a paradox/contradiction though? All parties promote the low airfares in order to increase tourism. Buying a ticket in a cattle car should not automatically entitle you to be treated like a cow. Also, from memory, these carriers also have business class on the same equipment so should they also be expected to be treated like cattle. It is many years since I was in the travel business but it was always a case of only a certain number of seats being sold at the lowest price and then upwards from there so not all are on the cheapest fare.
  5. Agreed. I get called them all the time.. Dreamboat, gorgeous, long drink of water, amongst others of course.
  6. I don't mind paying for first class. Nor do I mind paying for business class. When I do pay for them though I expect to get what I pay for. The poor folk in the back of the plane though still pay but for what they pay they are receiving less and less. Where is the righteousness in that?
  7. Completely agree. Trouble is that every time I say it I get kicked off the air.
  8. The problem is that we all know the name of the disease but what is the cure?
  9. go out to the villages a bit more. You will find that they are run by the money lenders.
  10. and I have always wondered why they don't go somewhere where they cannot be extradited.
  11. not too sure about the nobody part. I have 4 ex wives that I might have paid him to visit.
  12. I would have charged ferry fee.
  13. I know that stretch of road. I have been along it several times. It is lethal even under the best of conditions. Reverse camber, blind corners and angel gear on the way down to save on the way up.
  14. Smart man. Most probably lived here a long time.
  15. so nothing has changed. The government is still lying to us till this day.