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  1. The trouble is, what CNN sows nobody wants to eat, and shouldn't. I cannot watch any of the American talk type shows because it is always just a shouting match of people who are all rudely talking over the top of each other.
  2. which are now made in China. Oh dear.
  3. I believe the Chinese pass the word about safety and the word about Pattaya is not good. Phuket seems to be held up as ok, at least with my wife's family.
  4. They must. I have seen lots of dogs on them. Oh, wait...............
  5. what about unplugging nostrils in his general direction?
  6. It is where I come from, but then again everyone knows that Australians are all gods.
  7. Give him 2 sentences. One for the rape and one for the insult. He most probably asked for change the cheap basterd.
  8. True that. What about Omar Sharif? Wasn't he the world backgammon champ or something?
  9. No. Those Avengers were quality and British, as always. The others were for kids that have never grown up.
  10. I often contemplate just what these people would do if nobody needed oil. Back to the tents with their swords I think.
  11. I wonder which one brings the KY to the party.
  12. No joke. I had one about the same size slither past my foot in Loei. No heroics, I just didn't even realize it was there until it was gone. Lucky.
  13. He had had enough. I can sometimes relate to that though I am too much of a coward to end it.
  14. Good post. These two broke the 11th commandment. Thou shalt not get caught.
  15. Wow. Who would have ever thought that someone in Thailand would steal something and run away.