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  1. Plus the Americans pay a very handsome bounty.
  2. Russia tells North Korea, U.S. 'hot heads' to calm down

    Question: Isn't the land virtually unusable for like 10,000 years after one of these bombs? It's a wonder that one of the big boys hasn't yet sent in a designer disease.
  3. One of these days someone is actually going to be able to explain the moral high ground of "American Interests" to me. Layman's English please, as I am not very smart.
  4. We all blabber on about the moral aspects of war yet we rarely ask the only important question. "Who's selling the ordnance?"
  5. Especially if they have an uncle they don't like.
  6. Just curious but could you tell me the age difference?
  7. The problem arises, as with all bureaucratic systems, with the fact that there is no discretionary powers. Anyone that has ever had to deal with the western system of governance understands this. Certain people in society gravitate to certain positions. That is why you see so many bully boys in the police force for example. They are attracted by the power. Most public servants are attracted to that work because the rules devoid them of all responsibility for decision making. Everyone knows that if you get in there and don't make waves then you are set for life. Politicians would never promise so much if there was nothing in it for them. Sheer graft, from top to bottom. Look at Australia now, $7,000 for a visa application which is totally non-refundable. They used to say that men went overseas to buy a wife but it seems that first you have to buy her from the Australian government.
  8. Just an observation but when talking about the world possibly being blown to hell and gone by nukes we get about 3 or 4 pages but talk about booze and fags and we get 17 of more. Says a lot about the demographic of expats in Thailand.
  9. Isn't it amazing how governments from all countries always hit the little guy who only has limited pleasures in life anyway. REVENUE is the only word they understand because without it they cannot increase their own salaries. The Ducal system never really did die. They just gave it a new name.
  10. Am I the only one that can never comprehend the thinking of evil people?
  11. Hey now. There's an idea. We could get Trump to nuke the place and then tell Kim that this is what will happen to him if he doesn't behave.
  12. Is it not then why there is a comment box facility in order to solicit various responses to various topics and to influence opinion?