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  1. One little girl was called Jean Marie another little girl was called Felicity the other little girl was called Sally Joy the other was me and I'm a boy. My name is Sek and I'm a head case.
  2. car720

    Alcoholic friend in trouble

    Don't laugh. Seriously. Buy a bottle of Hong Thong whiskey and stop buying beer. The whiskey and soda will eventually overcome the thirst for beer and is easier to give up. Cheaper too.
  3. and yet they all screamed about the 15 year old girl and the 19 year old boyfriend. I tell you it is in the blood from the day they are born. Don't people ever ask themselves why such a large percentage of the population are katoy..
  4. According to most of the other comments here it is. They may not all be right but neither are they wrong. TIT.
  5. Yep. They have a mind of their own. (if that is possible. )
  6. and there in lies the problem because Dutton is an absolute despot. He dreams of being called King Peter.
  7. Would you prefer to bring western culture here?
  8. for those that have ever doubted, this is a classic example of just how inherent it is in Thai culture.
  9. He didn't say that did he? Stop baiting and looking for a fight.
  10. car720

    Teacher exams held nationwide

    because foreigners don't understand the envelope rule so well and also it would be a major embarrassment.
  11. No pollie in Italy will seriously take on the mafia. I mean the real mafia.
  12. Is this the best report we can see????? There is just so much more to this story. This represents about 2% of the overall story.
  13. Right on topic actually. I think many others would be thinking the same thing. It is probably more on topic than the original topic anyway..