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  1. begurk1137

    Thai Police Record Check

    Just collected the cert. - 6 days early. Apparently they quote the extra week because 'Farang complain if 1 day late'. So, there you go. I feel like such a failure... BTW: That's not the photo they took on the day I applied for the cert, but the one I've attached to visa extensions for the last four years.
  2. begurk1137

    Thai Police Record Check

    Well, I went down to Police HQ today armed with my full Immigration survival kit (multiple copies of absolutely everything in passport, photos, pens, glue, spare specs etc. etc. etc...) Building 24 is on the left-hand side of the soi to the left of the main building and is well marked in English. Intake desk is on the right immediately as you enter, establish what you want and why and collect forms. They just needed the passport itself and took one set of my abridged copies of ppt (photopages, all pages with stamps, entry card & last 90 report). Go to the the tables on the left between fingerprinting and photo room with helpful staff to complete forms. Filled in the fingerprint form (example on display in English), one main form (ditto), herded to photo room to get photo taken and return to get prints taken. Then back to intake desk for checking, junior officer's desk for further checking & relieved of ฿100. Finally to more senior officer's desk where informed the cert. would be ready in 6 weeks (!!!) NOT 5 days. That's when they hit me with the ฿2500 'express' fee to get it in 7 (working) days. Suddenly the ฿4500 agent fee doesn't seem so exorbitant. That required an extra passport-size photo and ฿2500 in a plain envelope (provided) on which I wrote my name, phone number and The Stalker's name and phone number as backup. Promise to call to collect as soon as ready. The whole process, with just one other Farang passing through the system before me, took less than one hour. Not easy to gauge the use of English because I had The Stalker with me and there was a tendency to talk across me ("Does He Take Sugar" syndrome) despite my being reasonably proficient in Thai anyway. So, we shall see...
  3. begurk1137

    Thai Police Record Check

    It looks like it's still 100baht, just don't know what letter I have to take.
  4. begurk1137

    Thai Police Record Check

    Thanks, you give hope to my frayed soul. Might just turn up with a suitcase full of docs and photocopies and see what happens - but time is short. Hopefully I can pick it up sooner than 2 wks. K.
  5. begurk1137

    Thai Police Record Check

    Yes, there's an official agent (their website isn't much better) for 5000 baht and Siam Legal seem to be offering it for twice that (they say official fee is 5000, I suspect they use the official agent and then add another 5000 for themselves). I going to plead poverty, but may be pushed to it. What agent did you use? K.
  6. begurk1137

    Thai Police Record Check

    What is the current procedure requirements for obtaining a Thai criminal record check to take home with me, preferably in a hurry? Can some one walk me through visiting police HQ (I'm in BKK) and what documents I need? The website: http://www.pcscenter.sb.police.go.th/eng/ is a mess of broken links (especially English version). I found this via Google: http://pcscenter.sb.police.go.th/filedownload/infomation-service-4.pdf Do I really need a letter from my Embassy? What do they mean by certified copy of passport? Certified by whom? "Docs certify residing in Thailand": I have my passport with visas, rent receipts from rented apartments and latest (online) 90 day report receipt. Bank book/statements etc. could be produced. I'm here on a Non-Imm O retirement visa (2nd renewal, 3 ED prior to that and two year visas prior to that) and suspect jobs requiring a UK DBS clearance might also want similar from Thailand. I can apply from abroad but will take weeks/months apparently. Planning return in maybe 2 weeks or less. Cheers, Ken
  7. begurk1137

    Where How to Sell Dive Gear in Bngkok

    FYI I put it all on TV Classifieds... https://classifieds.thaivisa.com/ad/YQK2W57D/scuba-diving-equipment For some (multiple) reasons I can't seem to get any of it onto Kaidee.com
  8. One might imagine so, but I'm looking for unwelcome surprises as funds are short. The excess rates are quoted for region 1 to region one and region 1 to region 5, so there is certainly the potential to put one over on me if they see the chance.
  9. Thanks. I looked at Thai & Malaysia for excess baggage: whereas Thai is a more expensive ticket, Malaysia is way more expensive for 15kg extra (prebooked) baggage. I'm not clear on whether the charge quoted would include both legs (BKK-KUL & KUL-LHR). Factoring in the convenience of a direct flight I'm leaning toward Thai.
  10. I have to accept that after 8 years my health is not going to improve enough to allow me to dive again. I have a full set of gear to unload that has been stored for this time but is in good condition (clear plastic elements such as on snorkel/mask are a tad yellowed). I emailed Planet Scuba at Phrom Pong for a start, anywhere else? Really need people willing to come inspect/collect (UdomSuk, BKK). Not sure if the BKK scuba divers Facebook group will allow me to join if I only want to flog gear (any members advise?). Pics of the main items can be seen at: http://phaethon.net/scuba/ Cheers, K.
  11. Thanks all. I'll take as much as I can with me within 30kg limit, esp the HDs, but might ship the rest by SevenSeas and take a hit on the VAT rather than get into the quagmire of Transfer of Residence claims. I know HMRC are likely to charge 20% of the value, but how do they estimate the value of used items > 6 months old - 50% new value? And what about stuff that 'obviously' came from the UK originally but not necessarily provable with paperwork? The camera has been to the UK at least once and is well used. Otherwise I'll install some crypto mining software and see what I can get for the graphics computer on KaiDee.
  12. I'll be returning to the UK soon (next month) and have essential computer equipment I'd like to take back without incurring too much expense including: Motherboard & fitted memory (฿5k) 2 int. 1TB HD graphics card (radeon nano) (฿5k) 900W power supply (฿4k) 6 MyBook HDs (~฿5k each = ~฿30k) Laptop (฿10k) All over 6 months to 3yrs old. Bit & bobs to total new value <£2000. Also, If I can't sell it, a Nikon D810 (3 yrs old, ~฿200,000 (£4.5k) when new, but AF broken). If I roll up at Heathrow with a box full of the above, how complicated/expensive will HMRC make my life? My last visit to UK lasted about 6 weeks and March-April last. Cheers, K.
  13. begurk1137

    Anybody know this guy?

    From the Twittersphere today: https://twitter.com/tgclark56
  14. begurk1137

    Retirement Extension No. 2

    Thanks, reassuring. Get a bit nervous when thing are in flux, even if it seems to be only on the borders, so far... K.
  15. begurk1137

    Retirement Extension No. 2

    Sorry, Bangkok-centric of me 8^( Chaengwattana. Cheers, K.