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  1. Brain washed by the fake media
  2. I want to apply for SETV from thai consulate in sydney.i will arrive bangkok from bali by air on 01/05/2016. What is required (forms, money etc..)to extend my stay another 30 days.and would one way ticket from bangkok to sydney on 28/07/2016 (after extention) satisfy the thai consulate in sydney and the immigration in bangkok? Thank you in advance
  3. allen123

    cialis 20mg for personal use

    And what reputable chemists in Bangkok selling the stuff and average price.thanks
  4. Coming back from Australia. Is it legal to bring in 10 tablets of Cialis 20mg for personal use? What would happen if i declare it to the customs. Thanks in advance.
  5. allen123

    Immigration delay inbound 16 Sept

    which airport you r talking about.?
  6. Re double entry visa, do you need a re entry permit for the second entry.thanks
  7. forget to get a re entry permit and my OA retirment visa expires Dec.14,14.,,coming back to Bangkok from oz next month. what will the immigration officer do.
  8. allen123

    Australian Aged Pension

    from Jan.1st 2014 there will be new law affecting all pensioners wether living in oz or outside oz...thanks to Julia