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  1. as predicted. rear disc brakes and the trend to change fog lights into LEDs.... also adding a new 2.4 V 4WD model as the 2.4V is their top seller.
  2. Any shop can change the oil, just make sure they use valvoline maxlife ATF (red bottle) and not cheap idemitsu ATF or PTT ATF.
  3. disc brakes on all models
  4. I've send you the prices in PM. I gave 2 options as I ain't sure the year you mentioned is built year or registration year.
  5. I'll give you the price on Monday :-)
  6. Can anyone inform the hospital in Udon Thani? I am 32 years old live in Kalasin and have A- blood type.
  7. Yeah, they got a whole variety of choice for you. Just go take a look.
  8. They also sell that. Just give them a call.
  9. Ask the rep for the series of Yokohama and Toyo's. Just as with sedans, Toyo's can be the cheap Proxes or the R888s. The standard dunlops on the Fortuner TRD Sportivo are decent enough, but if you want highway performance tires then you might have to pay a bit additional. To say that Yokohama or Toyo is better is difficult. It depends on the series of the tires not the brand itself. Toyo is made in Malaysia and so is Yokohama. Dunlops can be made in Thailand or in Japan by Sumitomo, Dunlop's mothercompany.
  10. Depends where you live, but most big car audio shops can handle the shop without any problems. On my old Pajero sport I had a Alpine camera installed (around 20,000 baht). The camera had night-vision so it was a bit expensive. Kenwood, etc also makes good cameras. Look for S Rachanee sound in Samutprakan or Mirage Audio.
  11. We repaired quite a few here in our shop. Brakes, oil filters are easy to find. Other parts are difficult.
  12. Do you want to refinish the steering wheel or just buy a cover? A cover can be bought at any car accessory shop in the city. Look for autobacs thailand. They are a walk-in accessory and parts shop from Japan. Can't go wrong with them.
  13. They can offer warranty all they want if it's not Honda Motor Thailand offering the warranty it's probably not worth anything. Let's say the dealer in CM doesn't warranty your car after 4 years. What are you going to do about it? Sue them? Waste your time and money. I am happy you found another dealer we can get you the car. It's a good car and I hope you enjoy it.
  14. They can even see on their computer the current situation at the factory for your car. They promised my car would arrive on 22 November 2016 and magically there it was on that day. They're obviously pushing you around or there is some sort of delay happening at the factory that they don't want you to know about. Cancel the deposit, find another dealer.
  15. No issues. I'll let you know if someone comes by and changes their nearly new tires :)