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  1. Like I said, at the motorshow they have their dunlops on it. HBs at the dealer have yokos.
  2. Dunlop Direzzas are only for show, the car comes on yokos 100% sure. The cars at the dealers all have yokos no doubt about that.
  3. Hatchbacks = Yokos Sedan RS = B/S Sedan 1.8 = Dunlop EC300 or trash
  4. Nice car! Now get some decent coating on it and protect that color for a long time :)
  5. 10,000 KM service might include changing belts etc at 100,000 km as it's included in the service.
  6. Isuzu makes good engines. 400 km/day on average...seems like a delivery truck :)
  7. I have sent you a PM. I am sure your parts can be sourced within Thailand. Let me know the details.
  8. I saw them at the Honda Kalasin showroom this weekend...had to be there to pickup a car for coating. No RS badges and no central exhaust. Bridgestone tires instead of the better idea why.
  9. That would be awesome :)
  10. We offered them land next to BigC for a reasonable price, but they refused :) Too bad uh. Seems like Yang Talad is the only place with an available government-owned building (police station) that would accommodate the immigration office.
  11. Maybe for CM as their budget is probably higher than the immigration offices in Isaan. In any case according to Sakhon Nakhon Immigration, the property has to be a government building which is currently not in use. For me, I don't mind the yearly drive to Sakhon Nakhon. It's only an hour away, and since they are far away they rarely come and visit.
  12. Darkness of the window tint and the resistance to UV and heat are not so much related. Ceramic films, etc are just better UV resistant, but can also be less dark. I am a fan of Cardinal film as the film from the outside is absolute dark (privacy), but from the inside is really clear.
  13. New date: construction finished ahead of time and scheduled to open at the end of April :)
  14. Go for SolarFX or Cardinal of the line technology and they offer absolute clear films with very good UV and Heat, etc resistance.
  15. You mean the bodykits which Honda dealers sell by themselves instead of the Modulo kits which look 100% the same as Modulo kits? :))))