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  1. After driving in Thailand. you no longer should fear death as you look at it in the face every 5 minutes.
  2. Only spend an hour or two a week on the net these days, too busy.

  3. Welcome back, Tony. :)

  4. May he suddenly lose 70% of his fortune now just as his fortune suddenly increased by 70% one year while he was PM. As for his freedom, he should lose 100% of it. That should prevent him from touching any of the remaining 30%.
  5. There, now both sides have influential persons and invisible hands working against each other.
  6. The government has a permanent headache as it seems they can't avoid feeding the PAD watchdog with new material on a weekly basis with decisions and moves that always go against what most would consider decent public opinion. They are getting close to a year without hving accomplished anything valuable as a government unless it meant serving the Little Emperor from the very start, nothing else. Whatever other projects are in the air already are surrounded by controversy and opposition.
  7. Tony Clifton

    Godaddy Blocked?

    Over a year later after the latest comment and it s still the same. It s actually been this slow with godaddy for me for 4 years, never improved although I only used it for it s domain names on a few occasions and each time never had to mess around again in there once set up.
  8. Happy Birthday, Tony. Hope your day was special.

  9. This attempt not only sounds dodgy as hel_l but also smacks of desperation. There has been specualtion in the UK that Thaksin doesnt really have much in the way of funds outside the frozen money and although we dont seem to think this way maybe there is some truth to it. It certainly seems Thaksin in his actions at the moment is no longer the cool calculating poltical master he once was. Something must have unnerved him. He probably has just as much stashed abroad than he has frozen in Thailand, but he sure knows he`s under the radar financially and won`t dare touch the loot hidden abroad, hence his own team manager lending money to his own team. Just wait, he`ll crack or make a mistake and it will be hello Interpol, bye bye asylum. That`s why he`s risking involving others in getting his frozen billions in Thailand, no shame if he does it there and no arrest from Interpol. Everything he does nowadays turns to <deleted>, storm coming in.
  10. See? It's funny now to read posts mentioning the junta wanting to get their hands on the frozen loot while Thaksin himself has his best dedicated zombies trying to once again bribe officials to pretend they want to pay taxes on the amount but would end up rerouting the money elsewhere the moment it can be moved around. We ll see more Pastrygates, it's how he made his way through life, that and ripping off partners or his country.
  11. Means something IS going on.
  12. Tony Clifton

    Mayor Charged After 'drunken Fight With Police'

    They are simply giving him the job now so that he has more stature when he appears in court? Scumbags, the lot of them.