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  1. Trujillo

    Keeping teen kids busy during school break

    Not sure how strict the authorities are, but isn't working without a permit illegal, regardless of age? But yes, maybe they could mow lawns or something.
  2. Trujillo

    Keeping teen kids busy during school break

    "...am looking to keep them off screens during the current summer break." Confiscate their devices. Have them volunteer at an old folks home for a month.
  3. Trujillo

    Disappointing Night at The River Market

    Sorry, but the very definition of libel centers around a "false statement." Otherwise, anyone could sue for libel for anything that was written about that person. This would enter frivolous lawsuit territory. Still wondering what the problem was with the sound system. Quick to blame it but slow to solve the mystery.
  4. If the stall is pretty much abandoned, just take one and leave your estimated donation on the stool provided.
  5. Trujillo

    Disappointing Night at The River Market

    It isn't libel if it's true.
  6. You should be able to meet interesting people, both married and single, when you start your Thai language classes at Payap University. Obviously, you can't live in a country where you can't speak the local language and can't talk to your wife in Thai either. So you will have to go to school. There are many interesting people there and activities that you would normally not be aware of.
  7. Trujillo

    Disappointing Night at The River Market

    Still no reply on why the sound system failed.
  8. Trujillo

    Epson Printer Repair

    I had an Epson that lasted eight years and only had to be replaced recently because a part failed that could not be sourced. The scanner still works. I think this new batch of Epsons have some design flaw.
  9. Trujillo

    Epson Printer Repair

    SVOA is where the authorized service for Epson is. I bought the same model as you new and it was so crappy, that it was sent back to Bangkok for repairs. No result. Eventually, I was given a full refund from Office Mate. Then bought the newest model similar to that one, an L-405, at Siam TV. It stopped printing properly after about 50 copies. I took it back and they sent it to SVOA and then the color printing was okay but the greyscale still had lines. My friend also has an Epson and it also has problems. My printer is currently back at the repair shop. I will never buy another Epson product. I am hoping to get a refund on this current unit as I am sure there is a build problem that can't be repaired. Then I will buy a Canon or HP.
  10. I just want to make sure I don't get autism.
  11. I have BUPA coverage, which is now Aetna. I got this text: You're entitled to a free flu vaccination from Aetna. Pls show your unique code xxxxx for redemption by 15Aug18 Anyone know if this is worth having or will it make me sick or lethargic or give me the flu?
  12. Trujillo

    Zoe Complex.

    Looks like a Ford dealership is going in there. Bizarrely.
  13. Trujillo

    Disappointing Night at The River Market

    but ultimately we all know it was the crummy sound system. I thought the sound system was new and had been tested before the event successfully. Again, what was the problem with the system? By now you must have troubleshooted the issue and know what happened...What happened?
  14. Trujillo

    Golf courses

    I find it interesting that you are never paired with anyone as a single. Thai starters seem to assume to if you come alone, you want to play alone.
  15. Trujillo

    Disappointing Night at The River Market

    So the sound system worked, then didn't work. What was the problem, then?