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  1. Intensive Thai Program at Payap University First two month learn the basics using Romanization. Third month learn the Thai alphabet and phonetics. After that, putting it all together. Do the homework, come to class, stick with it and you will be on your way. Unless you are a real self-motivator, one-to-one (or online) studies do not work.
  2. Where to buy a REAL Mountain bike?

    Cherry Bike Chiang Mai
  3. Oh, right. I forgot that if you see it on the internet, it is true. Forget about peer-reviewed studies or any actual science; if it's online, you can take it to the bank.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Ionized_and_alkalinized_water_ridiculous_health_fad_debunked Save your money....
  5. Interesting hidden places Chiang Mai

    Wat Mae Kaet Noi
  6. Maybe it's a sign from the gods to get a divorce....
  7. Chang mai to pai

    Correct. Kan Air is grounded on all routes and has been for months. If I were you, I'd hitchhike there.
  8. Zoe Complex.

    It's interesting to read so much about a bar that I have never gone to, let alone know where it is. I must be an endangered species.
  9. Good hair salon/barber

    Sorry for the late reply; I was reading my Bible. Many studies have shown that breast size is directly related to the quality of a woman's shampooing technique. I thought this was common knowledge but maybe we went to different schools. Aside from this well-known fact, pleasing esthetics are always appreciated and as you know, water has feelings too (look it up) and happy water makes for happy hair shampooing.
  10. Good hair salon/barber

    I want a place that washes your hair (mine is long) and by a sexy, buxom young lady with good head massages. I'm serious.
  11. Rain/frog drum

    What is a rain/frog drum?
  12. Mass pigeon kidnapping??!!

    PIgeon is a staple on most menus in Egypt. I was told you have to order at least four of them to make a decent meal. They taste fine, by the way. Pigeon eating in Cairo
  13. Young Thai Big Bikers, Mentally Retarded?

    100mph = 160.934kph So you are saying you estimated that they were going 160kph? They got that speed up from the traffic light to the 7-Eleven? You wouldn't be exaggerating a tad, would you?
  14. Police Check

    Hwy 24 is where?
  15. Head of Songtaew Co-op Chats/Shouts to Citylife

    So, this begs the question: Are Uber and Grab illegal or not? I have nothing against songtows, but they must be willing to share with other modes of "taxi" services. Choice is a good thing. As a former journalist, I would have to say that the questions asked were lackluster and the reporter should have been coached more before going on assignment. Just because an intern comes up with a story idea does not give her carte blanche. You might also introduce her to the concept of paragraphs.