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  1. What's Happened to Songkran in Chiang Mai?

    What is the intention of those standing by the roadside on a major highway, such as on the way to Doi Saket (Chiang Rai road) and seeing a motorcyclist coming at 60 or 70kph and running out and tossing a full, large bucket of water directly into your face? Is this welcoming the new year? A kindly tradition? Or is this a hopeful gesture to make the motorcyclist fall off this bike resulting in injury and, in the best-case scenario, death? This seems like assault with intent to do grave bodily harm, regardless of the holiday. Or do I just not "get it"?
  2. Orange rental bikes: ugly or useful?

    The reason for the round-up of the bikes in the China photos is that people leave them in places which block pathways, parking and views. Welcome the Chinese invasion of bikes now. Jesus....
  3. Where Is The Rain

    Maejo is a quite long road.... Torrential rain last night from 11pm where I am, wherever that is
  4. Snake ID please

    Show us the fangs.
  5. Video tape to DVD transfer

    "It made it special, instead of the background noise it is now." Uh...many of the artists who released records back then are still releasing music, er, "background noise" as you call it. Or are you channeling Marshall McLuhan, who said famously, "The medium is the message," meaning that the medium itself and not the content it contains should be the focus of interest. So it is not the music itself that is of interest here (or movies, as I believe is the subject) but rather the form in which it is carried. Perhaps you should be researching for a place to put your video tapes onto 8mm film. One paid a lot of money for a top quality projector, had a top quality screen with a good reflective surface, and had a library of wonderful films that were artful and informative. It made it special.
  6. Fact check: Where are all the "abandoned VW vans"?
  7. Video tape to DVD transfer

    Without an internet connection? What do you mean? How are you posting on ThaiVisa? Using the old "internet string and two tin cans" method? My car was made in late 1956. It is two years older than I am. So yes, I am young. Why fight technology? You can't win. Perhaps you can transfer your movies to magic lantern slides.... >..<
  8. No, no, no, stop, no, no, stop… Don’t, no, don’t, no, no… Don’t, no, stop, don’t stop….
  9. Snake ID please

    Looks like a common rat snake to me. Open its mouth and look for fangs. No? Then rat snake, probably.
  10. Video tape to DVD transfer

    "If I had to put my 2,000 DVDs on a computer, how big a hard drive would I need, and then when it died, as everything does, or got locked up by ransomware, what then?" First off, how many of those DVDs have you checked recently? Of the 200+ I used to have, about 20+ percent I found were degraded or totally blank (including ones from boxed sets from the official outlets in the USA). Second, the quality of DVDs suck compared to HD. "DVDs have an intrinsic resolution of 720×480 pixels (NTSC) and 720×540 pixels (PAL). Those pixels are either displayed in a 4:3 (standard) aspect ratio or a 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio. This is typically called 480p video. As you can see, 480p is a whole lot less than 1080p." -- the internet Third, whatever you have, except possibly a rare movie or two, everything you have can be found on torrents and obtained in either 720 or 1080 quality, or their original source code (for free -- but you can pay to get them from other sources too). Of course, maybe your 2,000 DVDs are home movies, I don't know. And as far as storing them, there are Solid State Drives, that will outlast you. I still don't understand why anyone would want to own DVDs. Anyone still own an 8-track? Got anything to play on it?
  11. Ozzy dollar.

    Is this in reference to the Aussie dollar or the Ozzy Osbourne dollar? Sorry, I couldn't resist.... >..<
  12. 90 Day Reporting - Online

    I am going by the recent posts and my own experience. It appears to me the more people have failed in their attempts than succeeded. You don't agree?
  13. 90 Day Reporting - Online

    I beg to differ. If "working" means it went through for you, fine. But for the majority of us, it simply doesn't end happily.
  14. Bangkok Hospital C/Mai,what a Bo Derek

    Needless to say, I don't understand what the OP did. Is he going to pay these charges because he: "... felt a sigh of relief that the prices given,were very reasonable for the surgery to be carried out.,etc etc." So the costs are wildly inflated but he will do this procedure because it's reasonable? I'm not sure what's going on at all. IF the OP actually paid 52,000 baht, I would be shocked. I had the same procedure a year ago at Lanna Hospital and it was less than 1/10th of that cost. I am aware of other...."interesting" fees they charge over there at Bangkok Hospital. They have physical exams -- check ups -- that are identical to Lanna's, for example, for 10 times the price. The place is an insurance scam-raker for sure.
  15. I thought it was against the "law" to do reenactments and to show the faces of those accused but not convicted?