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  1. So could you turn off your bike and push it across the street, then start it and head off? There is no penalty for pushing your bike across the road.
  2. A decent tub of carnauba wax I think is just over 1,000 baht. According to one manufacturer, "A single jar can will treat even the largest truck or SUV up to 25 times." If you wax your car three times a year, that would be over eight years. You can wax your own vehicle. I've never paid anyone to wax my car. Of course, I could hire someone to do it; just show them how it's done and turn them loose. It's hardly a specialized skill set. Edit// So what make and model of car are we talking about here?
  3. What kind of car does the OP have that needs to be showroom perfect at the cost of a new motorbike?
  4. Shouldn't this thread be eliminated or updated to this year?
  5. What is wrong with the paint on a new car such that you need to spend almost US$1,000 to put a clear coat on top of it? The environmental conditions here are not harsh and I believe that today's paint jobs are quite good and done to last. To me, this ceramic coating idea smacks of a certain kind of scam. Yes, you get something for your money, but it's wildly over-priced and is something you really don't need (unless you are in snow country where they salt the roads, perhaps). If you take care of the paint on your new car by proper washing and using a good quality wax, your paint should look as new in five years as it did the day you brought the car home from the dealership.
  6. Just curious, why would you want what amounts to an screamingly expensive nano clear coating? I've always just waxed the car once and while and it looks like new. And if and when I need to touch up paint damage from a rock or such, it's not a problem. Unless, of course you have a new Lambo or Bentley, then I guess I could see that. But doing this for a Hilux or Jazz? They don't salt the roads here and conditions are very mild. Just wondering why one would want to do this in the first place. //edit// add: How to apply.... Looking at this "how to" video, I see no reason why you can't do this yourself. 43,000 baht for this? If you have a clean environment it seems like a kid could do it.
  7. A lot of the concrete is prefabricated then brought on site.
  8. If you have lived here for 20 years you ought to know better. There is a sign at the Superhighway/Maejo road intersection showing an artist's rendering of the underpass, the expected completion date (this past March) and costs. It's been up since before ground was broken. They opened the surface intersection again about a month ago. Part of the "problem" is that this is integrated with the refurbishment/expansion of the bridge over the Ping River. Apparently, not only will the main bridge be widened, the frontage road on the Tesco side will also bridge the river. It's an ambitious project and one that has to have both elements in place to open the underpass and bridge together. Given that they are three months over their expected completion rate, and this is indeed Thailand, and that there are not too far away from being finished (in a relative sense), things are better than one might expect. As a matter of fact, they will be putting down asphalt in much of the stretches before, during and after the new construction sections, and the whole thing, when done, ought to be impressive and make for nice driving. There is absolutely ZERO factual evidence or even suspicion that funds are lacking. That's a good example of fabricated "fake news."
  9. It is odd that a cell phone holiday snap, slightly out of focus, of a Taiwanese girl and an elephant is getting disproportionate votes to everyone else. My guess is this has been posted in some social media in Taiwan and people are urged to vote "Taiwan." It clearly has nothing to do with the quality of the photo or being on theme. I also wonder if the name of the girl is the one in the photo, which would mean that she didn't actually take the photo herself. And I can't help but wonder why the judges put up so many photos, for one thing, and for another, why most of them have NOTHING to do with the theme of Thailand's "stability, prosperity and sustainability." A Chinese boy jumping on a bed? Someone standing in a doorway? An uninspired shot of trees? Fire twirling for tourists? A tourist with an elephant? It would have been nicer to pick 12 top photos that both encompass the theme correctly and are actually good photos, not just tourist snaps...there's always next year, I guess. I don't know if I should say which is mine.
  10. Sure helps when you read my post before you reply. Maybe you should head over to reddit and hone your skills. I found a business card after a search of the house and the place is However, it doesn't seem to be staffed. Anyone have more info?
  11. Let me elaborate: I don't give a kee about what the Chinese eat -- I want some Chinese food choices for ME. The Chinese will eat their own cuisine if it is available. I think the owners of Central Festival had it in their giant, throbbing brains that Japanese would be the nationality swarming CM. Huge miscalculation.
  12. I tried to find this on ThaiVisa, but the search function is totally useless. There was a website (or is) that had local cleaners you could hire. They had photos and a history of how many jobs they had been on for the company. It was all very easy and you could pay via the website, so no money changed hands with the cleaner. I tried them once, with an experienced cleaner, and was not totally satisfied, but thought I would try another person from them. However, I have been unable to locate this website/company in my bookmarks or on Google. Does anyone know this company/website?
  13. Great, then I can speak both Mandarin AND Japanese, apparently.... My point is that with all the Chinese in Central Festival, you'd think someone would open at least ONE Chinese joint.
  14. I'd like to have a word or two with the Central Group about their Festival mall. Crawling with Chinese and not a single Chinese restaurant in the place. More than a dozen Japanese one, mind you, but the Chicoms and the Japanese are not pals. I can't imagine a Chinese eating Japanese food. Why can't we get at least ONE Chinese restaurant?