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  1. Wouldn't it be nice if people actually included locations with their suggestions?
  2. It's at Bob's house, I think.
  3. So, are you "normal" or not?
  4. I am curious why you and your wife would want to move to a place that neither of you have been to and know little about? Did you read somewhere that San Patong is some sort of paradise of the North?
  5. act that could expedite your exit.... "He fell off the roof, really!"
  6. You want to buy land you can't own, in an area you have so little knowledge of you need to ask here? I suggest you read Private Dancer again. ...
  7. Anyone have any experience with a reliable site and good exchange rate?
  8. Ruamchok Fitness Center This just recently opened and all the equipment is brand new. They have everything you could possibly want to lift or pull or push. They have yoga sessions as well as other group classes, which are free if you sign up for a year membership. They have trainers but they don't come cheaply, however, they do seem to have knowledge of how to set up and maintain a work-out program.
  9. Bold mine. The fact is that stocks are still very depleted for commercial fishing. Even if your statement is accurate, this means that currently, cod stocks are still not being fished commercially on any scale; certainly not the scale that you'd be able to buy cod in Thailand. My point is and was that while it is not impossible you might actually find a cod for sale in Thailand, it is highly unlikely. Similarly, often you see red snapper on the menu when in fact it is red tilapia. I have seen this in various parts of Thailand on several occasions.
  10. I posted this in another, similar thread, but it's highly unlikely that what they say is cod, is actual cod. Cod stocks collapsed around 1992 and have not recovered. Here's the Wiki on it: Collapse of the Atlantic Northwest cod fishery
  11. Dazinoz: Your point? Consistency matters, I believe, and if we can't discuss other illegal issues, why are we able to talk about this one? I mean I don't agree with all the rules here, but I do feel that they should be applied equally. Thailand's transport authorities have already fined scores of drivers and want the government to take down the app. You don't get fined for something that's NOT illegal. Why is this an open thread?
  12. Or not?
  13. One thing Ruamchok Supermarket has over all others in the area is that you can buy cigarettes there.
  14. So could you turn off your bike and push it across the street, then start it and head off? There is no penalty for pushing your bike across the road.