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  1. Why not forget the membership and just pay the green fees and caddie fees wherever you want? That opens you up to not feeling "locked into" a certain course. Is it cheaper or more expensive over the long run? My guess is if you can afford a membership, then you have the capital not to care.
  2. Hair is hair, is it not? There are are many varieties of shampoos, what is it you need?
  3. Pdaz....a lot of the items you seek are in fact available here. I've thought of having a metal shop make a pitchfork. I've never seen a dog corkscrew tether for sale here...(again, have it made?):
  4. They have Antacil here. Same deal. Regarding online duties, I meant if you sourced from outside Thailand, which is not what this thread is about. Also, I wasn't thinking of a wish list; more of things that you would think would be available here, but for some reason, aren't. I mean I'd like to have someone open a Denny's, but that's not exactly meeting the brief. (Or Cherry Ripe!) As for plastic lids for canned goods, I've never seen just the right size lids for sale, although of course you can buy plastic containers with lids. By the way, I didn't know "democracy" was an item.
  5. Where's the video? Apparently this had nothing to do with mental health; the sword was supposed to snap off as he applied pressure to his chest, but the equipment failed. Sorry Colin....
  6. -- Plastic lids of various sizes to re-seal canned goods, like olives, beans, tuna, etc. By the way, what I meant by "here" was at a shop of some kind, not necessarily an online store. Of course, I can get almost anything online if I want to pay to have it sent here and pay any customs duties and taxes.
  7. I have a list, but just to open things up, how about: A push broom
  8. A Kan Air representative told me yesterday that they would be back in service in July.
  9. Ah....good man. Thanks. T
  10. There is something to be gleaned from the fact that there are segments of society here in Thailand that are entrenched in superstition. This is not a lucky rabbit's foot or something; this is a fundamental lack of education and the fostering of dangerous and outlandish beliefs. Having said that, it would be interesting to get the full story from the participants themselves. My sense is that we are not getting the full story. * Okay, getting the whole story....satisfied? >..<
  11. Does anyone have a link or know where the main Tourist Police Office is located in Chiang Mai? Thanks.
  12. Any frame shop.
  13. Tried U beer and after a couple of gulps, poured the bottle out in the yard.
  14. One to one-and-a-half years = two to four years
  15. Flat tires are the responsibility of the renter. You have to get it fixed at your expense. It's always been this way, so it's not just this shop. If you look around on power and light poles, you are likely to see small posters with the big words at the top you can see in this: Tire repair Call them and they will come wherever you are. Of course, you will need a Thai speaker to help you.