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  1. I have been largely unsuccessful finding anyone qualified and with a reasonable price to re-paint my classic car in Chiang Mai. I need a full paint job -- engine out. I have all the original rubber seals for the front and back windshields and the two quarterlight (triangular) windows as well as the grommet for the petrol line and rubber for the lights all round. The rest of the seals and rubber can be found domestically. I am looking for a shop that can do a very professional paint job, and can competently remove the necessary parts of the car before the paint job, and put them back in the right way after (including everything in the engine compartment). Does anyone have any experiences they can share about a good shop for this? Thanks.
  2. Pizza Plus Doi Saket

    When Sine and Eve first opened the place, they had very tasty and tangy sauce. Somewhere along the way the recipe changed and lost a lot of the zing we had come to love. Still, the pizzas are not bad, but a rediscovery of the original formula would be a welcome change.
  3. camping locations?

    I don't know where you are referring to, but in my experience, this is not a problem at all. Even a lot of hotels these days have welcome dog policies and even places for them to do their business. This is not to say that some owners have dogs that are ill-trained, but I could say the same thing of most Thais and their kids.
  4. Car key with chip....need a copy.

    Open sesame ...
  5. Car key with chip....need a copy.

    It would not surprise me. I don't have such a key system, but I see that he has "blanks" that are clearly ready for modern technology. This is SE Asia; I would expect that "unlocking" or booting a key to a car would be a piece of piss for them....
  6. camping locations?

    It's a shame that dogs are not allowed to be taken along camping.
  7. Car key with chip....need a copy.

    Try the key-cutter in front of the parking side entrance to BigC Extra on the superhighway. He might charge you 140 baht.... :D
  8. New Policy at CM Immigration?

    Not many questions if those are all of them. Why on earth don't you get your re-entry permit when you extend your retirement visa each year? Saves a trip. I assume that all the surveys are taken and tossed in the same bin with the 11 years of photocopies of my passport....Comforting to think they have at least 44 copies of my passport.
  9. Something You May Not Know

    If she is Japanese, as you imply, you might recall that those two nationalities have no love lost.
  10. Rimping has turkey again!

    4,219 baht for a turkey? Ha! Seems the seller is the only one "giving thanks."
  11. Arizona Joe's Restaurant, in Kad Farang

    Gotta be a shill....same ol', "Aliens came to earth, looked at beautiful American breakfast. Went back to home planet. Forgot to write anything down or take photos. Tried to reconstruct "American breakfast" from memory." Totally lame. The fact is that making good American-style breakfast items is not rocket science, but here you'd think it is. I (and probably many members here) could whip up a restaurant quality breakfast at home easily and in no time. But for some reason, it never materializes here. Like someone said, maybe it's the alien-inspired interference of the Thais.
  12. Arizona Joe's Restaurant, in Kad Farang

    Is pgrahmm's first photo supposed to be a breakfast? If so, it's only "American" in name. Rubbish on a fancy plate. Is that supposed to be an omelet? Looks flat as a fluke. A bowl of watery beans? American? I don't think so. A squiggly bit of bacon and a little runt sausage? Clearly Thai inspired and cooked. No American would serve that EVER, unless he or she grew up in a cave with no contact from the restaurant world. I wouldn't pay anything for that. It's an insult to American breakfasts (unless it's some other sort of thing, like a run-over soft-shell taco and leftover meats, and BEANS!). Here are two menus from IHOP and Waffle House...two of the most basic, no frills American breakfast menus...take a look at the photos...notice any difference between them and the Arizona Joe's food? See any beans? And if you go to a local restaurant, the breakfasts get even better. There's not an American in the crowd who will disagree.
  13. Leather Care

    Oh, I'd have to look that up on that internet thing, if it's still around.... If you drive around much in CM, you will pass places that do car seats. Best bet is to ask some car dealership for tips; someone in there will know.
  14. Hotel on BTS in BKK

    Nana Hotel is quiet if you ask and get upper floors (7-9) and odd number rooms. Three nights to "sleep off" a 26-hour flight? I'm dumbfounded.
  15. Leather Care

    Re-upholstering is not very expensive.