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  1. "Be sure to train your Thai wife/girlfriend how to handle your annual visa extension...." I like that. Sort of like a circus monkey...or teaching a chihuahua to roll over and play dead. FYI, tried to do the 90-day report online and, SHOCKINGLY, it doesn't work. I honestly believe that someone, somewhere higher up in the department has mandated that the website not be made workable so that the detested foreign interlopers must be inconvenienced every three months -- even if they are old and infirm. It slots in nicely with the, "Thais pay 20 baht for the entry fee to the Chiang Mai National Museum, while the foreign guavas pay 100 baht (as one example among many)." Doing the rough math, I reckon that immigration has just about 200 photocopies of my passport/immigration card/visa stamp/entry stamp in their possession from my reportings -- and that's just for 90-day reports alone! Add another 200 or so pages for annual extensions. ... It would be fascinating if we had a national newspaper here that had any form of investigative reporting; what a cracker of a story that would be. According to the 2010 census in Thailand (obviously out of date now), excluding the Laotians, Cambodians and Burmese, there are about 700,000 expats living in the country. So given you need to copy about 30 pages a year for immigration, that makes about 21 million pages of photocopies (and that does not cover company papers or education papers, etc.) per year! I want to see these ginormous stacks of paper.
  2. Lost Dog (Siberian Husky)

    I saw a Husky, clearly lost, at the intersection of the ring road and the Doi Saket road. Disoriented and nearly got run over about a week ago. Had a large leather-looking collar. Wonder if it's the same animal; they do travel great distances, you know. Post some photos.
  3. Mary and the Witch's Flower (2017)

    I have the never seen this movie available anywhere. Anyone read any Japanese anime sites?
  4. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of this movie? All DVDs of Japanese animation here have no English language or subtitles. I need one or the other. Thanks
  5. I was told by immigration that it was around April. So that means probably plus one to 3 months.....
  6. As I said in another thread, this service is cheaper than the one that now occupies the space where G4T used to be. Having said that, I went this past month to do my retirement extension and arrived at about 5:30am I think and was No. 8 in line. I was completely finished and out the door (including a multi-reentry permit) by 11am. By the way, G4T incarnation called me cold about 2 weeks before my time was due to ask if they could do my extension again, as I had them do the previous year. The girl said she would come to my house and get all the paperwork in order, so I assume that there is no need for you to go to their office, unless you want to. As for paying for something that you can easily do yourself, that's up to the individual. Ipso facto you are retired, which means you have free time for a few hours a year to do your visa duties, so why not do it yourself? Or not.
  7. Time to stand in line at CM immigration

    I was asked at the retirement desk if I had a TM30. I pulled out my prepared documents that the upstairs agent freely told me I would need -- form filled out by the landlord, a copy of his ID card and copy of the house registration book and a copy of the lease. The ladyboy helper took one look at all this and said, "Not that," and reached back and got a completed stack of papers from some other retiree and showed me, very briefly, an elongated stub of paper looking like a receipt. She/he put that away and I said, "I have never seen that before in my life." There was a short discussion between she/he and the main official there and he said something (in Thai) to the effect that since I was living at a Chiang Mai address, it wasn't necessary. I didn't question anything as it appeared that I dodged that bullet...so after the new extension, I go out to get the documents checked for the re-entry permit and the girl says, "Where's your TM30?" And I wave my hand dismissively and say, "Oh, that was all taken care of inside." That throws them for a second but then off I go to get the permit and nothing more is said about the elusive TM30. Someone wrote: "...no reason to believe that services won't be better once all the officers are housed in one building with adequate space..." Um, sorry to point this out, but the same cast of characters inhabiting immigration will be the same no matter where the office is. And I assume they will have the same canned voice calling out numbers and directing them to "count-ree" number such and such. You'd think that it would be easy to record over that and actually have it say, "counter," but I guess they figure that either they don't want to go through the bother or they enjoy being laughed at silently. The amount of wasted time there and officials sitting doing absolutely nothing is astonishing (aside from seeming to come to work at more or less any time they feel like it, as long as it's before 10am). A time and motion study expert would have a coronary watching the place. By the way, the new agent in the old spot where G-whatsit was is more expensive than G-whatsit. Quite a bit, actually. G-whatsit is now called Best Friend Visa and they had my number on file from last year. They will even come to your house and review your documents and do everything and then tell you when to come pick up the visa/re-entry. I didn't use them this time since I, like others, thought, "Why spend 4,000+ baht on something I can easily do myself?"
  8. Time to stand in line at CM immigration

    Arrived at 5:30am and was No. 8 for Non-imm O extension. Although a number of officials don't seem to have to show up to work at any given time...some at 8:50, another at 9:20...and some more or less sit there doing nothing most of the time, I was out of there with everything I wanted, including m-reentry permit by 11am. FYI -- the whole imm shebang will move back to the old digs in April.
  9. Time to stand in line at CM immigration

    The is no "evening shift." That's fake news. The last time I tried for an extension of one-year visa was two years ago. I was there at about 4:30am and did not get a number. In at 2:30pm and out by 3:45pm? Maybe for a 90-day, but not for a full visa extension.
  10. Time to stand in line at CM immigration

    9:30pm? I don't think so. Whatever a TM 70 is, I am sure it doesn't make the people work FIVE HOURS overtime.
  11. Time to stand in line at CM immigration

    You arrived at 4:30am in line?
  12. Any recent knowledge of what time one might turn up at Promenada to stand in line for a one-year extension of visa (and get a number to be served when they open)? Actual information would be appreciated.
  13. When I was in Bahariya, Egypt and it was very, very chilly, the room had an AC unit that they said I could use...at first I said, "What on earth do I need an AC for when it's like 5 degrees outside?" They turn it on, set it at 27 or something and it pumps out nice, warm air. In minutes it's toasty inside...this Samsung should be able to do the same thing. I don't recall looking at the brand of the one I used in Egypt, but there was no comparison. A setting called, "heat" should actually do what it says.
  14. "If you're loaded.... You don't find them, they will find you." A lot of men who are "loaded" don't show it off. Some you'd never know they had a great deal of money at all. Then again, there are men here that appear to have a lot of cash, but are in fact hocked up to the eyeballs, and some have blown all their retirement nest egg on a fancy house (for the bird) and car and so on....the egg is now a very small pigeon egg, just enough to pay for the operating rights to the woman. By the way, just a note on the other side, this fellow I used as an example was not only no spring chicken, he was not attractive. I mean sometimes you meet an elderly fellow here who is actually in pretty good shape and has good genes. This fellow was not one of them.
  15. "Seen plenty with hookers, but very few (maybe none?) with gorgeous wives." But quite a number of marriages started out with the man "feeding the meter." "OP without a photo I'm going to assume we have very different ideas of what is gorgeous." Oh she was, trust me. "Wealthy old men don't have to go find super hot women. The super hot women find them." Perhaps I am not old enough.... NancyL -- I am not talking about an "escort." This man and woman (and others I have seen along the way) appeared to me to be "a couple" and in it for the long haul. At any rate, let's assume that. As I said at the outset, it's not about how to keep a woman who is 35 years your junior and eight grades higher in looks than you ever were (even 35 years ago), it's about where such a woman could be found. I mean do you keep your eyes open in the supermarket and walk up and make a stone-cold introduction, hoping she doesn't think you are a weirded-out farang? Or do you tip the Amazon Coffee girl 1,000 baht for giving you an extra sugar packet? The nut of the question here is that if you take bargirls, freelancers and the like off the table (so to speak), where and how would a 65-75 year old man get ahold of such a person. I like the clubbing answer; I think it has merit, but at the same time it's a bit of an oxymoron to think of a geezer in a club with young, virile women. More so if the idea is for the man to meet and create a relationship with one of them. By the way, I do agree that most "catches" here for long term relationships entail pretty average looking women (and as many again sub-par looking). But there are exceptions. A few of the avatars on ThaiVisa, assuming they are not fake, show some pretty nice looking females with some pretty decrepit males. The kind of thing that would make life less fun for the dirty looks and comments you'd get if you lived in England or America. They seem to be rather quiet, or haven't seen the thread....