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  1. Someone should be court marshaled for sending out a 1 vehicle "patrol" in that area....
  2. Should be banned in public in the western world.
  3. Busking/ selling stuff is pretty harmless, but I draw the line at clown pants.
  4. Possibly son of cop balked at a padded bill?
  5. Misunderstood you when you said last time you looked, there were loads of appointments available in may.....
  6. Apparently it lasts for 1-3 months.... maybe need some time
  7. So, there's none available for April, (it's the end of the month already).... that'd make sense
  8. Douglas Adams Laurie Lee Charles Dickens
  9. Serious previous offenses.... no license allowed.... is that too <deleted> difficult? sickening..... really.
  10. It's just Thailand and China " back scratching" each other, ..... " you buy our subs, we build arms factory in your country.... deal?"
  11. Anyone know decent n cheap rice n curry place in suvannakhet? All I could find was noodle shops, barring the overpriced places catering for the tourists
  12. Side note: for @100 baht, there's a stall opposite the embassy that'll do your photocopies and fill out your forms for you.
  13. Herion.... please God, don't let that stuff make a comeback on the studs scene
  14. I find hang gliders more awe inspiring.....