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  1. About 50 baht of tequila...... thai netizens now want to nuke the civilized world..... lol
  2. superstition..... but quite harmless and one of the many things that make Thailand a special place.... may it continue and Thailand not become the sterile dull place that Western Europe has become.
  3. Meanwhile in Thailand(south), bulls goring each other is a regularly televised event with no apparent opposition from the Thai netizens...... ahhhh, it's part of the traditional culture..... that's ok then. Definitely not condoning the idiot..... but I do sense the usual xenophobic tendency of the natives again.
  4. Burn the house down.... find a new girl
  5. was it a bungalow, no balcony to shove him off?
  6. Yes, village headmen have to carry guns in the red zones....
  7. I was once told that when possible, if the parents separate the daughters in Thailand would go to live with the father due to the stepfather 'problem'.
  8. Side note: if you're on a non-o visa based on marriage; you can get a work permit with this visa, meaning you only have to deal with the labor dept rather than the labor dept and immigration office.
  9. Buy them some buckets from the 20 baht shop to keep them going 'till harvest.
  10. I certainly don't condone what this jerk does, but I do wonder if the furious Thai netizens get in such a furor over the bull fights in the south..... And for the record ..... i really don't give a t*ss what visa he's on
  11. Just had exactly the same thing, was starting to freak out after 3-4 weeks coughing.... it just cleared up couple of days ago like nothing had ever happened.....
  12. Get your washing off the line, it's going to rain
  13. Quick hijack..... is it ok to constantly use '95 in a motorcycle that has the '91 sticker under the seat?..... I've been doing this under the impression it's better for the engine