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  1. That ticket is the number allocated to your passport so they can find it easily when you go to collect it the next day, first come first serve.
  2. Dropping his trousers in front of a group of kids and then saying he loves them suggests mental issues.....active pedophiles tend to be more subtle with their grooming techniques and thus more dangerous as they win the children’s trust first.
  3. YouTube star slams rip-off taxi driver

    Just a low income blue collar worker trying to squeeze a few extra baht from someone who probably wouldn’t miss it much anyway, it’s not right I know, but compare the lifestyle of enraged Mac or whatever his name is to the taxi drivers lifestyle and quality of life, then you’ll see the real crime; it’s social injustice and maybe Danny Mac should think about that instead of ranting about his couple of hundred baht..... <deleted>.
  4. Here here, last week missus paid 110 baht for a ticket that has 80 baht written on it, missus and vendor said 80 baht is only if you buy the whole book of 5 tickets or so, and it’s normal and not illegal to sell tickets at a higher price if the vendor has to break a book to sell one, I call BS on this, total scam
  5. Dilemma over a Thai ladies behaviour.

    If the cow is treating the staff badly, cancel the sale and wait for a new buyer, she should show some loyalty to the staff who may need their jobs and inflicting a Thai woman with a bad attitude on them isn't fair.
  6. The fact that he's robbed a currency exchange will probably result in a pretty harsh sentence
  7. I wonder what a background check on his criminal record might unearth, and would it not be a good idea to make it mandatory for people applying for extensions of stay/ non-tourist visas to have to provide these?
  8. Russia will do everything within it's means to keep Assad in power in order to hold on to the Tartus Naval base to which it has of 2017 been given sovereign rights to as well as a 49 year free lease... I think Asaad is there to stay. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  9. If he's from such a wealthy family, why on earth did he have to do this for the sake of 40k?...... Sounds like his family stopped answering his calls Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect