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  1. Tallviking

    Fire ravages Bangkok pub

    Did the fire start in the car in front ? Looks like it might come from there on the pictures ?
  2. Same rule as in your own country probably You are not allowed to cross a drawn uninterupted white line (like is shown in the picture)
  3. Checking conditions of the tires and imposing a minimum depth of thread in the tires would be much appreciated Especially in the rainy season
  4. Tallviking

    Prawit confirms China submarine purchase done deal

    Thailand did the same last time they bought submarines (from Mitsubishi Japan) in 1938. They asked for a bid of three submarines and bought 4
  5. And the driving school are not in any danger of being corrupt ? No checks´s and balance-system ?
  6. Tallviking

    SURVEY: Death Penalty -- Good or Bad?

    Which is more "humane" Putting somone at "Bangkok Hilton" for life with no possibilities of parrol och executing them after the court verdict ?
  7. If you know anything basic about military aviation it is the same the world over. Civilian rules do not, and can not, be used on mitlitary aviation If military aviation had to follow civilian rules they would not be allowed to carry weapons, not be allowed to fly low and not be allowed to fligh high risk in any type of conflict area
  8. Yes. The most visited events are those with hich speed, a lot of noise and high risk of accidents. Formula 1 is the sport with the biggest crouds ever So its not just "some people". It very very many people.
  9. https://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/thailand-signs-contract-for-six-saab-gripen-fighters-221552/ with pilot and technician training to commence in Sweden during 2009. I could also give you a row of links in Swedish (I am Swedish and have a background from the RSwAF)
  10. Tallviking

    How Thai Air Force acquire Gripen fleets

    The decision to buy new fighter jets was taken during the Thaksin goverment and the procurement process took several years Since Thaksin didnt really have the cash for it he suggested to pay some parts with chicken (true how unbelivable it might sound) But since only the russians was willing to accept this Thailand was very near in procuring russian fighter jets Thanks to the military taking over and later an elected goverment, the contract was then signed with SAAB for 6 planes (4 oneseaters and 2 twoseaters) and an erieye radarplane. Later another 6 planes was ordered in 2010 under another elected goverment. I believe there are discussion today to buy even more planes
  11. This was the first ever fatal crasch in a JAS 39 Gripen
  12. No. It was much more common before than it is today. Today is very strict rules about safety, bufferzones, not flying in or over the crouds etc etc They have learned from previous accidents at airshows
  13. Schwitzerland have not choosen yet
  14. How many soldiers died in the US during accidents last year ? Can you trust US doctors ?