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  1. +1. They did have specially priced breķkies at 145 Baht still ongoing earlier this week in Pattaya. BETT: Bacon, eggs, toms & toast (sourdough and proper butter), plus a coffee of course and a newspaper to read.
  2. Christansen.
  3. They were tournament proper. So it was 74, then. Gregorz Lato from Poland.
  4. Pele in '58? Juste Fontaine scored 13 for France.
  5. The Sportsman on Soi 13 is another option nearby - accross 2nd Rd from the Robin Hood. I would say the food is far better at the Sportsman, the Robin Hood is more roomy. I don't know if there are enough petrolheads to fill either place. Enjoy the race, elzach.
  6. Waiting lists rule out living on a council estate and I think most people prefer to live under their own steam rather than rely on government handouts. Add in the weather, the ladies and the pace of life. For me it was a no brainer to come here.
  7. Gary Lineker.
  8. That girl called Kirby. Forget her first name. She scored against Spain the other night.
  9. Steady on Crafty. His dad is a Bolton fan. I was expecting Owen to rock up at the Reebok but he went on to play for those deadbeats at the end of the number 8 bus route.
  10. I am quite new here as a full-time retiree. I don't know whether you have noticed me or not; I am not sure if I have noticed you. For the next week only I will walk around town with a copy of the Nation tucked under my left arm. If you spot me I will buy you a pint, but only if you say: "You are Champers and I demand my free pint." Feel free to buy me one back if you like. Good hunting.
  11. Phil Thompson
  12. Emlyn Hughes
  13. I'm sure there is a dirty joke in their somewhere .... but I'll let someone else tell it. Suffice to say, if you follow Johnny Craddock's advice, you can make doughnuts just like Fanny's.
  14. Get Googling, Rc2702. The integrity of this whole thread is at stake. 😉