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  1. Anyone fancy sitting on a beach in the Carribean just now?
  2. Manchester City

    I read the article yesterday and agree with Pep's assertion that there is a gulf to fill between same age football and first team football. It is a sad indictment of the English game that City feel the need to use a foreign league to fill the gap. The old Central and Football Combination leagues used to provide reserve team football that wasn't age based. Young players got the chance to play with and against seasoned pros and youngsters got the opportunity to develop and toughen up, or fall by the wayside. They develop a bond with the club which can get diluted with repeated loan moves. Modern pitch technology would enable most reserve teams to play at the main stadium instead of at non or lower league grounds. Knowing that you could play a blinder for the reserves and get in the first team next week; in front of a full house; would incentivise players. I would also like to see the number of subs reduced in first team matches from 7 to 4 - a goalie and 3 outfield players. This would increase the versatility of your average footballer and give more opportunity for players to actully play; albeit in reserve games. When England won the World Cup 10 of the team had come through their clubs system including the reserve team. Ray Wilson was the exception. England are falling behind their international rivals and need to act decisively and quickly to put things right.
  3. New accomodation

    Try Soi 14 off Naklua Road. You could save 1000 Baht a month. In a couple of hours you should be able to find something. Apartments are old and very basic but if it is just for sleeping rather than living they are fine. Sorry, but I have no contact numbers for you. Good luck.
  4. And they sure don't like being called Indian.
  5. It's not Florida or the Carribean, but is a mess. The photos are from Beach Rd between sois 2 & 6. A beach operator I spoke to told me there was frantic activity from 5.30 this morning to save property from being washed out to sea. City Council will carry out remedial works tomorrow (Saturday).
  6. Bali Hai renovation moving along

    Contractor is BS & BS. 😂 Nice photo of the worker hard at it; though he could just be heating some noodles. Where are his workmates?
  7. Nongprue removes illegal signs

    The ones blocking footpaths for pedestrians should go too.The advertisers should be billed for their removal.
  8. Poster of the year competition

    Where's Boycie when you need him?
  9. England women's team boss sacked

    Some blokes are in the frame as a replacement, including one called Colin Bell (not THE Colin Bell).
  10. Worst Joke Ever

    I went for a check up at the doctors. He said. "Now then Mr Smith, I examined your wife this morning and I have to tell you she has acute angina." I said. "Oh aye. And her tits aren't bad an' all".
  11. England women's team boss sacked

    FA are a useless bunch of clowns and always have been. Look who is in charge of the men's team. WC in Russia is going to be so embarrasing.
  12. Poster of the year competition

    Good grief! That is almost 50 years ago.
  13. Prayut’s visit to US may happen soon

    The five permanent members of the UN Security Council are USA, China, Russia, UK and France. Those 5 are also the 5 largest exporters of arms.
  14. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    And you get to enjoy the weekend leftovers.