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  1. Sorry to see Samaritans contact details missing from this thread, and the original on this topic. Could they be pinned in a prominent place?
  2. What it needs is for a benevolent foreign investor to pump billions of Baht into a club. Must be plenty on here.
  3. champers

    Manchester United

    Kiddo? He's won the flippin' thing, so he should have had first dibs.
  4. I've always thought the Air Asia cabin crew look like sexy minxes, with their black tights and high heels. The stewardesses aren't bad either.
  5. Tough on Jokanovic. He worked particularly well with fellow countryman Mitrovic. Good luck to Ranieri.
  6. champers

    Manchester United

    Arteta? Complete novice and a huge risk. Viera is making a pig's ear of things at Nice.
  7. champers

    Manchester United

    You've got that to look forward to when Pep jogs off.
  8. champers

    Manchester United

    Bobby Charlton looked like he had a bad cold to me. Otherwise, looks as fit as a butcher's dog. Winterwasp has clearly enjoyed life. No player rotation when they played.
  9. Looks like CP will be getting the concession for onboard catering, if their bid is the winner.
  10. Presuming 6000 Baht per day is turnover, rather than profit, it is not an earth shattering amount of money after costs are taken out.
  11. champers

    Manchester City

    You daredevil.
  12. champers

    Manchester City

    The last goalie to be a regular penalty taker in Manchester was Alex Stepney at United. It was the season they got relegated. Just saying.
  13. champers

    Box file

    I am looking to buy one of these. I have tried the big stationery shop in the 4th floor of Central Beach Rd, but no luck. Can anyone please suggest somewhere in the Central Pattaya area? Thanks in advance.