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  1. I am quite new here as a full-time retiree. I don't know whether you have noticed me or not; I am not sure if I have noticed you. For the next week only I will walk around town with a copy of the Nation tucked under my left arm. If you spot me I will buy you a pint, but only if you say: "You are Champers and I demand my free pint." Feel free to buy me one back if you like. Good hunting.
  2. Phil Thompson
  3. Emlyn Hughes
  4. I'm sure there is a dirty joke in their somewhere .... but I'll let someone else tell it. Suffice to say, if you follow Johnny Craddock's advice, you can make doughnuts just like Fanny's.
  5. Get Googling, Rc2702. The integrity of this whole thread is at stake. 😉
  6. De Jong didn't get sent off, but should have. English ref from Rotherham. Howard Webb.
  7. Imported chicken mostly gets processed into pies, casseroles, curries and fried chicken products and will not be labelled as from the US. Same applies to chicken imported into the UK from Thailand, incidentally.
  8. Perish the thought that he might possibly play 2 young players instead of Mangala and Nasri.
  9. If the US was right to feel aggreived when the Russians used Cuba as a missile base, do the Chinese have a right to be similarly aggreived over US activity in the region?
  10. Apparently any deal is dependant on the UK repealing a ban on US imported chicken that has been doused in a chlorine solution. Sounds tasty.
  11. The Man City carthorse, De Michaelis? By the way, Rc2702, do you think the old Malcolm Allison chip shop joke from the late 70s needs updating? Chips 20p, fish £1, puddings £750,000. Puddings are now £50 million at Pep's Chippy.
  12. Hundreds of them down on the beach clearing up the rubbish. No sailing the seven seas, no girl in every port, just shovelling s**t on Pattaya beach. Well, just for today. There must be important visitors due.
  13. 2? I don't know either's name. It was one dull match.
  14. A dirty Argie got sent off in 1990. Left back.