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  1. Rubbish, if you'll pardon me for saying so. Just 4 years ago, the Lions played in NZ and their captain (an Irish chap) was picked up by 2 NZ players and his head was speared into the ground. This was early in the 1st test and the guy never played again in the series. I understand this brutal tactic is now illegal (why not already?) but as the Lions head back out to NZ this summer I am sure something equally vicious has been dreamt up in the meantime. I am writing this while watching City v Utd. It's not very exciting for a neutral. Has Yaya got a sweat on or is it raining? Zabaletta looks like your best player.
  2. None, per usual.
  3. Yes; hiding the ball in scrums and using kicking the ball off the field of play as a "tactic". Add in punching, collapsing scrums, eye gouging and treading on and raking your studs over opponents. Many of these exciting moments of the sport are subject to video reffing. You may like it; I don't.
  4. Beds? There's a thought with endless possibilities.
  5. Central - as in slap bang next door to the police station.
  6. Once the genie is out of the bottle it won't be going back in. It is irreversible. Rugby; Union in particular; is a dull sport which needs excitement manufactured to make it interesting. I predict it will cause more friction than benefit but we will see. I may find it more difficult to see with my blinkers. 😉
  7. The police motto is "protect and serve". But who?
  8. Football matches will become 2 hours plus affairs. Great news for advertisers and sponsors, bad news for fans. See if you still like it in two years.
  9. No tongues, so not too friendly.
  10. There are plenty independant Chinese tourists. The main point of travelling independantly is no need to follow a tour operator's schedule and just do your own thing. Everything can be booked online. Chinese students study at universities accross the globe for years at a time, so a holiday in Pattaya isn't going to phase them.
  11. Due a gold watch. Maybe she will snatch one soon.
  12. Newcastle fans were glad to see the back of him.
  13. Sissoko at Spurs has to be up there.
  14. ...... and cheap. Same salary as his predecessor - 2 million Baht per month. Will be lucky to see out his contract.
  15. Lukaku might end up on the list if Chelsea buy him back for anything north of £50 million.