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  1. What a stunner. Looks like she might have a a bit of work done; but money well spent. Perhaps she needs to work on her twerking before she can become a big star.
  2. Reputation and pride is at stake. Where's VRA when you need it? 😆
  3. Sheffield FC? Oops...late again. Big up for Tubby.
  4. Mr Davidson is a civil servant and ought to base his priorities on the wishes of those he is meant to serve. I have sympathy for him because funding from the UK Govt will have been cut to the bone and he is essentially having to make the best of a bad job. He seems to have spent quite a bit of time putting himself in the spotlight recently and I am uneasy about that. I am not sure what his agenda is and how it impacts on his "customers".
  5. Let's not pretend that global investment funds protect the world's moral and ethical values. They want a return on investments and the bigger the better. They get uneasy about governments that could sieze and nationalise their assets without being accountable to anyone other than themselves. When democracy does return we can begin a fresh countdown to the next time there is military intervention. Will it be benevolant or brutal in nature? If the government could demonstrate a willingness to invest more of their own money instead of splurging on subs and tanks, they would have a better chance of getting overseas investors to part with their money.
  6. Let's not forget that other road users includes pedestrians who should not be imperilled by someone winging it because they are not sure of the meaning of a traffic sign. If in doubt stay put. Too many falangs on bikes and in cars feel they have the freedom to drive recklessly in a way they wouldn't dream of doing in their own countries. Undertaking is a prime example. If Thais have poor driving standards, falangs ought not to be dumbing down to that standard.
  7. Or Stelianos Giannakoplous. Stelios to his mates in Bowton.
  8. Jimmy Floyd Hasawank.
  9. Really; I thought it would be for Man Utd. I will throw it open.
  10. Peter Schmeichel.
  11. Prostitutes armed with guns. Gives them a slight edge in price negotiations.
  12. The Bolton team cost £110; 11 x £10 when they all signed on as professionals.
  13. Loss of face will mean never finding the real reason for postponement. Not really the way to go on if you want to be a sporting hub; especially for an event where elite competitors plan a schedule many months ahead of time.