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  1. champers

    Manchester United

    He was garbage way before this summer. Ask Harry Kane.
  2. champers

    Manchester United

    I forgot to mention Coady and Boly at Wolves. Any regrets about letting Coady leave Anfield?
  3. champers

    Premier Prediction Comp

    Can anyone please direct me to the scoring system or just summarise it here? Thanks in advance.
  4. champers

    Manchester United

    Gomes at Liverpool is a real class act, but he will not be joining any other Premier League team. I like the look of Mason Holgate at Everton. He has an edge to him which I like in a defender, though he overdoes it at times. He has plenty time to improve. I have seen West Ham's new Paraguayan CB Balbuena the last 2 weeks and he deserves to be followed. His partner, Diop, looks tasty as well.
  5. champers

    Manchester United

    Bobby Moore is the best example and believe me Harry Maguire is no Bobby Moore. He can play the ball out and can score at set pieces. Unfortunately, he can't defend for toffee. Grossly overrated.
  6. This is a risk people run by using minimarts to make change for a 1000 Baht note. I try to avoid doing this. I was once given 500 Baht too much in change at a restaurant. The waitress got it back; I know that till shortages are deducted from their wages.
  7. Maybe it is different parts of town that are busy. Soi LK Metro doesn't generally cater to Indian, Chinese and other East Asian visitors.
  8. champers

    West Ham Thread

    Perez on the Hammers bench. Will he come on?
  9. Of course, but he was somewhat taken aback that hotels were fully booked so soon; suggesting high season may be busier than usual. He has been coming here upwards of 30 years, by the way.
  10. Spoke to someone yesterday coming mid November and both his first and 2nd choice hotels are already fully booked. They are mid-range priced in the Klang / 2nd Road area.
  11. champers

    Unlimited Bacon

    So you pile all the mornings bacon onto your plate. Are you by any chance Chinese?
  12. champers

    Lone Star Texas Grill. Really?

    Go to Beefeater for top rate waiting service. Expect to pay considerably more for your food.
  13. champers

    Lone Star Texas Grill. Really?

    I like the tenderloin steak; very tender and tasty. The restaurant is good value for money; OP should give it a try.
  14. Your username summarises their injuries. Spooky.