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  1. champers

    THE England thread

    He didn't have Jim Beglin with him, did he? I watched on Lao TV with FIFA's English commentaries: Rob Hawthorne in the final (I think), Paul Dempsey, Ian Darke (brilliant) and John Helm, who talks too much and has to mention Yaarksher every 10 minutes. No summarisers, thankfully.
  2. champers

    Very disappointing visit to Pattaya.

    Drop dead gorgeous. That's a description, not an instruction.
  3. champers

    Tottenham Thread

    Silva's replacement? I reckon he will give it one more year to try for a Champs League win then get back to Spain. Doesn't he want to finish up at Las Palmas?
  4. champers

    Very disappointing visit to Pattaya.

    I still think Pattaya has plenty of what you are looking for and always will do. It is difficult to find new favourite places when you only visit and don't live in the city. Poorly run places close but there are always plenty of new places opening; bars included. DDG girls are still much in evidence; I think more and more they are being "sourced" online. Sorry to hear about your hotel, but again I think it is the poorly managed feeling the squeeze. Airbnb and other OBAs have a lot to answer for; many stay in condos and only the best run hotels can compete. The city is evolving and growing all the time and does cater for more demographic groupings, sometimes at the expense of others. Come back soon; after T21 opens in high season and see what you think then.
  5. champers

    Tottenham Thread

    Where will Phil Foden end up?
  6. champers

    Tottenham Thread

    Trying to flog off your youth team players? We know they will never play for City, so you can bask in a second hand reflected glory when they end up somewhere else, e.g. Trippier.
  7. champers

    Liverpool F.c.

    Could do worse than Belgium's Axel Witsel. I am surprised he has never played in the Prem. He is quality.
  8. champers

    Pollution. Health Problems. Your Opinion?

    That is supposed to be a high-profile showpiece site. Shame.
  9. champers

    Liverpool F.c.

    5th May when Stoke got relegated and, oh, how those Liverpool fans laughed and mocked me. See post 10. I was so wrong about Crouch.
  10. If they want him in the US they are welcome to him. Why would the US be poking their nose into the affairs of UK citizen carrying out his criminal acts in the UK?
  11. All judgements on the new stretches of beach need to be suspended until such time that they get battered by floodwater from storms. Won't be long now.
  12. A jobs fair being held yesterday and today at T21.
  13. champers

    Liverpool F.c.

    Shaquiri deal done. £13.5M.
  14. Maybe the shops concerned should be prosecuted too; as a lesson to others and a warning to future behaviour.
  15. champers

    Belgian loses watch to foreign grifter

    It is plain wrong to show the victim's face and the alleged thief gets to keep his anonimity.