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  1. I wonder if the Stones; currently touring again; use any snail related products to save their skin. The old Grecian 2000 certainly gets a runout.
  2. champers

    THE England thread

    Saw some interesting stats showing Rooney and Shearer had better scoring records as captain. I hope Kane is fitter than he was at the Euros 2 years ago, when he was useless.
  3. champers

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Kiss has Cod and Chips as a new menu item. It is coated with a cross between batter and breadcrumbs and the cod was excellent. It is 220 Baht plus 7% VAT. A small salad and tartare sauce are included. Chips are so so.
  4. champers

    Tottenham Thread

    You think dem mickey mousers are bad now; if they win on Saturday they'll be unbearable.
  5. champers

    THE England thread

  6. champers

    Tottenham Thread

    You are mything the point!
  7. champers

    THE England thread

    Nainggolan likes a fag, a night out and a few bevvies. He would be first on my teamsheet.
  8. champers

    Chelsea Fc Thread

    John Turturro's movie out later this year. Looking forward to it; even though JQ is a convicted pedo. No appearance from El Duderino, which is sad.
  9. champers

    Manchester City

    Yaya being touted as first signing. West Ham looking more and more like a retirement home for City has-beens.
  10. champers

    Tottenham Thread

    I believe; it's a policy at City. I'll take that back if John Stones is a regular next season or Patrick Roberts ever plays for you.
  11. champers

    Chelsea Fc Thread

    Where are John Major and David Mellor when you need them?
  12. champers

    What happened to Lay tomato flovoured crisps?

    I once bought honey butter flavoured Lays, mistaking them for Original flavour. They were vile. I miss Tomato ones too; my local Big C used to stock them. I wish Seabrooke's Smokey Bacon were available in Thailand. Lays do a Bacon and Cheese flavour - ditch the cheese.
  13. champers

    THE England thread

    Just the 10 defenders in the squad then. And yet, Walker will be a centre back. ???
  14. champers


    Emery has got the Arsenal job. Oooh you are awful - but I like you.
  15. Pssst. Don't tell him Britain is leaving the EU.