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  1. Dazler has had more comebacks than Frank Sinatra. With 6 girlfriends which day does he take off?
  2. So many bars for sale= solved

    No hospitals in Jomtien yet?
  3. ITD denies rumours Premchai is absconding

    Correction: has absconded already.
  4. Recent research says that picking your nose and eating the contents enhanced the immune system and is good for your health. Great news. I will live to be 100.
  5. Congestion at U Tapao

    I think it will improve soon enough. Mostly Japanese and Chinese investors are funding the EEC (Eastern Economic Corridor) and they need a gateway in the heart of the area. U Tapao will be that gateway. Expect direct flights to Japan sooner rather than later.
  6. So holding a private meeting outside Thailand is now illegal.
  7. Players are staying at the Dusit Thani.
  8. Manchester City

    I was just explaining what the Wigan chairman was talking about. I think the overwhelming majority of both sets of fans behaved well. I guess the level of stewarding and policing would have been in line with the expectations of trouble - not much.
  9. Manchester City

    He was referring to the rioting City fans who threw an advertising hoarding that hit a bobby. The new generation of City fans are not so used to losing; unlike their dads and grandads.
  10. Manchester City

    They normally ask their sister.
  11. Manchester City

    Could have been Will Grigg.
  12. Manchester City

    I wouldn't blame Bravo for the goal. One on one you would expect a good striker to score and he did with a very well placed finish just inside the post. I wondered if Walker got a shout to "leave it". If he did, he should be blameless too. Interesting to see Fernandinho finish the match as the big lad in the box for everyone to lump it forward to. Even Pep isn't above the most basic tactic.
  13. North Road wire-burying project begins Monday

    They have closed a lane off on both sides of the road for a stretch of about 100 metres. That should provide ample room for any mole reception pits (holes) and for a mini-digger to dig them. I must say the contractors on the job look well organised - good traffic management and signage plus workers wearing hi vis vests and safety helmets. Site looks tidy; dug up waste is in the barriered off area. Plenty of method and no madness.
  14. We'll be calling chips french fries next.
  15. Tottenham Thread

    Big club bias. Twas ever thus. United have been great beneficiaries of it over the years, in case you hadn't noticed.