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  1. Sometimes the difference is between 'racial profiling'…and bombs on buses…no easy answer to it.
  2. Have you seen these Russians? Phangan police and hotels want a word

    They even kept my TM6 'Departure' part…isn't that causing headaches…!
  3. Many will advise against any financial involvement with a Thai lady for a very good reason, many cannot be trusted. On the other hand if you have done your due diligence (on your Thai lady) then it can be a rewarding experience, however as many contributors warn, buyer beware. I have been married for the past 12 years in a house and on land bought by me and in my wife's name. Am I lucky, in a way yes, but I did do due diligence for a long time before committing myself or any money. And I ONLY invested what I could/can afford to lose. My personal advice is similar to others - invest ONLY what you can afford to lose, should it go pear shaped ensure you get a 30 year lease both of you have a WILL so that the family cannot evict you should something happen to her most importantly…chose the lady wisely…
  4. I went to my local immigration office where they had a similar situation, though the students were doing 'work experience'. One young lass assisted me in correctly filling the necessary forms. At the end she said in English, how was that. I replied that it was much easier with her assistance and thanked her. She replied, 'what no tip'…my laughter could be heard everywhere. I thought, you are not even a permanent employee, but already you have mastered the essential language of a Thai government employee…555…and no she did not get a tip!
  5. It was said 30 years ago, it stands today…Thailand is all 'Smoke and Mirrors'…say it, get your name in lights…then forget all about it.
  6. We as concerned non-citizens can all provide answers or reasons for this phenomena, but if the truth be known there is only one answer and 'Jag" provided it. Thailand needs a real police force that is there to 'protect and serve' rather than 'collect and desert' the people of Thailand. If such actions were formerly and regularly punished (despite the financial status of the offender) with heavy fines or long gaol sentences, instead of backhanders to the police, then possibly Thailand could curtail such abominations. However, this will never happen as too many police officers and court officials are reliant upon their weekly ‘brown envelope’. ALL of the anti-social, discriminatory and corruption problems associated with Thailand are down to one thing and one thing alone, the lack of a genuine (almost) corruption free police service. A police service where one can make a genuine complaint and have it thoroughly and properly investigated and, if necessary see action taken. A police service that is there to honestly serve the people of Thailand regardless of race, colour, creed, status or financial standing, and provide justice for all. Unfortunately, we will never see it in my life time…
  7. I am sorry, I realise I will be castigated for what I am about to state, but hey here goes. Why, simple question, did it take in some instances, some 30-40 years before people realised that a certain person(s) had inappropriately had some form of sexual/physical relations with them. Now I am not suggesting they are fabricating stories, but please do not give me the peer pressure crap…someone does something you do not like you act/react…at the time, loudly. I am sorry, but if it took you 30-40 years (or the thought of lots of money) to decide that what happened was not what you desired…too late. Do you have photographs, original/contemporaneous diary entrees, and recorded discussions with any one (at the time) about the 'alleged' incidents…No! Then all you have is unsubstantiated, factually unprovable and legally contestable ‘nothing’. Sorry…you have had many, many opportunities to act…too late now! I think it is even worse when the ‘affected’ wait, until the ‘alleged’ offender is deceased and has no ‘right of reply’, before coming out of their closet.
  8. OMG, please don't tell me (I wouldn't believe it anyway) that any HISO (Police/Military/Customs/Immigration/Government Officials) are involved in this despicable crime. No, it must be some no-mark from Burriram or Chiang Mai or Roi Et with no support, money or connections…just what I thought! Glad we sorted that out…555
  9. 'Maniac Auntie' cab driver surrenders to police

    I am surprised at the continued slamming of RTP procedures regarding 'arrest warrants'. Of course they have no time to administer the law, especially if it interferes with their gold shop minding, personal bar management, cock fighting organization, night-club security and the ubiquitous 'tea-club collections; please consider their feelings before you write…
  10. Queenslander

    Does anyone know where, in Nakhon Ratchasima, I can buy a canvass tonneau for an Isuzu V-Cross/D-Max 4 door 4WD?
  11. The ‘Call To Prayers’ (CTP) was probably essential in times when followers had no knowledge of the time of day. The CTP being a reminder to people that it was time to attend prayers, similar to the Christian Sunday Morning ‘ringing of the church bells’. However, in an age where everyone has a watch, TV, iPhone or computer the CTP is redundant. Possibly, it is still in use because without it, many would not attend!
  12. I totally agree with this rant…though to be honest possibly all it needs is either a dog license fee for every dog or compulsory desexing. If it is on your land, in your house or you are feeding it you must have a licence, 1000THB for every dog. If it is yours and your are not a breeder and it is not desexed a further 1000THB. If it does not belong to anyone then the government has the right to remove it, it is a stray. Sadly none of these suggestions will be considered, as the Thai local authorities are generally comatose, unless there is a buck in it for them!
  13. Taking orders for Rhode Island Red chicks

    I live on a farm in Pak Thong Chai, Korat. I want to purchase 12 'young' egg laying chickens and one rooster…any ideas where I can buy them. I am willing to travel to collect them…just need an idea of how much they will cost and when they will be available for collection. Hope someone can assist… Queenslander
  14. I cannot determine if these guys are guilty or innocent, but I can tell you that . the Red Bull heir is guilty (and never incarcerated, which is difficult when he is allowed to leave the country - I wonder why he didn't return) . the young female who killed 9 on the Expressway is guilty (and never incarcerated, nor did she complete her ridiculous social service - too busy, too far from home) . the Farang/Thai actress is guilty (and never incarcerated though the entry to the priesthood and the kissing of the feet looked good) . the incinerator driver is guilty (and never incarcerated, but his entry for a 'day' to be a monk surely counts for something when killing 2 innocent kids)) Because of this I am confused, I would like to believe the RTP, but their reputation for honest, reliable, ethical investigation practices, leaves a lot to be desired.