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  1. I am surprised at the continued slamming of RTP procedures regarding 'arrest warrants'. Of course they have no time to administer the law, especially if it interferes with their gold shop minding, personal bar management, cock fighting organization, night-club security and the ubiquitous 'tea-club collections; please consider their feelings before you write…
  2. Does anyone know where, in Nakhon Ratchasima, I can buy a canvass tonneau for an Isuzu V-Cross/D-Max 4 door 4WD?
  3. The ‘Call To Prayers’ (CTP) was probably essential in times when followers had no knowledge of the time of day. The CTP being a reminder to people that it was time to attend prayers, similar to the Christian Sunday Morning ‘ringing of the church bells’. However, in an age where everyone has a watch, TV, iPhone or computer the CTP is redundant. Possibly, it is still in use because without it, many would not attend!
  4. I totally agree with this rant…though to be honest possibly all it needs is either a dog license fee for every dog or compulsory desexing. If it is on your land, in your house or you are feeding it you must have a licence, 1000THB for every dog. If it is yours and your are not a breeder and it is not desexed a further 1000THB. If it does not belong to anyone then the government has the right to remove it, it is a stray. Sadly none of these suggestions will be considered, as the Thai local authorities are generally comatose, unless there is a buck in it for them!
  5. I live on a farm in Pak Thong Chai, Korat. I want to purchase 12 'young' egg laying chickens and one rooster…any ideas where I can buy them. I am willing to travel to collect them…just need an idea of how much they will cost and when they will be available for collection. Hope someone can assist… Queenslander
  6. I cannot determine if these guys are guilty or innocent, but I can tell you that . the Red Bull heir is guilty (and never incarcerated, which is difficult when he is allowed to leave the country - I wonder why he didn't return) . the young female who killed 9 on the Expressway is guilty (and never incarcerated, nor did she complete her ridiculous social service - too busy, too far from home) . the Farang/Thai actress is guilty (and never incarcerated though the entry to the priesthood and the kissing of the feet looked good) . the incinerator driver is guilty (and never incarcerated, but his entry for a 'day' to be a monk surely counts for something when killing 2 innocent kids)) Because of this I am confused, I would like to believe the RTP, but their reputation for honest, reliable, ethical investigation practices, leaves a lot to be desired.
  7. But, they are all Mr Rudd's mates…what harm can that be…except that China will own (eventually), like it will in other countries, more of Oz than the Aussies! But what the heck it will soon be a Caliphate anyway…as long as social security payments don't end!
  8. I am with Pimay 1 - crush the bikes…remember some of their HISO parents will still have to pay for them…love it..can't race without a bike!
  9. Why do I doubt that his medical problems will prevent him going to Singapore to attend to some business…or Laos or Cambodia for a Buddhist conference…
  10. Sorry UK Government, you have it ALL wrong…listen to us (TV subscribers) who know…forget the jailing - allow them to go, but then cancel their passports, entitlement to any government subsistence for them and any family members…but MOST importantly REFUSE them re-entry to the country…easy, no daily cost, no daily worries…
  11. Don't fix the f-in problem…just ignore it by closing the street…<deleted>!
  12. I'd like to see that…but sorry all I can see is 'Smoke & Mirrors'…words are worth nothing…it is deeds that count, and this country cannot spell never mind deliver, integrity, service and trust. Waste of breath…'Been there, done that, got the t-shirt and the shit is still the same…
  13. The transfer of RTP officers to inactive posts allows those officers to, when (shortly thereafter) returned to active duty, maintain their ability to obtain illegal funds. Funds, which we all know are ultimately shared with the senior officers who initiate the 'inactive post' solution. Sacking them, which is what should happen, would unfortunately mean a loss of revenue for all concerned - hence the short-term inactive post solution!
  14. I now await the moral outrage, the organized marches and hysterical biased rhetoric of the media, maybe throw in a few burnt cars and a bit of pillaging. Sadly, all I hear is the sound of silence. RIP Fallen Colleague Police Prayer Lord, I ask for courage Courage to face and conquer my own fears Courage to take me where others will not go I ask for strength Strength of body to protect others And strength of spirit to lead other I as for dedication Dedication to my job, to do it well Dedication to my community, to keep it safe Give me. Lord, concern for those who trust me And compassion for those who need me And please, Lord, through it all, Bet at my side
  15. James, your wife didn't change, she was always like that. You just didn't notice! Look at the facts, she talked you into buying a business that her and her family allowed to go bust - mai bpen rai. It is not her money so she doesn't care. You have brought her back to her village where she holds the power and can dictate the terms of your relationship - pay, pay pay, bend, bend, bend or go, go, go! She has shown by allowing you to take the child that he was not high on her agenda - until she realized that without the child you have no obligation to support her. The child to her is, in part, her money ticket; he is her bargaining chip as she knows you care for your son and won't leave him starving; there is her (not the child's) weekly income Taking him back to the UK is one option, but you have to consider if you are capable (on your own) of raising a 3 year old boy. Do you have sufficient family support in the UK should anything happen to you. Being 65 is not the problem, it is your long-term health that will determine if you can provide your son with the support he needs over the long term. You also have consider his relationship with his mother. She might be a money grabbing bitch to you, but to him she is his mother. Their relationship is important to his welfare and upbringing. Ok he might not be eating the foods that you prefer or think he should be having, but it is the food that his Thai family eats and he will fall in with that over time. I agree that he may not have the choices and opportunities that you think the UK can provide for him, but he will have his mother and other family support for many years to come. Can you provide that to him if you return with him to the UK. There is no easy answer to this, especially if your love for/relationship to, your son is strong. If you do manage to get him out of the country, I presume on a UK passport. You can bet your life your wife won't be far behind - as you and him are her money ticket! If you leave him here with her you will have a moral obligation (no legal obligation that I am aware of) to provide money for his (her) care. How much would depend upon your finances. Before you make any decision consider the following: Do you wish to remain with this women Are you happy to remain in Thailand, possibly not with your wife, and visit your son periodically Could you live with your wife in her Thai village, knowing that possibly you will be treated like dirt (even murdered?) and be paying through the nose for everything for everyone Is it possible to take your son back to the UK, legally In the UK can you provide him with the full family support he needs - in the long term Would it be fair on him to be distanced from his mother and Thai family, indefinitely Finally, can you accept that he may have to remain in the care of his mother while you return to the UK - and have occasional visits - which by the way will be determined by the mother on how much support you send her! Sorry cobber, not an easy choice all round. Me? I would take my son and run, but that's just me!