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  1. steveb6

    Xiaomi Pocophone

    the Meizu 16th has incre The LazMall 6/64 Poco has increased from 9,490 to 10,490 baht. TheLasaer at Lazada Poco 6/128 is unchanged at 10,200 baht.  And the Poco Armoured Limited Edition has increased fr What is Lasaer Poco. Is this pocophone with 128 memory? Price cheaper than 64 memory?
  2. My friends bedroom ceiling fluorescent bulb is flickering. So they bought a plug in fluorescent. Bulb and taped it on the wall vertically.It is at eye level and I feel I cannot sit in the room. Is it danerous for the eyes?
  3. steveb6

    Xiaomi Pocophone

    Where in bangkok can I buy poco f1?
  4. From my experience the medication gets to the point where it stops to work. Having a turp operation may be the best thing you can do. Keep in mind the operation will give you 5 to 8 years of trouble free but will grow back. As for me I had turp 4 years ago and my wife just had a baby boy this Friday. I continue to take proscar to prevent it growing back. If you need some advice I would be happy to help.
  5. steveb6

    Apply for US social security

    Glad to know I am not alone making a baby at 65. Do you know what the criteria is?
  6. steveb6

    Apply for US social security

    How about if you have a newborn baby born in thailand. is it possible to get additional benefits for the baby?