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  1. speleo

    Tony Blick - Ayutthaya

    I would like to contact anyone who knew British expat Tony Blick when he lived in Ayutthaya from c.2000 until 2010 when he moved to Si Sa Ket. Thanks, Martin
  2. speleo

    Tony Blick

    I would like to contact anyone who knew British expat Tony Blick who lived in Si Sa Ket from 2010 until he passed away earlier this month. Thanks, Martin
  3. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1413087393.413602.jpgRight around there. The Chef goes by Jackie. It usually does a good dinner business and they recently remodeled and completely redid the menu (which is when they added pizza). They also have decent fish & chips, mashed potatoes, and steak. I donot know about everyone else in this forum but I cannot for the life of me read Thai maps. Could you give us or me a description of where this place is like in directions. Thai maps are just plain frustration to me I get nothing from them. And I am interested in trying this place. Cup Mellow in Lomsak I know is excellent but has moved and is now on the road to Ban Tiu They have the best tasting pizza I have had in thailand. Please give more discriptive info on how to find this place you are talking about or perhaps a name. Type 16.4188°N 101.1556°E into Google Maps or Google Earth
  4. Seen elephants crossing the H12 near the Nam No NP headquarters a couple of times over the years. Last time was February this year. There are a lot of elephants in Nam Nao - you can usually find evidence of them every time you go for a walk up there.
  5. speleo

    TAT targets Tour de France for Thailand

    Now that is a bit more realistic. How could TAT confuse a one day race with holding stages of the TdF?
  6. speleo

    TAT targets Tour de France for Thailand

    This is not going to happen in 2015 as the TdF will start in Utrecht next year. And probably never will happen due to the logistics of moving the race back from Thailand to France in a sensible time frame. What they may be talking about is having ASO organise a race in Thailand - not the same as having the Tour de France in Thailand.
  7. Cardiff Consulate - yesterday (27 August) Multi entry Non-imm O on grounds of marriage to Thai national. Age under 50. Form, one photo, copy of wife's passport and marriage certificate (with translation) and 125 quid. Left with visa 15 minutes after arriving.
  8. speleo

    Changing Names (Thais)

    The brother-in-law works in Libya. He once had to come home a few months before the end of his one year visa/contract which meant the Libyians wouldn't issue a new visa. The solution was simple: change name, get new passport, apply for visa and go back to work.
  9. speleo

    Your Worst Thai Messups

    Whilst driving, pointing at a farm animal and saying "kwoi" instead of "kwai". It took 10 minutes for my passengers to recover sufficiently to explain my mistake. Good thread - I now know what it means when, as usual, I mispronounce 'beautiful'.
  10. Of course, the proper, British, way to cook these prime salmon fillets would have been to dip them in batter and deep fry for 15 mins. However, your shopping list didn't mention the packet of batter mix so had to suggest a much more poncey way of cooking them. Did you choose the Kiwi shushi method, Brit fry till it's dead technique or the Thai cook until crunchy style? Aloi mai.
  11. Shallow fry on medium heat. 4-5 mins on the skin side then turn over and give them a couple of minutes on the flesh side. Stop cooking as soon as they have changed colour all the way through
  12. speleo

    Hairy Like King Kong

    Unfortunately I now know the Thai for 'fat bald monkey'.
  13. speleo

    What's Your Favorite Northern Thai Food

    Deep-fried bamboo worms (caterpillars) in batter. Honest...
  14. speleo

    Israeli Woman Loses $3700 After She Left Bag

    My worthless opinion? Insurance fraud. Leaving money lying around would be out of character for an Israeli.
  15. speleo

    Carabao Playing In London This Saturday

    Afraid not - just the one night. I've been told that following this UK appearance they have some gigs in Germany, but I don't have the details.