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  1. I have searched the forums for someone with a similar situation to my own to no avail, given the rules change so frequently someone might be in a similar situation or able to advise.. I am a British Citizen and Thai work permit holder since mid Jun 2016, my visa is due for renewal this week and the consultancy I use have quoted me the following cots in order to complete the process; - Renewal of a One Year non immigrant B visa 25,000 THB - Renewal of work permit - 8,100 BHT Also I have been asked for a 'convenience fee' of 10,000 BHT (tea money) which could very well be a consultancy scam, apparently to ensure that if I am not at the offices when / if immigration visit in case I do not happen to be in the office at the time. My question is - are the fees correct for work permit and vis extensions and what would you suggest regarding the 'convenience fee;? Thanks in advance!
  2. Ever since the introduction of the central reservation and designated U-Turns spots on Viset Rd I see an accident every other day. Not sure what this was doing as no other vehicles involved in collision. All they have achieved with this ingenious bit of road planning is make an already dangerous road even more dangerous! Sent from www.myblackbox.tv