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  1. I find this behaviour absolutely disgusting, even if she had legs up to the armpits and a lo-cut blouse.
  2. Reason for the death-toll, is Thais have no common sense driving / riding on the roads. Clueless regarding speed / distance / what might happen / road sense. A few examples are undertaking / no helmet / no lights / red-light jumping. Nothing whatsoever to do with the reasoning in the above article.
  3. Why does this happen ? Because it can. Anything that people can do without penalties, people will do. People are lazy. They don't care about the environment. Easy dump than take to a designated area for waste.
  4. And the deaths will increase. If he caused hardship, maybe the parents would helmet-up their dear kids. These people "just don't get it".
  5. Would love to see the owner receiving a delivery and just tossing the stock randomly anywhere
  6. So does this push up the image of Pattaya, well done the security guard, or push down the image of Pattaya as we see yet another bag-snatch ?
  7. 700 people responded Pull the other one. Answering these questions honestly could lead to imprisonment. Is Walking Street at night-time the place to ask these questions ? Is the type of person in Walking Street in any way qualified to answer ? Maybe a question about corruption should be slipped in.
  8. And what about the "bozo" every 10 metres in WS showing a crumpled A4 sex-show advert right under the noses of the BIB ?
  9. Dated 5000 men 3 dates a day, every day, for 5 years = 5000 dates. And she advertises herself for giving advice Thainess at its best.
  10. Was going to pop in there last night for a quick tug. Changed my venue at the last minute. Lucky I did.
  11. Again, half a report. """How""" did he steal ? Why only half a report ? Has the "reporter" only been half-trained ?
  12. And the reason all the passengers were unloaded is ??????? Again "quality" reporting. 1/2 a report as usual.
  13. "" ME ME ME "" and surprisingly did not see the word ""Misunderstanding"". what a surprise.
  14. Great stuff !! Let it continue.