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  1. This Yinluck situation is getting more hilarious. She was allowed to escape. Was obvious the escape would happen. The Police helped her. And now they try get her back. Britain will not extradite her.
  2. 260 million or 260 billion ? Either way, that's alot of perverts "sorted". Maybe the media should categorise the sum.
  3. Quality !!. But only a few days ago some "big-knob" said tourists would have far more protection. More "hot-air" nonsense. So, why was the CCTV not working ?
  4. Bare buttock = legal proceedings OK. let's ignore all the Go-Gos. Next joke please.
  5. No "speed limit" signs anywhere + no "pedestrian crossings" anywhere. The above 2 =carnage and death.
  6. If over 9,000 were caught, how many were not caught ? 100,000, 200.000 ? Add to that those on drugs, the statistic must be in excess of 1/4 of a million. Mind boggling. And nobody cares. Just, as always, plenty of bla bla bla,
  7. 167 deaths over 3 days is below the average statistic. Statistics manipulated I guess.
  8. Two days down, nearly 100 deaths

    That's over 1,000. What is going on ? Is there any hope ? And I'm sure these stats are just a fraction of the real stats. The real figure must be at minimum 10-fold the given stats. 10,000 drugged / drunk motorists on the loose. All potential killers.
  9. Two days down, nearly 100 deaths

    What this mean ?
  10. Usual watered down stats. 70 daily deaths is the average, yet 41 deaths quoted here. Always adjusted stats.
  11. How does one cooperate ? What is the meaning ? No "grumbling ? Disgraceful service.
  12. darkness and wet conditions blamed What about "speed" and "alcohol" and "unawareness of conditions" ?
  13. German arrested over tree damage in Krabi

    Are you a Thai Lawyer ? Or a Thai Judge ?