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  1. ...... and cigarettes butts are "priority" number 1.
  2. 3 Bozo's and 1 ""Misunderstanding"" This word is becoming "over-rated".
  3. Yes, remember this is Pattaya. A "double Wah" would be in order here. Maybe a "triple Wah". Do we not see this inconsiderate nonsense every day ?
  4. Mayor sets 2-week major beach cleanup

    Larger "heavy machinery". Not rocket science.
  5. Mayor sets 2-week major beach cleanup

    Yes, but "apart" from the above "minor" details, everything on the beaches Hunky Dory.
  6. Impossible. This calculates to 1 butt every 2 CM. More nonsense plucked from a monkeys bottom.
  7. Note the white T-shirt guy, owner of pick-up, indicating the damage she's caused to his pick-up. And after impact, 1st thing she does is cover head with umbrella. Comedy at its best for sure.
  8. "Carnage of the year" award. Must win !
  9. Funny question. A monkey could answer that
  10. How were they caught so quickly ? Any chance of a "real" report ? Where are the Swedes ?
  11. PHOTOS: Torrential rain leaves Pattaya Beach Road flooded

    The 1st photo is NOT Pattaya Beach Rd.
  12. Theresa May commits a crime, gets jailed, and does a "runner". Then claims asylum in Thailand. Cannot make this stuff up.
  13. She is the property of Thailand. A fugitive. She must be handed back. Her life is certainly not in danger. She's running away from jail. No other country can make a judgement on the Thai legal systems' fairness. That's all.
  14. gf son is pregnant

    You not mention the age of the girl. The all important factor. Is that deliberate ? Did you teach your son the benefit of using a condom ? Why did he not use a condom ?