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  1. Police Station no Police Cannot make this stuff up !!
  2. Then why not increase this "very little" 15 hours ? And if 15 hours was "very little" what about the current 5 hours ? They don't know what rubbish to spout next.
  3. Is "scamming" really that easy ?
  4. 20,000 !!! They just don't "get-it".
  5. So the "Taxi-Meter" taxis that illegally do not use their meters are throwing their rattles out their prams. Thainess in all its' glory.
  6. Maybe she forgot her underwear 555
  7. Best bit was the Tourist Police getting taken out by the "garbage-bag".
  8. Attach a note to the underside of the exam paper. That should sort it. Does every "job" in Thailand take these precautionary measures ? Especially for Doctors and Dentists ?
  9. Last report Police said were not doing anything because no complaint made. Now the usual "u-turn". Why would the video=ographer get arrested ? He brought the case into the public domain. The "Computer Crimes Act" covers everything, Is "crushing" democracy.
  10. "Re-interviewing"" Adjusting the facts.