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  1. All quite normal. Child reversing at speed. Not even looking. Yesterday we were told Thailand "drivers" up to "international standard" Doesn't even "beggar-belief" anymore. Just "normal". On and on and on this senseless road carnage.
  2. Classic Thai attack. 4 V 1. And the "1" on the ground motionless. They hate farang so much, as this example shows.
  3. Chula to probe 'ugly' scene at oath-taking ceremony

    = loss of face for behaving like a chump standard practice / normal behaviour "plural" = how many committees will be set up ? 3 or 4 or 5 yes, Thais are far too "image-conscious" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Students are the "backbone" of the nation.
  4. Six missing as diving boat capsizes in Krabi

    ""Waves"" ? Cannot make these comments up !!
  5. August 25th which year ?
  6. Yep. Image of Pattaya "on-the-up". "Pure Quality"
  7. Cannot see the dog. Video does not show the dog was drowned.
  8. "Well known / Well connected" Should be a piece of cake then.
  9. What does this mean ? Per 100 Baht ? And the exchange rate is 43 Baht for £1, NOT 52 Baht for £1. Who's quoting 52 Baht ? Is this reporter living in a "Time Warp" ?
  10. Double Parking. Why not ? Who would mind some "random" shuffling my new car ? And she found it hilarious !! Could so easily have caused a major accident as it crossed the road. More Thainess in all its' glory.
  11. "miscommunication" <------------ this old chestnut rears its' head yet again.
  12. "Tea Money" ?? A polite phrase for "Stolen Money" ??
  13. Dont Police have insurance cover ? Would have thought they would. Or ... is the senior officer being "bigged up" ?
  14. So what reputation did the airport and country have prior to this FB posting ?