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  1. So the Chiang Rai Governor has given incorrect information. No surprises then.
  2. Pattaya28

    Two arrested in Phuket drug crackdown

    Well done. 2 arrested. Some crackdown.
  3. Mr Cool not look so cool now.
  4. So the scammer is giving advise on what not to do LOL Idiot !
  5. As usual, the important bit of how the password was got, is NOT in the report.
  6. Usual "hot-air". I guess the "lip service" is for the media. And 1 question. When you drive against the traffic, which side of the road should you be on ?
  7. Pattaya28

    Country shocked as rejected men resort to murder

    The "mindset" is taught at school. This will not change. Just more bla bla bla by someone not qualified to bla bla bla.
  8. "Misunderstanding" for sure.
  9. LOL. They had her in Thailand and let her escape. Cannot make this stuff up !!
  10. 1. Why would these 3 alleged businessmen take so much gold to another country ? And then keep it in an insecure safe ? 2. Who would insure these hi-risk men ? 3. Either way, they end up with zippo.
  11. Well that ""hi-quality"" video explains everything.
  12. But Thai drivers and riders are exempt because they are quality drivers and riders Cannot make this stuff up !!
  13. So let's see more photos. Hilarious. No one cares. Just talk talk talk. Just another report of dumped rubbish. Like the floating restaurants.
  14. Insurance does not last indefinately. The policy will always ask the duration of the visit. They are probably well within their policy rights. Again, a tourist trying to save money on insurance fees.