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  1. Yeh, busy with another lady. No surprises there 555
  2. And the gamblers are transported away illegally in the back of a pick-up And all that cash in rubber bands. Wonder where that ended up
  3. Stray dogs rounded up in Jomtien

    Well that's taken care of then
  4. emergency exit? .... are you having a laugh ?
  5. So there's pointless laws about not being able to play darts, but no laws about having a dump in a taxi. Can you dump in a bus ? or train ?
  6. What on earth was his penis doing in her mouth ?
  7. When you "check-in" to a restaurant on Facebook, a day or 2 later, Facebook asks for a "review" of this restaurant automatically. So what is the position ? Only a positive review is allowed ? A negative review can land you in jail ? "Democracy" at its' best !!
  8. So only "positive" reviews are allowed ? If this is the case, then this leaves the entire group of 40,000 worthless.
  9. Meaningless words on a yearly basis.
  10. That idea will work Well thought through.
  11. No insurance. Asking for trouble. Too many travel without insurance. Crowd-funding is not the solution.
  12. This is a 3rd world country. Your laws and principles and their laws and principles are far apart. Take that into consideration.
  13. Chonburi declared ‘red zone’ for rabies

    Yes. Under control. 2 days ago there was 48.
  14. Could be a monkey or not ? No proof it was a human.
  15. Local residents "offended"