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  1. If this statistic of 11,000 is correct, then the road deaths have halved. I doubt this. The road deaths was about 27,000 per annum.
  2. Am looking to rent a Condo for 1 or 2 months in Jomtien or South Pattaya. Studio or 1 bedroom. Must have car parking. Must have internet. Must be decent quality. Websites I looked at rent for minimum of 6 months. Can anyone advise where to look.
  3. Each random statistic is a number plucked from a monkeys' bottom.
  4. why would he do that this is "road rage" at its' best
  5. Hilarious And 1 was armed for the dangerous work of driving a mini-van Cannot make this stuff up !
  6. Pattaya28

    Illegal Chinese tour guide arrested

    So this Chinese screwing over Chinese on Thai Soil LOL. Great stuff. May it continue
  7. Pesky semen stains get everywhere, especially in Thailand
  8. A ""misunderstanding"" in favour of the karaoke owner. Was probably rubbing his hands together when he saw the Korean enter. And his well-trained girls milked him for all he was worth, plus an extra 100,000 for good measure.
  9. Short changing is rife in 7eleven and Family Mart. Had the same done to me a short time back at a restaurant. Food about 300 Baht, gave 1000 note and received change as if I'd given 500 Baht. Argued the toss with the waitress who was adamant I'd given a 500 note. After a few minutes arguing with waitress, supervisor came over to see whatthe fuss was. I explained. She said she'd check CCTV. 5 minutes later the waitress returned with the correct money. Just 1 example of many. Another big 1 on this is the exchange bureaus.
  10. Too many leave home with weapons. A sword ? Why not. Can do big damage. This is Thailand after all. Probably a "misunderstanding".
  11. I put this down to "1 big misunderstanding".
  12. Sanook knows about these mucky matters only too well.
  13. Best country for people with what interests ? Mongers ?