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  1. There are no sharp drops, it goes out to depth very slowly. It is very safe if people stay in the swimming areas, not the boat and jet ski areas. I would guess a medical condition here.
  2. Can't work out why anyone would want this, what's wrong with the standard retirement visa? As for the Brexit reference, what a load of garbage.
  3. As you well know a "brass" is also a <deleted>, so maybe not totally inappropriate.
  4. This man is, unfortunately, not on any wanted lists etc. With all his money he can easily qualify for a UK tourist visa. Plus he has been seen all over the place, hardly fair to single out the UK. There is only one Country at fault here and we all know that nothing will change.
  5. He is in all the news due to his position and it was seen/photographed by the media. Anyhow well done for trying to save the officer. No doubt others will be honoured for their part in helping victims, they are surely known by the authorities. However they probably won't get the media attention of the MP. Whatever. Well done to all that helped.
  6. Reading the report suggests her lifestyle is supported by her genuine income. His however is still under scrutiny. It is conceivable she knows nothing about his alleged drugs activities.
  7. No reason given, I still can't work out why Interpol would be involved for a man of 28!
  8. Well there is a 1st for everything I guess. I thought they always sorted their own mess out.
  9. Most of these drowning victims are in rural areas, parents can't swim, chances for children to learn are minimal. How many swimming pools in rural areas? Maybe bring it in as part of the school sports curriculum. Unfortunately the opportunity for most Thai to learn are few.
  10. Not exactly news is it? Of course these attacks are mainly from close family, this is the case in all Countries. The chances of this happening from a stranger is actually very low. The only way to stop it is to prosecute and severely punish all offenders. Unfortunately that rarely happens.
  11. I find this very hard to believe, I suspect the child is very scared and has been told what to say. I would put money on an adult being the perpetrator not a four year old. Also CCTV should be in all classrooms, it protects the children AND the teachers.
  12. Never heard of taking a marker buoy and signalling devices?
  13. Considering Thailand is a massive exporter of chicken, this is not exactly a surprise. Of course it's cheaper than local, that's why the big companies moved here in the first place.
  14. The bus was clearly in the wrong, he was heading north on Sukhumvit and obviously ran the light on the inside as all other traffic was stopped. I have seen this many times there, especially with the tour busses. The bike was crossing Sukhumvit heading towards the beach, they had right of way. Unfortunately as they are tourists, young and probably didn't know the area they didn't keep looking for something like this. I hope the driver gets hammered and the Company pay all costs and compensation! Unfortunately I have lived here a long time and doubt that will happen. I hope they make a full recovery.
  15. I have never seen a seat belt on a boat. They may exist on some craft I guess. Sounds like it wouldn't have helped here though. RIP