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  1. The net is a completely pointless idea. One minor attack in how many years?
  2. I have to agree with you there. No different than the ladies in those places are not the same as the vast majority of Thai ladies. Yes but it must be difficult when through no fault of your own you don't fit in with those edicts, dictats etc. Then those "compassionate" religions persecute you.
  3. nakhonandy

    3 billion baht needed to solve flood problems

    Actually they did get Dutch experts in about 7 years ago, unfortunately their advice was not implemented and billions effectively wasted in Bangkok. Same will happen in Pattaya probably.
  4. Fair point, I do keep the secluded ones I know to myself.
  5. Loads, check out the beaches on the way to Sattahip. Bang Saray is still OK.
  6. No we don't all have them, in fact I don't know anyone with one fortunately. The English flag might come out for the WC football, however I don't want to sleep under a flag.
  7. nakhonandy

    Four Trang islands closed four months

    Slowly the Thai authorities seem to be taking the environmental issues a bit more seriously. About time really, but it's a positive start. Well done. Hopefully they will take in to consideration other islands too, many have serious issues with tourism. Next, tackle the litter problem to stop allbthe rubbish getting into the ocean in the first place!
  8. So sad to hear this, learning to swim has to be done in shallow water. Some people just don't think about the consequences of their actions.
  9. Yeah I had a chuckle at that one too.
  10. nakhonandy

    Raid on forest encroachers finds land for sale

    Just arrest them and the corrupt officials that provided the land. Sorry, forgetting they are no doubt "connected good people" Arrest, no bail, evict them from the land and hammer all involved, it would soon end all this.
  11. 99% of trouble in London is to do with drugs and turf wars. Can't compare it to this.
  12. There are many excellent places in Thailand for beach holidays, they are just off the beaten track. Places where few or no tourists visit, hence no mafia, vendors etc. Sadly these places are getting slowly developed now also.
  13. It would be interesting to know the figures for people actually living in Thailand. I imagine they would be very different. Most of my expat friends are from the UK and Europe and although we recognize that things have changed, the majority are still happy here.
  14. They are absolutely correct of course, I wish more Countries got involved with things like this. Having said that, advising people not to get in the water if they can't swim might help.
  15. Well considering my Thai friends seldom drink beer and the western tourists are far fewer than previously, I can't say I'm surprised. The average Thai can't afford beer and stick to cheap whiskey or Lao Khao.