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  1. I can't understand all the fuss about an extremely rare occurrence, one that only resulted in injury, not death. I've been diving in Thailand for decades and can't remember hearing of any serious shark attacks. More people get injured regularly by marine traffic but that never seems to be addressed.
  2. Thailand make second World Cup Final

    Well done, considering all the Asian teams competing.
  3. Sensible advice. I have always done this and never lost anything. It can happen in any airport and not just from staff, fellow travelers also steal.
  4. Why do they need to discuss this. The slash and burn policy is already illegal! All they need to do is enforce it!
  5. Plans in place for a safe Songkran festival

    Isn't 10 dangerous days? The madness in Pattaya goes on until the 20th. Sadly another groundhog day x 10.
  6. Don't believe everything you read. The reason it didn't get going was all to do with the useless ref. Every time they tried to fight close they were separated by the ref, he basically killed the fight. That is probably the main reason it went the full 12! AJ showed far better movement in this fight and probably would have finished it in the latter rounds, had he been allowed to.
  7. Everyone knows that something has to be done about the stray dog population. This however is not a solution. Some sick person did this and I hope they are caught and severely punished.
  8. About time, I just hope it's not too little too late. Too many places like this being ruined due to greed. A lot of the stunning places I have visited over the years are just destroyed now. So sad.
  9. Bus drivers face random drug and alcohol tests

    This should be enforced all year, not just Songkran. It should also apply to trucks. Severe penalties for all caught, including the transport companies. This of course won't happen but it is certainly needed.
  10. Foreign tourist drowns on Pattaya beach

    To be fair the Dongtan side is much cleaner than the main Pattaya beach. Also the film is generally algae, unpleasant but not a health risk. Not much anyone can do about jellyfish, we are in tropical waters.
  11. That will be interesting in Jomtien, it's only main and secondary roads. In other words they will carry on as normal.
  12. Yep, round them up, give them all 500 Baht fine, always worked before (not).
  13. Probably because the wife is 52, not him.
  14. Why didn't the abbot want to get involved? It happened after all at the Wat and could hardly be seen as acceptable by a Buddhist. Fortunately the locals had more courage and moral standards.