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  1. Bit unfair blaming negative posters for his demise. If you seek public life you get the good and bad. RIP.
  2. Typical of that rag of an excuse for a newspaper The Sun. The party in Cambodia involved various nationalities but only the Brits get picked out. Harmless fun anyhow, behind closed doors, just another sting for money. Plenty of other nationalities get pissed and do stupid things here also!
  3. New crackdown sees darts BANNED in Pattaya

    I imagine this has something to do with gambling for some obscure reason. Just another ridiculous army or police act, madness.
  4. Brave attempt by Thai Rath, however I doubt if it will help. Until comprehensive driving education/tests are mandatory and police actually enforce the existing laws nothing will change unfortunately.
  5. They need to round up all the strays and get rid of them. Next if you want a dog you need a license, that would put half the useless so called owners off.
  6. Odd that all privately installed CCTV works yet none of the government stuff.
  7. Irrespective of what everyone thinks, the insurance company won't pay. Rightly or wrongly, I have no idea. Why she needs to fly back to the UK for treatment is beyond me as there are plenty of very good hospitals here. If Samui is no good then get transferred to a good one on the mainland. I would imagine the 16k already raised would cover it.
  8. Police computers hit in latest Thai cyber attack

    Quick guess. SW out of date, illegal SW, no virus protection, no maintenance. Alternatively, all of the above.
  9. Football fiasco: Two Britons, Thai accused of Premier League piracy

    I know that but the copyright for content is international.
  10. As usual not driving safely in the conditions. Feel sorry for the kids, the elephant too. How do you not see an elephant?
  11. Survived two shots to the head with a 38, how? I hope she recovers. Unfortunately these incidents seem to be occurring more frequently.
  12. Football fiasco: Two Britons, Thai accused of Premier League piracy

    I wondered when this would happen. Many IP streams out there breaking copyright laws. It will be interesting to see what happens next.
  13. Not sure why almost all are assuming the big bike was speeding. I used to race bikes for a hobby and a big bike can travel a long way on a road. Even assuming the 100m is accurate, which knowing media reporting here is suspect at best, the bike would not necessarily have been speeding. That KTM is a heavy bike. The guy crossing the road on a blind bend however is proven. To be fair without knowing the whole story I find it difficult to blame the big bike rider. Unless you really know what you are doing it is not easy to change direction on a bend.
  14. Evil spirits being Lao Kao and Yaba no doubt. Long term jail term I hope. Hope the girl recovers physically, probably never will psychologically.
  15. Chinese Tourist Drowns at Jomtien beach

    There are no sharp drops, it goes out to depth very slowly. It is very safe if people stay in the swimming areas, not the boat and jet ski areas. I would guess a medical condition here.