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    Not an expert but As we know the warranty isn't the best hear & I've also heard if the tube goes it is very expensive to replace Lets hope your electrical system has all the protection services
  2. Benefit of getting Thai credit card?

    Hello all Just want to check something & still have one foot in Thai & Auss * I have 2 Auss bank accounts in different branches BUT ! only have online access ** 1card is useless since I cant activate due unable to change phone number from here Master card Debit ** The other Visa Credit - they will only send it to your Auss home address (cant even get it sent anywhere else in Auss net alone overseas ) That goes with all banks in Auss So this leaves me with transferring from Auss accounts (online to my Thai BBK account (Visa Debit ) BBK said I have 150,000 bht Debit allowance in 1 day Cannot use overseas (due to no roaming Thai phone number ) - Presuming I could still use an Atm (overseas ) So now due to Ausses companies & their barbaric ways I need to get a Police Clearance to be a Skilled Labourer ? Do you think it is possible to use my thai Visa Debit card for this & even to make plane / hotel bookings on any world wide site Thanks all An experiences
  3. I'm presuming it's to verify his address in Thailand , & if it is I don't know why they just don't go to Immigration & get a Certificate of Residence
  4. So why hasn't the police come out & made any replies since the OP has gone to the trouble of getting a news team involved from a neighbouring country & making these claims
  5. I also see some of these type of trucks in my area - Real beat up Dodge looking thing (like tanks ) from the 60's
  6. I have noted one thing whilst living here Why do all the aging men (who are about to retire or are retired ) need to have another baby at their age (maybe woman has no children ) when they should be in their happiest final yrs If the women wants a child why not tell her to find someone younger
  7. Well from where I come from it's alot more expensive to be in this situation even if it was legal, You would lose upto 50% of your super (to be paid immediately ) + the house / on going child support set by the feminists till maybe 20yr old ( having to justify every year that circumstances change ) & having to survive very expensive conditions whilst also paying for kids on their visit to you whilst still paying child support
  8. You might want to start living in the real world, I know of & have seen many things I definitely know of one thai wife leading a double life & heard of people committing suicide when they found out of the wifes affairs in my home country (blamed it on work for being on a month away roster ) & of cause the assets shall remain in Thailand if your beneficiaries are to inheret them
  9. Trust or Lover / Family Well the OP thought he had trust so there was no worry to worry about the rest (I guess he got that wrong ) Then theirs the Lover - Heard of many stories here & abroad (Guess what the Husbands usually the last one to know ), thats why it all comes down like a ton of bricks when it comes to the crunch Then I'm sure as quite a few of us know there is the Family somewhere in the middle trying to get whatever they can by absolute force of cycological pressure But I think the main thing at the end of the day it shall remain a Thais if you were to pass away (Ok you might still have your car if still around )
  10. 5) The owner can’t borrow money or sell its property if a Usufruct is registered. False. Even if you register a Usufruct Agreement on a title deed, the owner can sell his property to anyone. But in reality, nobody is interested in buying a property where they will have to maintain your right and won’t be able to use this property until you die. This is why a Usufruct is a good protection for you as it allows you to live there for the rest of your life, whatever happens. If you want this right to be passed to your heirs. It can also be done by a Lease Agreement it might be a better option depending on your case.
  11. I thought that's where they might of deported him to (home country ), like over stayers' Also thought he may have a hard time getting into other countries with a mark against him unless that's not recorded against Immigration records
  12. So ok as far as we know hes lost the lot & been banned from Thailand (is that for life ) He's going to have a hard time back home when he has to start proving things to move on with his life as I'm sure the wife will not co-operate especially concerning documentation
  13. It's actually not corruption If you find some one stupid enough (like loan shark or ect ) to take on or buy the property (land owner can do as they please with land - you are only squatting with the use of it ) But the new land owner has to carry the burden of whatever has been agreed to on the Title