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  1. I have an English friend that does the 800,000 episode He has to actually show movement of money in & out of that account for the whole yr since you are suppose to be living of this In Korat
  2. Agree There may be several schemes 1. Village funeral - Apparently you don't get much money from that, from what wife was saying 2. Village bank - I've come across situations where every yr they wait for people to pay back money & then wait to see what is in the kitty for people to obtain again
  3. BEVUP

    Thai woman abandoned by Thai husband

    Husband left & still married for 8 yrs Him racking up bills, inwhich she was forced to pay - So how would she know all this if there wasn't a divorce hearing - Guarantor or what Head of Spa section at 5 resorts - shifts jobs a bit for that position