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  1. I would say the posts are - They just outside the boundary I'm in a new Moo Baan & that is the way it is but we do have a 1mtr public path beyond that
  2. 11 passengers injured as bus crashes into tree

    WOW I think this may be the first Thai bus driver to admit negligence Quote " I lost control of my bus due to the worn out tyres on the slippery road "
  3. Best hypertension medecine?

    Read my post in High Blood Pressure
  4. Well they didn't check him for Encephilitis, to ensure there was no need to relieve the swelling
  5. obviously a problem through out the country as the elderly also need their full pension to survive That they would respect
  6. Bangkok Governor shuts controversial markets

    Yes amazing They've spent a lot of time going after land encroachment & illegal resorts ( to the point of demolition ), but let a bunch of big markets operate illegally
  7. Just sheer arogance Just wanted to be that little bit closer & as for acknowledging that she was aware that the horn was for her, but then explained she wasn't finished may my heart bleed & apolagise to the driver & say take as long as you want (moron) This is how aragant they can be In the new Central Plaza (korat ) one day & plenty of parking (I even got close to the door ). There was a wide thoroughfare in front & to the side of me (since I was parked in a corner space ). There was even a space behind me But guess what ! A driver comes along (Thai I presume ), & parks right beside me in the thoroughfare leaving the space behind me empty
  8. High blood pressure

    You need to go & have a FULL blood scope & a ECG Then your Doc should give you a BP monitor to wear for 24 hrs (this gives them an idea of your fluctuations ) Ok your on Losatan In my case I had roughly the same BP as you & Auss doc gave me Caduet 10/20 (Simvastatin /Amlodipine) After time it still didn't really improve & anther Full blood scope ended up with me being given Fenofibrate Further along the track work picked up that I had a BP of 140/90 (no good for them ) so back of to Doc to do all the above again That resulted in being prescribed Clandastatin Cillexil (Todesaar ) a Blood vessel relaxant Now BP is 130/85
  9. Battery prices

    WOW ! But it may be a completely different case as to mine I'm only talking Mop head here & the battery I bought was 400 bht - Gel filled I put it in myself I couldnt imagine a 250's being much bigger but may depend on quality & filling
  10. Man Cave/Guest room

    Why not Q Block then you wont need insulation
  11. I know you wanted a work permit to help but as another poster said " & do what " So lets look at it as to when you walk in the door of another Dentistry * you have paid for all the set up - Waiting room / Receptionist desk / clinic rooms with equipment / aircon- tv's / ect ect * Then I'm sure your wife would want an assistant / along with a receptionist & someone to keep the place clean & sterile. This was the area no doubt you were looking at savings & maybe still can as It's a one person show
  12. Fertlizer for malay grass

    Hello I have 30 m 2 of Malay grass Most on the Sth side as it is now getting most of the sun I use maybe once or twice a yr ( & have actually just done it ) * Just general dry plant / flower fertilizer ( this is what you should use only since it is the first time ) * also I use dry Nitrogen (since the above doesn't have enough in ) * & a liquid product called Extra Microorganism (white bottle / green top ) # If you decide to use more then 1 product seperate by 1 mth Grass is basically like growing rice This time I did a heavy fertilizing I just throw the plant food around & the same with the Nitrogen - Water in well Then I put the liquid product on from watering can (need to dilute / very strong stuff ) Since I gave a heavy dosage it will die of the rubbish grass & other bits ( but not to worry as it comes back ) Cut the grass every 2wks or so - comes up like a fluffy bowling green
  13. & not even having to pay since you paid a fortune
  14. Another reason why they don't worry, Always claim they have no money Well she better start going around knocking on the family doors or maybe sell the bike & new Iphone I hope you have all paper work in order IE a motorbike lic / ect I would let your wife rip into her as they all play the BS above Hope the offender is properly Lisc/Reg as you can go after her compulsery 3rd party ins (you can max that at 80,000 I think ) & then maybe use yours ( but do these ins firms ever go after the person charged or just up you policy next year
  15. Technically your right, but as we know TIT I think a few things contributed to his death, but one can only state as they were not in the situation. As mentioned the entering bike delayed his turn mid drift & to me I think the French guy was assuming that he may be clear by the time he got there Even though the French guy was speeding I do think he may of had time to react by way of just swerving to the left - it seems like some 20 mtrs or so that he should of had him in his sights & just thinking of the last phrase, It was obvious the laying down of the bike that caused his fate (but we never guess we may end up hitting something )