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  1. BEVUP

    Car insurance renewal for financed car

    I would like to jump on this as well I'm in a similar situation - 1st yr free (but no policy info through Toyota ) I'm up for renewal myself but never got the reminder or any calls I knew that i was due & started making enquiries to Toyota only to find out I was a mth over due (so no valid policy I guess ) Only to be told it will be 2000 bht cheaper @ 23000 bht - Sienta I will also be questioning why no notice & about the no claim Previous cars I was notified
  2. Also the reason they charge us for Medicare & force us to take out basic hospital cover on top of taxes
  3. YEH It's like $30 a pack of 30's or more There still working out why Australians need more money for the cost of living & that's not because of the taxes on smokes alone
  4. A little different as Australia relies on private enterprise That plan was to build K's of pipeline & now that they are joining the final links of Gas line they might think of adding some extra so they can pump water from Argyle (NT) to the rest of the country But no they are to busy in the cities where they pay <deleted> money to the workers for massive infrastructure projects
  5. No - Just did withdrawal on the 1 st or 2 nd
  6. BEVUP

    Interest on Sales Tax for used car

    I reckon this is your answer I bought a new car - 50 deposit & the rest through the Dealer finance So out of the monthly payment it goes like this % Capital % Interest & Vat My interest was 2.5 %, but when I used ANZ (Australia) loan calculator it worked out to be 5% according to monthly payments
  7. BEVUP

    social security

    For the experts BUT, Country of origin would be good
  8. BEVUP

    Swimmingpool Thailand

    No all is ok I just put an order in at 1 pm All ok I recieved 4 sheets of paper (maybe more ) Invoice O/N Banks Pack & ship conditions I would just start all over again & make sure you get an Order Number matching your items Also ignore any Emails of things you ordered IF you have an Order Number for your purchase at the s aid time it was done
  9. BEVUP

    Using phone overseas?

    I would say your number may have been deleted (someone correct if wrong) I thought they had a time limit on your funds then give you 30 days incoming calls only till you top up. Or otherwise they wipe the number So speaking about this how would one top up overseas if still have a balance on the AIS card & you know you may be out of country for a little while
  10. BEVUP

    Security Cameras

    Not knowing how close your main town is, I have seen them in Gobal (don't know about install ) But I also reckon that any TV antanea installation mob may be able to help you
  11. BEVUP

    Security Cameras

    Oh I see Basically they would only need 2 or 3 Bullet cameras (nothing fancy ) & direct into tv Can get from shops, but I know they would need the man to the set up
  12. BEVUP

    Security Cameras

    I'm sure there are many, but no doubt you want some recommendations - Some one will come along soon (sorry I'm not down that way ) But I used PSI - Didn't do my home work properly - Would be a better range of cameras through others Runs through my phone I get charged (I'm sure if I use it overseas ) You would be better to get Cloud through computer (from what I've been told ) I have 4 & 1 of them is a Robot (through the Wifi ) , The others are hard wired The Wifi Robot will only work 100% of time if I leave the SD Card out (so no memory from that camera ) , for some reason it has something to do with the SD Card or the Wifi
  13. BEVUP

    Squealing front brakes

    Yes they should be able to, would no doubt send the rotors (disks ) away ( maybe ) & along comes Transam as I write 555 Looks like Transam knows about that brand of brake pad
  14. I was planning the same thing once, but another expat warned me of this ended up with one basic one inside & the main cooking one outside - built ok with doors & Auss shade cloth ect ect
  15. BEVUP

    Sodium Hypochlorite

    Do Home Also has Calcium Hypochlorite but did not go that route as I may have ended up in the same situation But with Sodium there's a trade of - It increases PH