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  1. & all of this could of been avoided So he went in to the store wanting a replacement or refund But the person serving him checked the phone & said all was ok NO refund or exchange Which brings me to this conclusion If the phone was functioning correctly then why in the hell didn't the shop assistant prove this by taking a scan of the mans face then prove it still works
  2. BEVUP

    Living in a quiet Issan village.

    I would be questioning the care a bit more about this person Maybe she brags about looking after a Falang at such & such a location
  3. BEVUP

    Disgruntled Ex-pat Homeowner Issues

    Well was it legal Must of been if he can purchase & hold the legal papers PS: Was he aware it could of been purchased - did he see Land title maps on his purchase at the time
  4. BEVUP

    Odd Samsung TV issue

    I have the same problem The HDMI that are plugged in are from PSI (satellite T V ), Surround sound & DVD I put it down to them pinching the Nuetral - Happens with the Fluro lights + I do have an outside fan on a switch that use to be a light The Electrics are all over the show with lights on mains ect I swapped to LED"S that solved the problem ( but didn;t swap all ) - It happens also with the outside fan
  5. I thought Thailands coming of an Adult was 20 yrs old So if that's the case, how could he be charged with abducting a minor when he is one himself
  6. In Auss it's roughly 4 % The thing that gets me here is that the purchaser of the property is hit up for 50% of the Taxes / Fees, even though most of them are related to the Seller
  7. No he doesn't & I know enough not to 100% rely on Social Media ( I just found this unbeleivable ) He doesn't know that I'm doing this To me, I thought he would of known better I just warned him & told him he better look at the Thai Law So as stated He knows a person ( Falang ) with quite a bit of land & got to pick which patch Was offered power & water connection Has seen land Has put deposit Said land can be in his name Was going to start Company Said he even got bank loan in his name ( had to show all the common things ) I TOLD HIM Falangs can't own land Be carefull Company Illegal Put in kids name - He has a house out in the same village I was in, now he rents in Korat for the week & returns to village on weekend Conclusion Maybe it's a superfisees or something He should know better
  8. He has seen the land He told me the man gave him a choice of block
  9. So apparently he says the land will be in his name I said can't do ( depending ) He is buying through another Falang that he says owns quite a bit of land about 10 km out of Korat Apparently the Falang has said to him " which parcel of land do you want, you can have this 2 rai or that 3 rai " He is even going to provide power , water ect I told my friend to be very careful Then my friend told me about the company episode - So I warned him again Apparently the Falang selling the land has a brewing business in town ( maybe a member ? ) My friend has put a deposit down - I told him to find something with a Chanote & put it in his kids name He also said he got a loan through the bank I just don't believe he can achieve this in having a block of land in his name I have read many threads on here & researched Thai Law & I would certainly be checking this, in which I told my friend to do What are all your thoughts members & thanks
  10. Well it was NZ no Stamp duty that attracted a lot of people, even including Auss politicians
  11. BEVUP

    FORD Ranger Raptor Worth 1.7M?

    Agree totally But on every vehicle here I sit in my new model (not a Ford ) & think this has nothing compared to one in a Falang country & costs more In the one I have now it hasn't got a Console, where I see the same model in different countries do
  12. I once went into Korat Amphur & didn't bother in the end It was as much trouble as the OP if not more Woman showed me an someone elses file that had applied - it was 1/2 " an inch thick But on the other hand I know people who got one with few documents / a couple of witnesses 50 km away
  13. & his position in the bank Wonder if that will last, along with the GF
  14. Yes, quite expensive down there I'm in Korat & wife (I pay ) gets hit up for 800 bht if I forget to do But can't understand why you just didn't pay the fine the go around the corner & get your COR ( that's what I did )
  15. Reading the Title again " My G/F got pregnant " OP said she was on the Pill = So she went of the Pill As mentioned it does not happen over night once she went of the Pill, it takes months for the female body to adjust back. So who wanted the baby - YOUR G/F, & she will not give the baby up no matter what YOU say I think OP has no idea as to how a Thai family operate It would of been the old MIL pushing the subject of " when are you going to have a baby " , especially a Luke Krung To ensure he may be tied to her ( family) for life