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  1. BEVUP

    where to buy dry acid in Pattaya?

    Ok still no replies, I'm amazed Pataya doesn't have Looks like the only way may be like this Thailand Pool Shop (Pool Master ) - Surin ( I know you may have been avoiding shipping costs ) 25 kg Dry acid 1299 bht
  2. The way I see it, they are trying to balance the plane I usually book whenever & pick a seat (some times difficult ) & even major airlines are charging for certain seats Then do online checkin 24 hrs prior I have seen planes full on the sites, but see empty seats ( may be for emergencies ) Then you have the idiotic airlines that all ways over book & if you don't do on line checkin may lose your seat I've had my seat changed once from isle to window (told me was over booked ), but not know how changing my seat fixed that I look at them as a bunch of crooks frauding the public with price fluctuations & false info on their sites
  3. BEVUP

    Australian Aged Pension

    Why ? I've read on here that people have told them everything - To the point of having to supply Thai documents They said that they had nothing to hide incase of further trouble with DSS
  4. & didn't he just take a customer there So the ticket system mustn't be National
  5. BEVUP

    where to buy dry acid in Pattaya?

    Ah ok Sodium Bisulphate - PH Decreaser
  6. Yes they do over quite a period Filtration usually goes between the pump & entry point to house The Filtration will depend on quality of water required I don't use anything it's for - Dish washing / toilets /shower / washing / ect Do you plan to drink it ?
  7. BEVUP

    Thai economy surges: growth in all sectors

    & electricity use Power must of went up Just got a bill 3200 Bht (not complaining ), but have done nothing different Last mth 3000 Mth before 2800 bht as this had been the norm for many a month, now they're hitting 3000 +
  8. BEVUP

    Issues with my thai family

    Why involve them, nothing to do with them
  9. BEVUP

    Australian Aged Pension

    Yes good info About portability Well if you mention you have wife & kids here wouldn't they click onto the fact you are planning to stay quite a while here (longer then 26 wks ) They would certainly pick everything up from my Passport - Marriage visas (outside Auss ) / Me bringing wife & son for holidays Sounds like you have to keep returning to Auss A poster said you need a lease - What if you stay with family Then there was mention that you have to keep satisfying DSS EG: To get Portability I shall tell them I want to visit my family (not sure for how long ) - What would they think of that ? Bit hard to say I'm planning a year long holiday when they know about my family
  10. BEVUP

    where to buy dry acid in Pattaya?

    Not know why your having trouble Look on the pool section here you will find the places Also I think some are sponsors on here
  11. Cutty if you do a search it has been running for a few weeks I'm sure the mods will be along soon
  12. BEVUP

    Living in an oven

    Same here Put the aircon on at 5 pm when we shut doors from mossies (wife habit as the mossies cling to the screen doors trying to get in ) Have grass around half the house - Not like the Thais that will concrete all & extend half the house to the fence & live in that all day
  13. Ok Fellas Lets get back to why the Taxi rider had to kick the German in the face thinking he was trying to make a run for it with a 100 + kg bike on his back He was probably only trying to move it out of the way to a better spot as he wouldn't of known how long the ordeal of the hirer would have taken
  14. Well I would say a Driving License is obtained in your own country & a Driving Permit (even though obtained in your own country ), is called a Permit due to the fact that you don't have a Drivers License for the said country of visit. So therefore it's Permitting you to drive / ride for a permitted time in the country of visit & would be identifiable as it has several language translations of your credentials.
  15. BEVUP

    Issues with my thai family

    The next morning I spoke to the parents and they said sorry to me. I made the guy wait in the car and said he is banned to come back inside. The wife and the family all spent the night at a beach resort and left me alone. Its was all a bit awkard. Your right Jenny So if the wife chose the family over the OP & he banned the BIL from coming inside where did he end up By the sounds of it inside