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  1. I can understand why some parents would want to put their kid, with really high scores into a program as you suggest. I think my wife and I are not those types of parents. Not being critical, rather we want a kid that has a really happy well rounded pre-uni experience. He plays football at a high level and trains 4 days per week and also plays piano 30 minutes 5 or 6 days per week. He loves football and piano and those schools likely wouldn't allow him the time given the high level there. Also, I would like him to go to Uni in the West. I think that gives him the most flexible options for his future. Your route would give him the best pathway for success in Thailand but possibly less so internationally.
  2. Thanks for that info. I expect his Thai would have to be natively fluent to go to those schools. His Thai is good but as an Int'l schhool kid, it's not at that level. After more thought we have decided to leave him where he is. He is well integrated into his school socially and athletically and musically. That is probably much more important than pushing his math. Let him have a normal fun school experience. He will do the advanced courses at school and will not take external math classes. He can make decisions in his last 2 years of high school. Don't want to screw him up, we thought about an IQ test but even decided to not do that. There is really no benefit to knowing his scores now. We have also cancelled the Patana idea. Being really smart isn't particularly cool at this age. He would prefer to keep it quiet and just not tell the other kids about his MAP scores. If he went into the EL program at Patana, everybody would think of him as a brainy kid and that's just not cool. Mom and I have decided to let him have a "normal" school experience.
  3. Any bars in Bangna area showing this fight card? Also do you know if the undercard will also be shown? It starts at 7am.
  4. Nepal4me

    Money stuck in Bank of America

    Thanks for that link. It doesnt seem to allow me to get to bank deposits taken away. I had ebanking for many years at BoA but didnt log in since my last trip there so that won't work.
  5. I haven't accessed my account in over 5 years. I got an email stating if I don't contact them, my money will be dispersed. I contacted them but could only answer 1 of 3 security questions. I don't know my old telephone number from 20+ years ago. I don't know my passport number from 7 passports ago. I only knew the company I worked for and that was the only 1 of 3. The lady was as helpful as she could be and suggested I try www.usa.gov/unclaimed-money That site has a lot of places to search for your unclaimed money but Bank of America wasn't one of them. I don't have a lot of money there but it's probably $3-5K and I could use that cash. I have no plans to travel to the US. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. Really I'm just trying to understand what the program entails. I don't really care about passing tests, I just wonder how beneficial this program might be for a kid that is very smart.
  7. An odd question. He is 12 now.
  8. Actually I did contact that person but you have to go thru an admin person that forwards all your messages and then that persons messages back to you. A bit cumbersome, they won't give the persons name. I did forward my sons official MAP scores document and the person agreed that "he would likely identify with the tier 2 group" or words to that effect but they would have to make that determination based on the internal CEM test, which is a test more closely similar to an IQ test. It is not academic performance based. They would only give that test after we joined the school...which is reasonable. Thus my interest in seeking out feedback from somebody that perhaps had a kid in the program.
  9. Thanks for the comment Old Hand. I am still hoping someone with knowledge of the program can comment. Also, your comment on average at Patana vs average at other top Int'l schools isn't accurate or isn't accurate to a meaningful degree. Patana, ISB etc are not on average meaningfully different. 12 year old kids that score nationally in the top 15% for 17 year olds will not be "average at Patana." They will be at the top.
  10. Nepal4me

    IQ test for 12 year old

    I need a legitimate IQ test in Bangkok for a 12 year old. Can anybody recommend qualified Doctors to perform the test?
  11. Nepal4me

    Raspberry pi for kids

    He is 12. Yeah haha, he wants to hack but he just wants to find stuff to start and just get better. I dont think there is anything that he specifically wants. He is an easy kid, scores really highly in MAP testing without doing academic stuff outside of school so for sure he will pick it up quickly. Problem is Im not a geek and cant easily guide him. I would really like to find a hands on teacher to just get the ball rolling.
  12. Nepal4me

    Raspberry pi for kids

    My son would like to start programming but I don't know where to start to get him going. I know there are tons of Youtube videos and I've browsed them but to get going, I think it would be easier to have an actual person to teach him at least at the beginning. Ideally I would like a Thai person to do the teaching as generally they cost a lot less and there are tons of tech savvy kids here. We live in the Bangna area and could either go to a teachers place or have a teacher come to my home. Also is there a computer Thai language forum? If so, please link to me and I can have my wife pose a similar question there. Obviously there will be much greater access to more computer geeks there.
  13. My son will go into Year 8 this coming year. He routinely scores in the 90+ percentiles in math and reading in MAP scores. His reading is in the top 15% for Yr 12 students and he is in Yr 7. Math is also in the 90s and he has never done Kumon or other math program, which dramatically bumps up MAP scores. Now he is in an Int'l school that is very easy, tiny amount of homework but a wonderful environment. Overall, I'm happy with his school but I am wondering if BKK Patana might be a better place for him as I understand they put kids into classes based on their abilities. So in my case my son would most likely be in the top class and would interact academically with kids of his level. He is athletically active so he would fit in athletically too. I guess I will visit the school to get a feel for it but wondering if any parents or teachers could comment on the advantage for kids in the top classes. Thanks...