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  1. OMGImInPattaya

    Assisted living in Pattaya

    Namthip Nursing Home, out by Maprachan Lake, can provide such care. It is a skilled nursing home and hospice care facility. They also provide accident, stroke, and heart attack recovery care, as well as long-term care for the elderly. You can Google them for more information or PM to me for contact information.
  2. OMGImInPattaya

    2 million Baht lottery "winner" arrested

    That's my understanding why betting on European football is so popular in Thailand, because the matches aren't fixed (or at least when they are, the Thai bookies aren't in in it so can't adjust the odds accordingly). Also, I've read that local Thai bookies will take bets in all sorts of indexes and things, like the closing SET or Dow Jones stock market index numbers, that cannot be fixed. These types if bets are popular with Thais for the same reason...can't be fixed by the "house."
  3. OMGImInPattaya

    "Attacked by a Tarantula in East Pattaya"

    When I was a kid, I did volunteer work at the local zoo's insectarium. I agree that tarantulas are not inherently aggressive and dangerous if properly handled but they can inflict a nasty bite if startled. In any case, all spiders, especially large ones ones like taranchulas and brown recluse, give me the heebee-geebees and are smashed on sight when I encounter one. They also have special hairs on their body that they can shed that can be very irritating as well. At one time, the beautiful Mexican variety were being kept as pets.
  4. OMGImInPattaya

    "Attacked by a Tarantula in East Pattaya"

    Cool pic... I always wear thick leather gloves when mucking about in the garden for just this reason. If the wifey is from issan, she might have deep fried her and made a meal if it as I hear it's a popular dish up there.
  5. OMGImInPattaya

    Volvo V40

    You dont run Fords obviously. Same here...have Honda and Toyota SUVs over 10 years each and only repair has been new radiator for the Honda after 10 years and 100k. Other an that, just scheduled maintenance.
  6. OMGImInPattaya

    Volvo V40

    Can never understand why so many people always say the same -resale and repairs- repairs maybe more expensive because there are few copy parts, so genuine parts for any car are more expensive... Resale, almost every make drops in value, even a 2 year old main stream Benz will drop 1 million baht or more in 2 years !! even some cars costing only 6 - 800 K new have lost 45 % in 2 years Guess if so concerned about resale value then best to buy a new eco car @ only 400 something thousand cannot lose that much, even if gave away the lose would be small., or buy a Pickup I too am often amused with many poster's seeming obsession with the resale value of the vehicle they intend to purchase and make this a major part of their purchase decision. I mean, you would almost think they look at purchasing a car as an investment and that they almost hope to get more for it when they sell it used than they paid for it new! A vehicle is not an investment but a consumable item...it gives you transportation services, cost money to maintain and run it, and eventually gets old and wears out. It loses value over time (certainly collectible models excluded of course). Looked at correctly, houses/condos are the same, but due to tax and zoning regulations and other forms of government intrusion into the housing market, generally prices,do,tend to,slowly rise over time. The best thing is to just buy the vehicle that fits your needs and budget at the time and get good use out of it. When it comes time to sell, just take what the market value is for the vehicle considering its age and condition.
  7. OMGImInPattaya

    Water office conburi, been there?

    Who would write a baiting post on a thread about paying a city water bill...boggles the collective pattaya mind
  8. OMGImInPattaya

    Water office conburi, been there?

    Yes, I've had to do this several times too... They have a drive-thru window you can use to pay your bill...just look for the line of cars at the entrance and get in. I never saw that,and i went last monday.Went in,got a ticket,waited about 10 mins and payed.Not 1 queue for drive thru When driving into the parking area it's on the left...usually you'll notice a few cars in line. I've used it 3-4 times to pay bills after their 7-pay deadline expired.
  9. OMGImInPattaya

    Volvo V40

    Basically a Ford Focus in drag...whack off 600k and buy the Ford and spend the savings on wine, women, and song.
  10. OMGImInPattaya

    Banglamung post office

    Depends on your zip code I think as to which main post office you would go. Spoonie is right about that old main postie in naklua, but for my parcel and registered mail parcels, I have to go to that new postie on Sukie opposite the floating market. Also, without a tracking or customs number, not much chance of tracing a lost letter. Important docs should be sent registered or parcel post with tracking, or with an overbite service like FedEx, UPS, or DHL.
  11. OMGImInPattaya

    Water office conburi, been there?

    Yes, I've had to do this several times too... They have a drive-thru window you can use to pay your bill...just look for the line of cars at the entrance and get in.
  12. OMGImInPattaya

    Meet new friends

    Thai Friendly is great for meeting ladyboys for new friends. They also have their own sticks and balls for playing pool and love bedtime sports too.
  13. OMGImInPattaya

    Water office conburi, been there?

    You mean the local Pattaya PWA office or an office in Chonburi city? The local office is near the intersection of the road parallel to the railroad tracks east of Sukie and crocodile road.
  14. At least they weren't feed into the meat grinder of the military industrial complex and sent to fight and die for over a decade in two wars in far off lands in search of non-existant WMDs. That is reserved for the supposedly better educated masses in countries like the UK and the USA.
  15. Surprised they don't ask for photos or even video of you married couples doing it for proof you're actually married!