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  1. The point is none of the Republican sex pervs professed alliegence to the feminist movement , supported or hold fundraisers for the first major woman candidate for President, virtue signal their "Women's Cards" in said election, nor did any of them walk in the Women's March on Washington in a pink-pussy hat. In short, they may be pervy but they're not hypocrites!
  2. Such a great President...look at all those smiling faces.
  3. The future of the payments has been in doubt because of a lawsuit filed in 2014 by House Republicans, who said the Obama administration was paying the subsidies illegally. Judge Rosemary M. Collyer of the United States District Court in Washington agreed, finding that Congress had never appropriated money for the cost-sharing subsidies. (Source: The New York Times) (See also House v. Price).
  4. OMGImInPattaya

    Merkel settles migrant row with allies to pursue coalition

    Translation: I'll compromise my morals, which I've spent a year hectering and lecturing Donald Trump about, and do anything to stay in power rather than resign on principle.
  5. It appears the London police are now investigating the conduct of this Democrat international sex perv for sexual assaults he may have comitted in that country.
  6. OMGImInPattaya

    Merkel settles migrant row with allies to pursue coalition

    Translation...she has no principles or morals. One year all refugees are welcome and deserving of shelter and the next it's "you can drown in the Mediterranean for all I care."
  7. Well your friend can blame "Chuck and Nancy" for not working with the President to rationalize and improve the Affordable Care Act. He can also blame Obama and the Democrat Party for ramming through, under the darkness of the night, a healthcare overhall law without a single Republican vote (and hence no bipartisan support) that upended 1/4 of the American economy. If they had worked with the Republicans both parties would have a stake in the success of the ACA...as it is, there is none.
  8. Not only that, the mayors, and all the other elected officials and executive officers of these cities and counties are guilty of aiding and abetting human trafficking and child endangerment. It also likely they are abetting in the trafficking of minors for the purposes of corruption. The Department of Justice needs to bring criminal charges against all of them (which I hear is being studies by the Department).
  9. He would have if the Democrat Party in Congress didn't block him. That's why he's now acting on his own and going around their obstructionism.
  10. OMGImInPattaya

    Merkel settles migrant row with allies to pursue coalition

    So what's the morality in accepting 1M refugees one year and 200k the next...aren't the 800k left out just as worthy as the prior 800k? Or maybe your new humanitarian hero, Merkel, is just a cynical politician after all. Another of your SJW bubbles just popped!
  11. Funny I recall hearing the same silly arguments before the election too...how did that turn out?
  12. Nobody is being denied coverage...get your facts straight. As for the insurance subsidies Trump is doing away with, the courts have already Obama acted illegally when he provided them (no suprise there) so the President is just complying with a court decision. Isn't that what president is supposed to do?
  13. OMGImInPattaya

    Merkel settles migrant row with allies to pursue coalition

    Again, you too can't admit Merkel now supports Trump's refugee policy...I know it must be tough for you. Merkel had not limit on the number of refugees she was willing to accept (or an infinite number if there were an infinate number of them). She reduced it to 200k from unlimited (maybe that terminology is easier for you to understand) so a much mush larger drop in numbers than anything Trump has done. All your other statistics are irrelevant.
  14. The losses are for Democrat voters...and they're getting a belly full!