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  1. I need to renew my US passport which expires in August. New rules state that after 1 July all renewed passports will be mailed rather than available for pickup at the embassy. How early can I process my application? I know that the embassy provides a letter to take to immigration to allow me to have my visa stamps transferred but if I get me new passport after my visa expiration is that a problem? Basically I am asking if I can apply for a renewal one month in advance. Thanks in advance!
  2. whynotme

    Jobs in March

    Some schools will be looking for summer school teachers, however most schools start hiring in late April or early May. You might ask your TEFL school for help in finding summer employment. Good luck!
  3. Some get an Ed Visa and learn Thai.
  4. Here's one you might try: https://mobiletopup.com/ very easy with credit or debit card. Can be used for any carrier.
  5. Just went through the process this week. From what I am told, Immigration only cares about you BA or BSc, not any Masters, PGCE, TEFL, etc. Get the Bachelors certified by the embassy then Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (Pay an extra 60 baht at the Ministry to get the documents mailed to you or you will have to make a return trip). Good luck
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    Benq, Lived on the Big Island and watched several Ironmans in October. Clean waters for the swim and long straightaways for the run and bike ride. Most of the time there are cool ocean breezes too. A great event!
  7. Can a person study Chinese and qualify for an Ed visa? Is the Ed visa good for 18 months and are 90 day reports required? Lastly after the 18 months expire can that person apply for and study Thai for another 18 months? Thanks in advance.
  8. whynotme

    Smart Phone under ฿10,000

    GR5 2017 is a great phone and the camera is excellent if that is what you desire. Fingerprint unlock is very convenient too. I bought mine on Lazada for 8200 including a power bank. Very happy
  9. whynotme

    Spas and Hot Tubs

    Try Global House about 2km from Central Mall Chonburi. They have several. I have one of theirs and use it daily. I live in the area. PM me and I'll offer any help if needed.