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  1. nokbird

    Pigs 101 (A Start)

    Is this just an example of CP's push for total domination and get rid of small farmers?
  2. nokbird

    Plane Spotting - The Quiz

    That one is photoshopped. There has never been a shortened 747-400. 10 Points. You are correct. There is a thread on this image here in the Photo section of this site ! It is 100% shopped. A bloody good job to I might add Post #115 47, who operates that? When was that images taken roughly?
  3. OMG, what was your first words when you saw that bike? LOL Nice one
  4. nokbird

    Plane Spotting - The Quiz

    How about we have a referendum Thai style, and vote to move this to a different kind of spotiing in Pattayas walking street. Even if you all vote NO we will still move it to walking street and have complete disregard for other members wishers
  5. nokbird


    You may find this Youtube interesting if you like this thread.
  6. When I saw this in post #10, I thought what ever, another over loaded pick up ready to roll over. Then I saw it was tightly packed full of water, incredible the amount of morons eh ? Prob about 7 tons on that pick up !!!
  7. some nice mountain road shots here eh