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  1. aboctok

    Men in fake spacesuits arrested over NASA 'scam'

    Lol, the Indian version of the Thai police group photo.
  2. Spectacle of loserdom, lmao. Here, have a Like.
  3. aboctok

    What on earth happened to Nana Plaza?

    Here's a Like for your seven funs.
  4. aboctok

    Owning a motorcycle in Bangkok

    Just take some time to meditate on the colour. Green. The colour of plants. Then open the throttle.
  5. aboctok

    UK state pension going same way as Australian ?

    I'm certain if a foreign government wanted to pay you good money as an advisor, you would not object on the basis that you shouldn't be involved in anything happening in a foreign country. If I'm wrong, and you would in fact decline such an offer, please remember to mention me. I have no qualms about sticking my nose in.
  6. Take One, she forgot the "very." It's okay; we've got all arvo.
  7. Hah, we were playing Mastermind in Grade III. Okay, we didn't use the black and white pegs.
  8. Connect Four's always been an insidious game. I remember in Grade IV, losing my play lunch time after time, in games of Connect Four. Eventually the government ran a public awareness campaign to redress the impact of Connect Four gambling among primary school pupils. A bit late for me, but I know it saved countless others.
  9. He could probably turn up in a wife-beater and bare feet, and get through okay. Last time I was there, I saw a poster by the door; according to my limited Thai language skills, it said, "Good guys in, scruffy guys included."