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  1. Did you say... hundreds? Someone possibly snorted his som tam everywhere, choking back a hearty laugh, when that news came through.
  2. Or worse (for those who think prosecuted is worse than sued.) Criminal. libel. o_O
  3. Never thought it would come to this

    Here's a Like, just for surviving all that bar-mongering.
  4. ‘Infraud’ gang’s No 2 arrested in Bangkok

    They specialise in conducting intensive review of academic subjects. Don't get on their bad side.
  5. Wash your mouth out. The only people who deserve healthcare are those who can pay up. Big. We call that progress. Anything else is socialism, which we detest.
  6. "miserably educated too boot"? At least the girls I knew in Australia could mostly spell. Of course, my background was completely different to yours. I can honestly say I've never even met a chronically obese ice whore. For you, evidently, they're irritatingly ubiquitous. I think it sounds interesting.
  7. God, imagine if someone taught them how to make a proper pie. I was astounded when Tops Market started producing a passable sourdough.
  8. Five stars for honesty? That's like getting an elephant stamp for having clean underwear on. No, no stars or stamps or brownie points for doing the minimum that any decent person should do. Either she's surprised and disappointed she doesn't have a comfy life (meaning she had been expecting one), or she's advising other Isaan girls about the reality (because the expectation of being spoiled and coddled is a widespread phenomenon.)
  9. Manufactured meat on a stick is not real food. And adding cabbage does not make it a meal. Even with lashings of sauce, it's garbage.
  10. I mainly read the article to find out how he escaped in the first place. Turns out it's not difficult; you just run out the back.
  11. The gray squirrel's attitude, apparently.
  12. Jet grounds two pilots for Bangkok tail strike

    Where does it say they've been blamed? They've been taken off flying duties while the incident is investigated. By the way, I hope the investigation is given sufficient scope to examine the myriad annoying things that spontaneously occur on any given Jet Airways flight.
  13. I'll get you for this, Butler.
  14. Here is your number, sir. Please take a seat behind the people selling submarines, na. Over there behind the sales reps for bullet trains, kha. Khob khun kha.