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  1. Here is your number, sir. Please take a seat behind the people selling submarines, na. Over there behind the sales reps for bullet trains, kha. Khob khun kha.
  2. Unless one's holding a baby.
  3. Artificial intelligence. Oh well, better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.
  4. Imagine if you couldn't surf.
  5. Did they rise naturally from the river? Or were they released deliberately by a person?
  6. What about the analysis? Curl the snake up, put in a ruler, and take an upside-down photo. Geng maak.
  7. Don's taking the photo; he's about to start with the inappropriate comments ribald humor.
  8. Legality of Pitbulls in Thailand

    Except that he's right; a vastly different state of awareness and concern for consequences is evident in places like England and Canada.
  9. they saw a suspicious Mitsubishi car approaching.
  10. they wanted to have sex with wives and girlfriends also imprisoned... Lovely.
  11. Fully agree. Utterly ridiculous to aver that this poor woman should've seen the wheel coming and somehow reacted. She didn't have anywhere near the same amount of time that we get, watching the clip in comfort, shot with CCTV from an advantageous perspective. Some people have suggested she had several seconds, which I think is rubbish. In reality it looks more like a fraction of a second. To suppose that she should've observed the wheel before it crossed the median strip, and taken evasive action seems fanciful. Yes, I've noticed a hell of a lot of Thais drive badly and don't exhibit situational awareness. And no way should this be considered an example of that. Very sorry for her and her family.
  12. Lawyers? Hey wait, didn't we skip a step? What happened to his indignant, cringeworthy, tell-nothing interview with Tracy Grimshaw? Ohh. He's actually angry. Maybe different.
  13. Not sure why you would think that police don't have such powers. In a western country, it might be unusual for them to take that step (of taking your licence), but if push comes to shove, the licence itself is probably government property, as is a passport. We speak (loosely) of "our" licence, but it's really their licence that they issue to you to hold for when they need to check it! Lol. The state.
  14. "he went to Thailand in 2016, hoping to rebuild his life with a new romantic adventure." Som nam na.
  15. Yes, getting electrocuted through the phone case is entirely different; apologies to the police if the writer of the article has distorted things by leading us down the earphone path: A driver at a construction site died after falling asleep with his earphones in while charging his phone.