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  1. Clearly not One but Two Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest.... History details clearly whats coming next and it ain't gonna be pretty. Last out turn off the lights.
  2. It's welcoming to see that Thai Visa members without exception realise that this proposed 99 year lease is as fake and feckless as the 30 year lease with another 30 year extension option. There is no legal obligation for the 30 year lease to be extended 30 more years and those who have fought it in court have lost it unless large brown envelopes were involved. Also if the owner of the property leased dies or the company folds the new owner has no obligation to the renter. The general consensus in the legal process here is any purchase (lease) is considered to be a circumvention of Thai law. As others have noted this 99 year lease is only being muted because the property market in Thailand and in particular Phuket is dead.
  3. An outsider might easily believe this well orchestrated charade! Why doesn't the Governor inspect the hub of corruption and drug dealing on the island? Chalong police station.
  4. I seem to recall one of the many opportunist roving Governors making a commitment to the feckless Phuket Honorary Consules that an office would be set up to help deal with matters such as this. No surprise ... No Office ... Silent Obedient Consuls and No more monthly meetings. Shameful how our Embassies and Consulates become Thai conspirators.
  5. I've never seen them help give back the money scammed by the police.
  6. “Thais believe too easily. Don’t trust anything before checking otherwise you will be cheated,” he said. Is this by chance 'Defamation' against Thai people?
  7. This tactic is used throughout government agencies here ie before the $hit sticks move them on. A Phuket Bank manager stole my house and when the banks head office were confronted they replied ..." Nothing we can do he does not work here anymore!" Rubbish statement to make but the police accepted it.
  8. Better argument than yours. Facts are Facts copy and pasting makes no difference.
  9. Something .... Indeed nothing adds up here. America is not against taking military action or creating situations by which they get involved in money making conflicts. Tonkan, WMD,s Pearl Harbor, Lusitania etc. It's hard to believe that Assad would take such an action knowing how the world would react. He surely ain't that dumb.
  10. The 2nd 30 year lease indeed is not legal but worse still should the Thai or company die or fold the new owner it seems is not tied to the original lease and need only pay a small percentage of the value of what remains on the lease.
  11. Twitter users were wrong. At least I think so? If my memory serves me well Patrick in Irish can be spelt with a Ph. There are at least 10 variations in Irish on how to spell the name. Anyway does it really matter?
  12. I have a Thai friend ( female ) she works for the Thai social services and says for the past 10 years she has faced similar cruelty and brutality. That she is ashamed of her fellow countrymen. That when she brings these abusers to the judicial system that nothing happens. because those who police and adjudicate are devoid of normal human compassion. Recently after numerous self threats to quit she finally gave up because she realised she could do nothing. That certain public do gooders were only looking to publicise themselves and taking advantage of abused women and children. For 10 years she gave her all and achieved nothing because nobody really cares.
  13. Perhaps this is more likely what the police want the mother to say than what she actually said?
  14. Chalong Police Station? By all accounts it's still a top location to buy mind altering substance. The former tourist Police volunteer dealer was was based here has moved to Phuket prison where he is well known to the local users and pushers.
  15. My understanding is the BBC were advised to remove the meat from the Jonathan Head story and left the veggies thinking well what can happen if the lawyer has admitted to his crime? They were wrong of course. I know of another even more shocking story about to break that will drive nails even deeper into the system.