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  1. With all due respect I suggest all of this is a storm in a nut sack. This week I passed through Bangkok immigration on a 1 way ticket from Europe. I was not asked to provide any evidence other than my passport. No request for proof of 20K Baht. I was dressed casually was of a sober and respectful disposition and greeted with a smile. However if I was drunk, in flip flops, shorts, a wife beater tee shirt, my face and body adorned in tattoos with a passport awash with tourist visa stamps I would expect to be questioned.
  2. Good joke. Another .... What's black and brown and looks good on a lawyer? A Doberman. Buzzards are universally recognised and despised.
  3. I noted on Facebook a supposed friend of hers stating in Thai not to worry that she was in Krabi with a friend. It could of course be somebody associated with the German deflecting attention. Either way it does not look good for the young lady and he looks as if he may be taking mind and body altering substances.
  4. This says it all ..... It's a well known fact that positions are not only bought in the RTP but in the public service too.... "Deputy police spokesman Pol Maj-General Songpol Wattanachai said the committee would proceed with aspects of police reform, especially the annual police shuffle to avoid an alleged position-buying scandal. He emphasised such a scandal was being probed and it currently remained a “criticism” as there was no proof such a crime had ever taken place and nobody faces legal action."
  5. Negative ... Yes ..... Accurate .... Yes
  6. You'd imagine if it's the Burmese they would have burried her at sea not on the beach?
  7. There is only one person connected to KohTao with a beef with the Samui Times ie the subject of the papers last article.
  8. I guess there are no prizes now for guessing who you are.
  9. Now we know exactly who you are ..... Caught.
  10. Sadly Thailand stands head and shoulders above all other countries in blatant judicial corruption. Once in court a judge asked me why did I sign a document proffered my lawyer? I innocently said if I can't trust my lawyer who can I trust? The judge replied ... " Do you trust uneducated bar girls from Isaan ?"
  11. NCPO sue EPL for Defamation and Emmanuel Petit and the British Ambassador to Thailand Brian Davidson for having no work permits.
  12. Many thanks much appreciated.
  13. I seem to recall previously a Thai company advertising here on Thaivisa that they could check if there are any arrest warrants issued on people entering Thailand. Perhaps somebody would be so good as to advise me who to contact.
  14. Agreed. Basically it's a Royal Thai Police 'pyramid' scheme' where bribes are filtered from the bottom of the pile to the top.
  15. Of course it's no secret that in Thailand all of the police and most government officers buy their promotions with Phuket and Pattaya costing most but as these guys are inactive anyway is an inactive post a promotion?