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  1. Inactive post? Nah no such post exists. Recently there was a story on here about a cop who was contacted by a gang of criminals who if I recall correctly he said contacted him by accident and tried to scam him out of money. The truth was he was covering his @ss cos they were shaking him down as he was Phukets most notorious bent cop. He used to operate in Patong and got greedy and was moved to an inactive post. Then when the dust settled he reinvented himself in Chalong police station. After another period of time he was moved 3 times to inactive posts the last one being down South. Then he reappeared in Phuket again and now is the chief inspectot of Surat Thani Div 8 that oversees Phuket. Numerous cases filed against him with the PACC disappeared into thin air.
  2. Ok Einstein. Go check who controls the NACC ... PACC..... Ministry for Justice ..... AMLO .... DSI ... Rights and Liberties ... Immigration .... Witness Protection .... 2nd thoughts. Forget it.
  3. Ha Ha .... If you check it out the police control every single government department even the charities and the FA.
  4. With respect. Wrong. The police are above and beyond the law.
  5. It's a wonder the tourist found a spot on the crowded beach to lay his mat. Maybe the attitude of the locals towards tourists has something to do with it. Tourists are being driven away for years. Phuket is sinking.
  6. I believe people don't need to witness others do good deeds to want to enrich somebody elses life. Its something from within that does not seek a reward or recognition. When my father died many people I never met came up to me at the funeral and told me how my father had helped him or her while he was alive. Paying medical bills etc anonymously. That to me is how to to help a fellow man out seeking no earthly reward or recognition.
  7. Thing is AMLO are of course the RTP so indeed it was a waste of time. The entire judicial system is run by the police they start it off and finish it off.
  8. Absolutely agree. I'm sure his intention was good but not looking for recognition would be better.
  9. A true story. I went to AMLO the anti money laundering office to file a complaint about a bank manager laundering money. The senior officer at the meeting asked me what did I want them to do. Simple I said sue them under Section 357. What is Section 357 she asked? I looked at her and at the other investigative officers in the room thinking she was joking. They all had that same vacant confused Thai look. I questioned if she was the senior lawyer there? Yes she nodded. I said it's the law regarding receiving stolen goods! Oh she mumbled. I asked how she could possibly not know this section of the law in her position as a qualified lawyer? As I did she was thumbing through a book. She was trying to find Section 357! Ah yes found it she said I understand now. Triumphantly she said I use this book all the time.
  10. The main problem with people loose in the back of a pick up is that they are similar to a single horse in a double Horsebox ie it is a moving weight so the front wheels of the car will loose traction and the movement of weight destabilize the vehicle thus all control is lost and flip a Horsebox or pick up and catapult the people out of the pick up bed.
  11. It's comments like yours that makes Thai visa great. Your right he was unfortunate but? How on earth or in Uranus can you determine he was SPOON FED?
  12. It must be great to be you. We could learn so much from you. Have you thought of writing a weekly column?
  13. NACC and PACC and AMLO and Ministry for Justice indeed every single Ministry and Government body is run by? Yes you gueesed it. The Royal Thai Police so nothing is going to change. Also you will find policemen heading Thai charities. Where there is muck there are police.
  14. Every now and then ACT raises it's head and every now and then it disappears as quickly as it appeared. Nothing to chew on here folks. Don't waste your time as many including I have done in the past. Oh the Crime Buster also raises his head once in a while. Phuket will never change as long as those investigating the police are the police.