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  1. Handicapped parking permit

  2. Handicapped parking permit

    This is interesting. Do you remember where you downloaded it from? It's obvious that I'm disabled when I alight the vehicle, but whilst sitting in it as a passenger nobody would know. Having said that we always park in disabled spaces and no-one bats an eyelid (I don't drive - I'm always in someone else's car or pick-up).
  3. As @Ubonjoe says, .....also...., I was given a report back day of 14 April (Songkran) so I kept ringing the office before that date asking if it was yet approved. I was told on the phone at the end of March that it was approved so drove to the office for the stamp immediately. All was completed before the beginning of April. No problem.
  4. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread. I'll let you know if I find anywhere good.
  5. I was hoping there might be a shop or two there. Pleased to read that there is. Thanks for the info. Thanks for the link. Thanks for the useful info.
  6. How to prove Thai Marriage for UK Pension please?

    When I did mine a couple of years ago I put a photocopy of my Thai marriage certificate in with the application form and added a covering letter which said something like, "Please find enclosed ....completed form .....other stuff .... and a photocopy of my Thai marriage certificate. If you require a certified copy of it please let me know. I will happily provide one. I have not supplied a certified copy at this stage because I understand that my legal Thai marriage to a Thai citizen has no effect on my Senior Citizen pension entitlement. If my understanding is incorrect please let me know". On the basis of the above they paid my pension without further enquiry. Hope the above is helpful. Good luck,
  7. I'm a UK citizen living in Isaan. I will be renewing my British passport soon. I note that the UK passport photo requirements are very specific and frankly beyond the capabilities of our local photo/print shop. So, I'll need to prepare my photos in Bangkok. Under the circumstances I'd be grateful if any members have any experience and can recommend a good photo/print shop or photographer in Bangkok (preferably not too far from the Trendy Building, Sukhumvit Soi 13) who'll probably get things right first time for a modest fee. Accessible premises would be a help too. I'm old and past my best so steep stairs and steps are a no go for me. Thanks in anticipation for your help.
  8. When I moved provinces I opened a new (additional) account with the same bank I used in Bangkok but at a branch in the new province. It was simple enough to do. I didn't bother closing my original account in Bangkok. I opened the new account because there seemed to be a lot of confusion as to whether or not the local branch could and would be willing to write the necessary 800,000 baht confirmation letter for my visa extension of stay, and that I might need to go to Bangkok for the letter. So I played safe and opened the additional local account and now use it for extensions of stay purposes. Edit: You can't move an existing account to a different branch.
  9. 'LINE' not loading on windows 10

    Have a look to see if another "Update available" box has opened during or straight after log-in. If so it'll stop you progressing. Close the Update box and see if you can enter the code then.
  10. Sounds like a nasty blow to the hydraulics
  11. Women's Voices

    Women don't post here regularly because they're too busy cooking and cleaning, and doing the laundry and the washing up.
  12. Uk mail handling services.

    In my experience UK banks are happy for me to use my Thailand residential address for most correspondence. Some banks seem to need a UK correspondence address for sending cards to. But all of them seem to insist on knowing where I actually live (am resident) and require to know that a correspondence address is only my correspondence address. So, in response to the OP's questions, "is the address they provide recognized by Uk banks etc as acceptable?" - Maybe/probably, so long as they aware that it's a correspondence address. "how do you provide proof of address?" - You only need to provide proof of your residential address. It's the only one that you can provide honest proof of. Then you ask them to send correspondence to your mail handling service correspondence address.
  13. Medical Check Up?

    Thanks for your help.
  14. Medical Check Up?

    Thanks for this useful info. Do you have any contact info for "Lifecare lab" please?
  15. Mp3 Cutter

    I'm not certain that I understand exactly what you want to do, but if you're only wanting to chop up one long audio file to become several shorter audio files then I would suggest the following (in my view the last one, Audacity, is the best one):- I think that Real Player will allow you to cut and save pieces of both video and audio files. I'm fairly sure that you can do the same with Any Video Convertor. "Audacity" is an audio file editor. It's easy to use and you can do pretty much anything with it. All of the above are free. I hope that I've been of some help. All the best