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  1. Bangna Skywalk

    A story earlier this year said the Transport Co. was going to move Ekamai bus station services to the intersection of Bang Na Trad, roughly where the (non-existent) Bangkok Mall is. I cannot link to the article in The Other Newspaper. So connecting the vast intersection overhead for pedestrians might be part of the phase-in.
  2. I had to look this up. The destroyed Porsche is likely the E-Hybrid, which requires recharging with a portable home kit.
  3. Missing home

    Then you are blessed with a good source. Most of the tomatoes I've had in Pattaya or BKK were substandard by a long shot.
  4. Missing home

    Try the tomatoes on the vine from New Zealand at Villa. Expensive, yes, but those are REAL tomatoes, with flavour and flesh in the middle instead of the nothingness of Thai tomatoes. Slice an imported onion from the US or elsewhere. The smell is heavenly and lasts for hours in the kitchen. Cut a Thai onion and you get, uh, nothing. Same with imported bell peppers.
  5. I can see how darts has risen to the forefront of enforcement for the RTP since they have vastly reduced the road carnage, severely reduced domestic violence, shut shoddily built bars and offices, forced baht buses to use road stops, stopped motorcyclists and drivers running red lights, successfully imposed the mandatory helmet law, rounded up many members of international criminal gangs, stopped the flow of human trafficking and endangered animal species, and jailed Red Bull boy, the construction billionaire poacher, Yingluk and Taksin. Well done. What's an idle cop to do?
  6. re photos in post 10. Are those customer tables under the transformer?! Oh My . . .! Incredibly fortunate that only two were injured.
  7. Ho Chih Minh is an impressive city

    Yes, true. VietJet has a horrible record in particular.
  8. Ho Chih Minh is an impressive city

    Got that right. The roads are choked with local visitors most weekends. Midweek is just fine, really and room rates are lower in many hotels. Bars and restos operating fully. I have not visited Nha Trang but several friends live there and really like it. As for HCMC, I'm good for 2 nights max and then out of there.
  9. Even in the 2008 crash year, the Cdn$ was getting 27-28 baht. I was checking into all this a couple of days ago when I got barely 24 baht on a wire transfer from Canada. (Thank you, Kbank.) I questioned a savvy investor friend of mine and he said much the same thing as simoh1490 in post No. 2, plus a whole lot more, leading to his final statement: "Expect the dollar to fall more." Having just moved back to Thailand from Vietnam, where we get pretty good exchange rate on top of much cheaper cost of living, this latest news has given me pause. However, there were other (non-economic) issues I could not live with there.
  10. Oops. Yes, I meant airline departures taxi lanes, 4th level. Arrivals is two floors below
  11. Bangkok: Security officer killed by sliding gate

    I was told this happened on soi 33 Sukhumvit a couple of months ago. Only the victim was a passerby crushed by a falling heavy gate Be careful out there. I try to give construction projects a very wide berth, although there's so many they're hard to skirt around without bumping into another.
  12. ^^^ This. The photo clearly shows the couple in the Arrivals lanes. As for leaving her stuff in the back of the van, I think that may every well have happened. Mountain becomes molehill. So what we have here is nothing more than click bait.
  13. A Scandinavian friend told me the sad story of two of his friends. While waiting at a red light, a car plowed into them from behind. One was killed and the other had catastrophic injuries. I don't doubt there are many such stories of foreigners being killed or severely injured.
  14. As if I needed more encouragement . . . I moved back to Pattaya in early January from Vietnam. Rented a moto three times. I have many years of riding here, Cambodia and VN, but the Pattaya traffic is now even more chaotic with all the heavy buses, stark displays of ineptitude by the locals and even more numerous inexpert, overreaching foreigners riding motos -- the latter almost comedic in their lack of experience and skills if weren't for the drastic consequences. I won't be renewing my 5-year licence next month, because it seems to me that an accident is a matter of when, not if.
  15. I was there last summer for a change of address and passport number. Had to get in line at 7 am, with dozens of people already there. Foreigners were coming in later and mid-morning and told to come back tomorrow, without so much as a look at the papers. You really have to get there early. BTW, there was a separate lineup for foreigners, with a limit on how many they would process. Think it was 50.