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  1. ^^^ I had a CT Scan before a biopsy at Pattaya International Hospital, Dr Jessada. Seems to me you need to locate any suspicious objects before going in with the sampler. Don't remember the cost but I was not knocked out. Seem to remember about 17,000-22,000 for CT. Don't remember separate biopsy charge. (Sorry but my files are all packed away for a flight tomorrow.)
  2. I was replying to post No. 2 by a Canadian who found virtually the same denial is going to be imposed by the Canada embassy. Since then, Americans, Aussies, Germans and other Canadians have chipped in. And, if you haven't read most of the posts, the change has been sparked by Thai immigration, so it likely applies to many nationalities.
  3. Well, I can see my days are numbered, if Thailand will, in every case for extensions, require the physical transfer of cash into Thailand, whether 800k/year or 65k/month, officially recorded by a Thai bank. I simply don't need 65k a month and often don't transfer in that amount regularly. Another reason is that I'm not here full time, so don't need/want the cash here wasting away. Guess it means Thailand wants only full-time expat contributors to its economy. It may very well be my last retirement extension. (I spend a lot of time in Vietnam these days so no big scare.)
  4. I'm a little unsure which income you are talking about. Is it a CPP/OAS income proof? Or investment income proof? Or company pension proof. I have a company pension. The company sends me a letter, which the embassy certifies after I swear the usual oath. They then use a form letter with embassy seal. I've never used the CPP/OAS proof yet, so it may have a different requirement, such that the embassy has to search your federal pension records. Please explain your situation. Thanks.
  5. Kaoboi Bebobp

    Villa Market (Old Index)

    This is mostly for Darkside folks. KFC and Starbucks fully open now. Looks like more to come. Workers toiling away in the new Villa at the end. Villa signs hanging from light standards. Says "coming soon." Looks like air con units installed but loads of interior work yet to do. Plus shelving and stocking to be done. Maybe end of November to open? Surely there's a better route to this Villa say from the backside. Otherwise, it's a long hike up to the Hwy 7 u-turn and all the way back down.
  6. The location is described in detail in the story.
  7. Kaoboi Bebobp

    Visa Requirements For Vietnam ?

    I'm Canadian but have year-long visas now. But when I occasionally got 30-day visas via the online services, I never had a problem. There's the visa fee (government and service) and the stamping fee (at the airport). I would never pick the cheapest service, by the way. Or, as noted above, go to the VN embassy on Wireless Road in Bangkok and pick up the visa sticker, which takes up a full passport page. As for the online service, you get an emailed letter you print out. When you arrive at the VN airport, you go to the Visa on Arrival window and give them the letter. They take your passport, put in a sticker and fill it out. Then you go to Passport control, where they stamp you into the country. SGN airport operates much faster these days. Don't know about Hanoi.
  8. Kaoboi Bebobp


    I'm 2 hours southeast of Saigon. I love the smiles and friendly faces in my city. Neighbours and strangers will say "xin chao," they're never afraid to speak to foreigners. When you approach a cafe cashier, they look you straight in the eye and smile. They listen, they help out, they make way if they're blocking you, they make a real effort if you are asking where something is or how much something is. If they're not sure, they readily get out the smartphone to access a Viet-English translator. No effort is too much. What a difference with Thailand. I get hellos from the school kids frequently and they ask me where I'm from. If they're riding on a moto with a parent, they'll even say hello or smile. I've never seen so many smiles. Where I live, I've never had a shop owner or minimart clerk try to "rip me off." Even if it happened, it was probably 2000 VND. However, taxi drivers are not to be trusted. They will not start the meter, or they keep driving past your destination to get the next fare amount, or they take you the long way. However, I really like it and feel so much more comfortable and welcome.
  9. Kaoboi Bebobp


    No wonder. The Viets have a completely lopsided way of driving. Such as making turns from three lanes out. Duelling with scooters at roundabouts and in street lanes. Cutting across solid lines into opposing traffic to bypass slower cars. Plowing into swarms of motos to make a turn. Riding the horn instead of the brakes. And my favourite, blasting down moto-only paths to beat traffic. Except for the latter, all of these methods are normal.
  10. Kaoboi Bebobp


    Don't really know what you are asking. But if you want to ride your 750 bike into Vietnam. Not a chance. Read Golden Triangle Rider for any updates.
  11. Kaoboi Bebobp

    Why Vietnam is such a magnet for baht

    Yes, something like 900 years or more. But the French had their influence on the Vietnamese educational system too, building all levels of schools. But it was not for long. Eventually a hybrid system was built to promote community and reduce or erase a high illiteracy rate, pre- and post-Vietnam conflict. One of the core values was the respect for teachers and education.
  12. Kaoboi Bebobp

    Why Vietnam is such a magnet for baht

    I live in a middle class neighbourhood in Vung Tau. The young kids on my little street are out running around, riding their bikes, bouncing basketballs, lifting weights, playing badminton -- so very active, smiling and laughing. I see in their faces a determination to learn, enthusiasm to go to school. There's one about a 100 metres behind me. Many of them, only 5-7 years old, already know a little bit of English and always give me a smile, a wave and hello. Even a "how are you?" Walking past the school, they wave and say "good morning," "where do you come from." They're outgoing in a way that puts Thai kids in the shade. Absolutely none of these kids are sitting on their butts staring into a smartphone. They go to school 7 days a week, English on weekends. Teacher friends report their kids in the language classes are engaged and rapt in their attention to the instruction. Feels good to be among them. At no time did I feel this in Thailand.
  13. Kaoboi Bebobp

    Why Vietnam is such a magnet for baht

    On the main topic: more and more foreigners, particularly Aussies, have started major businesses and minor ones in Vietnam. What is helping a lot is the Vietnamese are becoming middle class and have a lot of money to spend. Where I live, more small hotels, shops and restaurants are going up, such that I can't keep up with all the new places.
  14. Kaoboi Bebobp

    Why Vietnam is such a magnet for baht

    A few weeks ago I saw Hanoi beer on a promo card at Retox in Pattaya. Unfortunately, I was on the way out of Pats after breakfast so didn't have a chance to try it. Even though I live in VN, I haven't tried Hanoi beer since I haven't seen it in my small city on the southeast coast.
  15. Good advice about Nha Trang and Da Nang, as I just heard a negative report from an Aussie friend. The Chinese are overrunning NT, building condo and apartment towers with much VN government encouragement. He said all the girly bars have been shut down and there are only a couple bars left in town. There are some beach bars, but beer is priced at 70,000, which is way over even Saigon bar pricing. As for Dalat, my friend really liked it. Very beautiful.