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  1. Electrical wires catch fire

    Marginline you are talking to yourself.
  2. It looks like nitric acid vapor.
  3. Perpetual flooding in Pattaya

    I generally have a positive attitude about Pattaya also. The tunnels they have planned are going to help with traffic immensely. The Pattaya bypass to the Rayong/U-Tapao area is a masterstroke. The government is working on the flooding problem. Excellent article craigt3365. It is definitely worth reading. When they get the flooding fixed here in Pattaya they can help us fix the flooding in the fourth largest city in the USA. Houston, TX.
  4. Expat cops

    A couple weeks ago there was a man flashing some kind of ID around a Rhom Pho Complex bar. He claimed he was a volunteer cop and he could arrest anyone he wanted.
  5. Eye exam and first pair of glasses in Jomtien.

    That's exactly what I have heard also.
  6. Eye exam and first pair of glasses in Jomtien.

    That's the type of information I am looking for lopburi3.
  7. I would like to know if anyone has any recommendations for a shop in Jomtien. Or Thepprasit Road. I would rather not make the trip to Pattaya. I have recommendations for Patts.
  8. Metaformin

    I agree that is the exact reason.
  9. Visa Exempt Entry

    US. I didn't know yesterday. Company changed my schedule on a job.
  10. Visa Exempt Entry

    I really appreciate the help. Thanks
  11. Metaformin

    .It's not proven to change your metabolism but it looks that way. There is a huge study going on right now.
  12. Visa Exempt Entry

    This is the information I am looking for. I haven't made a Visa run by land for years. Thank You.
  13. Visa Exempt Entry

    That's why I am asking. Some say they extended the days allowed for a land entry to allow 30 more days Visa Exempt.
  14. I will be back in Thailand Tuesday. I will enter Visa Exempt. Have they been asking to see 20,000 THB and the proof of a flight out? I can have USD easy. It's just the airport exchange rates sucks. Also, I plan to extend for thirty days. That will put me out of the country. Can I just make a run to the Trat land border and reenter Visa Exempt? I will need about 21 more days after my 60 days is up.
  15. Looking for reliable taci company for hotel service..

    Mr T's taxi has been great. I would have a talk with them.