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  1. Eye exam and first pair of glasses in Jomtien.

    That's exactly what I have heard also.
  2. Eye exam and first pair of glasses in Jomtien.

    That's the type of information I am looking for lopburi3.
  3. I would like to know if anyone has any recommendations for a shop in Jomtien. Or Thepprasit Road. I would rather not make the trip to Pattaya. I have recommendations for Patts.
  4. Metaformin

    I agree that is the exact reason.
  5. Visa Exempt Entry

    US. I didn't know yesterday. Company changed my schedule on a job.
  6. Visa Exempt Entry

    I really appreciate the help. Thanks
  7. Metaformin

    .It's not proven to change your metabolism but it looks that way. There is a huge study going on right now.
  8. Visa Exempt Entry

    This is the information I am looking for. I haven't made a Visa run by land for years. Thank You.
  9. Visa Exempt Entry

    That's why I am asking. Some say they extended the days allowed for a land entry to allow 30 more days Visa Exempt.
  10. I will be back in Thailand Tuesday. I will enter Visa Exempt. Have they been asking to see 20,000 THB and the proof of a flight out? I can have USD easy. It's just the airport exchange rates sucks. Also, I plan to extend for thirty days. That will put me out of the country. Can I just make a run to the Trat land border and reenter Visa Exempt? I will need about 21 more days after my 60 days is up.
  11. Looking for reliable taci company for hotel service..

    Mr T's taxi has been great. I would have a talk with them.
  12. Hong Kong Airlines

    Thanks. I seen that it is a mystery later on. N or K. lol. I am off to US at 12:00AM. Thanks again.
  13. Hong Kong Airlines

    Can someone tell me the check-in lane for Hong Kong Airlines?
  14. Farang "cops"

    I ran(met) into one in Jomtien one night. What a clown! Clarified for the hopelessly confused.
  15. Grounding AC's

    That's encouraging Williet. Always good to hear about some Thais understand grounding.