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  1. Metaformin

    I agree that is the exact reason.
  2. I will be back in Thailand Tuesday. I will enter Visa Exempt. Have they been asking to see 20,000 THB and the proof of a flight out? I can have USD easy. It's just the airport exchange rates sucks. Also, I plan to extend for thirty days. That will put me out of the country. Can I just make a run to the Trat land border and reenter Visa Exempt? I will need about 21 more days after my 60 days is up.
  3. Visa Exempt Entry

    US. I didn't know yesterday. Company changed my schedule on a job.
  4. Visa Exempt Entry

    I really appreciate the help. Thanks
  5. Metaformin

    .It's not proven to change your metabolism but it looks that way. There is a huge study going on right now.
  6. Visa Exempt Entry

    This is the information I am looking for. I haven't made a Visa run by land for years. Thank You.
  7. Visa Exempt Entry

    That's why I am asking. Some say they extended the days allowed for a land entry to allow 30 more days Visa Exempt.
  8. Looking for reliable taci company for hotel service..

    Mr T's taxi has been great. I would have a talk with them.
  9. Hong Kong Airlines

    Can someone tell me the check-in lane for Hong Kong Airlines?
  10. Hong Kong Airlines

    Thanks. I seen that it is a mystery later on. N or K. lol. I am off to US at 12:00AM. Thanks again.
  11. Farang "cops"

    I ran(met) into one in Jomtien one night. What a clown! Clarified for the hopelessly confused.
  12. Grounding AC's

    That's encouraging Williet. Always good to hear about some Thais understand grounding.
  13. There is confusion on how to spell Thap Praya also. I have seen conflicting signs. Thap Praya, Thappraya, and Thap Phraya. I am disturbed.
  14. Need more speed bumps on Jomtien Beach Rd.

    yes. agreed
  15. I know it TallGuy. But putting these men in jail will change nothing.
  16. I doubt these men intended to hurt anyone. Just a horrible situation.
  17. Honda PCX v Yamaha N Max

    My PCX has been ok. It definitely fishtails around for sure and all but one dash light is out. 5000THB for the dealer to fix it. They have been changing the entire board in the dash
  18. Damn it! R.I.P.
  19. Honda PCX rear Tyre

  20. Honda PCX rear Tyre

    http://www.29tire.com/index.php?lang=en This might give you some idea. Michelin is at the bottom. Their Pilot Road tires are popular.
  21. "A Night to Remember" With Kenneth More is very good.
  22. Honda Dream expert mechanic needed

    Bt2.850 sounds like a great deal.
  23. Sophon cable changes - alternatives?

    Ok. Not to hijack the thread but I registered for HDPrime. How do I get 7 day trial? Sorry for the interruption. Thanks
  24. Sophon cable changes - alternatives?

    No bigfoot either. lol
  25. Best Bangkok Bank Branch in Pattaya

    bkk. Sounds like a nightmare. How did you figure the rate the instant your transfer went through?