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  1. the word terrorist attack was not used by Trump
  2. Worrisome? On the contrary this is great news!
  3. Well we can be sure that they aren't in Sinhanoukville now it's all over the news that they are there...
  4. Speak to you after your kidney stone attack....
  5. Meth? Are they crazy? Amphetamines often in combination with alcohol is lethal and leads to aggressive and dangerous behaviour. Better to get them all smoking pot -it would make Thailand a far more relaxed and safer place.
  6. Way to go! New Silk Road.
  7. The pitchforks are coming!
  8. Bringing back the curfew would be a better idea!
  9. 4 am...... Bring back the curfew!
  10. Early morning...... bring back the curfew!
  11. Bring back the curfew!
  12. after 3 am walking along Beach Road..... BRING BACK THE CURFEW
  13. How are we supposed to know him if a picture is not posted?
  14. Are they moving to new premises on Soi Cowboy?