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  1. lomprayah no competition to chumphon?

    i would consider the night boat. i assume u get a mattress to sleep on . and i would assume people are quiet?????????? and if i could get to a train with no hassle i would consider it...... people take lomprayah because its all figured out for you. but as a company i dont really like lomprayah............i prefer seat tran..........i have alot of luggage so i actually fly to krabi stay a few days. and then take sea tran over to the island...........sea tran much more relaxed than lomprayah. just a bit slower of a boat though..........
  2. lomprayah no competition to chumphon?

    if u took the night boat. i wonder if its easy to get to BKK from chumpion???? if the boat arrives chumpion in morning i would assume thier is a train to link up to ............that might be better alternative than lomprayah
  3. i have asked around. and who i ask . says maybe if the girls were in thier teens. its possible its a mistake. but the women look like they are in thier 30s. have they ever seen a one hundred dollar bill? these fake bills dont have the metallic stripe on them. and thier are ten of them...........1000 dollars........the girls would have to be incredibly stupid (mentally ill) to have not known they are fake. but do u really want to know why we have to speculate endlessly. because most of us are from the west where the free press would be all over this story and give us info. in Thailand the govt hides info from the people. so we have to speculate.........the girls were American so i would assume they know what a 100 dollar bill would look like.
  4. this whole story reminds me of the homeless guys in california at front the supermarkets that will only take bills not change...........go fund me is paying for their extended holiday now. whats next. upping the go fund me amount? they are seeking 15k on go fund me. does the money stop when they reach that or can they get more? i can assure you they are staying at more than a 5 dollar room now. i wonder what the scam will be next holiday
  5. the girl on bail is posting on go fund me page. i want to know ......how many of the bills did they try to pass????????? one .........5 .......or all ten. now if they tried all ten then maybe they can cry ignorance. but if they tried to pass off one bill ...........as testing grounds. they are guilty............maybe if you ask questions on go fund me. they will answer in hopes of getting to the 15k goal.
  6. if u go to go fund me page. lots of comments thier . one from the lady out on bail. im confused isnt go fund me for car wreck victims. not women on holiday in exotic country who find money on ground and try to exchange it. these gals are almost to their goal of 15k on go fund me. when they reach the goal . will the goal be upped?????????? this is a great scam!!!! people are paying for thier holiday in exotic asia
  7. do u know the chances that the girls were going to get money out of that copy bill..........zero. not even a one percent chance. so i suppose it is POSSIBLE they didnt know. based on their stupidity and maybe they didnt know that the thais pounce if you make an error. and it cost money. i had a guesthouse make me pay for a doorknob once that broke. an old door knob
  8. Vietnam is nice. and cheap too........this time of year u can get cheap flights to any of these countries.......
  9. its not about how they got the bills. its what they did with them. apparently in Cambodia around Chinese new years these bills are everywhere??? now this story is getting so much attn. because the girls were incredibly stupid.........some how they thought this was a harmless crime. passing off fakes as real. well the us govt. takes this very seriously . and i dont think its in the us news because the us govt dont want to waste time on this stupidity.........ok i will go to Vietnam and get some play money. they sell it thier too and go to currency exchange booth and try to exchange it..........the story is just so ridiculous it gets attn
  10. if they thought they were real they would have cashed at least one in immediately in Cambodia to pay for the 5 dollar room or upgrade to a 7 dollar room . and by the way in Cambodia they take us dollars everywhere . guest houses etc.!!!!!!!!!! but no the girls waited till coming to Thailand to cash in the lottery winnings...............they are guilty. end of story
  11. this is how this will play out. now we have income from the go fund me page. thier just needs to be a negotiation between the thai cops and the culprits on a fair split..............and by the way i fell today on the steps. i have a 200000 baht hospital bill. i am starting a go fund me page......................no seriously isnt a go fund me page for someone in a car wreck or something? not girls finding 1000 dollars in a puddle
  12. im a bit slow. and now the scammers are going to cash in on the go fund me page?? it does seem odd the one fellow. spoke about counterfeit bills just days before the girls found the money. something is fishy. the thais will get paid off for sure with go fund me money and the culprits can negotiate with the thai cops to keep a percentage.? everybody is happy........
  13. ok. if that is so............then wouldnt the girls have seen the copy written on the bills. maybe we are missing part of this story. maybe the girls knew what they had and still were stupid enuf to try to pass them off.? and they figured whats the worst that could happen? they will just tell us to go away. but the girls didnt anticipate an arrest? the girls did say they were staying in a 5 dollar room. so maybe they were hard up for cash?
  14. maybe hes a retired fed or lawyer or cop.. im only interested because i found 2000 dollars this morning and im looking for a good currency exchange booth in BKK.