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  1. I think I might do this next time. I flew cathay pacific from bkk to Chicago. 14 hours plus. I'm getting too old for 15 hour flights. tramatic. if a person broke up flight to seoul layover with room it would make it more bearable. any body have any info on any airlines other than asiana doing this? obviously if the layover is more than 8 hours nobodys gonna buy that flight so the room idea is sensible PS. ASIANA only gives the room one way...........not two ways
  2. ive always liked the service levels on asiana. problem with them is that they now require like a 10 hour layover in seoul to go west..........but I think u can get them to give you a free airport hotel room in the ticket price if u ask
  3. tempting but I wont judge jeans and pink polos. I wont judge like you do. start looking inside at the person . not the wrapping
  4. where will these people make money? they tried once to get rid of all the massage ladys till they figured out it was like 20 percent of the workforce
  5. I agree with rogeroc. if we are gonna have all out fist fights to settle things. then I'm gonna start carrying numchucks
  6. I wonder how thais carry out death sentence. firing squad? that would be cheapest way
  7. the big guy should be deported and fined massively on top of paying medical costs. violence is not the answer. hope the big guy gets charged. do I need to be afraid of big people now as I walk down the street. where will this end. i better start taking steroids
  8. ok baneko I will wear a tight bow tie. round my neck and cinch my trousers belt up tight like you . but I might lose blood flow to the brain and my privates?
  9. ignore the fish pant haters. who made them the fashion police? dress for your own pants rule!!!
  10. would be nice to hear if the guy gets charged with assault. violence never the answer
  11. so much whats up with the negative vibes.. If u don't like fish pants don't wear them but don't tell others not to wear them . I wear what I please. I could care less about what u think. are u the attire police? that's what fish pant wearers think . we could care less what others think we dress for comfort.
  12. thais tried to help. that was good
  13. big kahuna u have no clue what u are talking about . just babbling
  14. again I repeat . if interested in fish pants go to facebook. look up batik design. a shop will appear in bkk. at weekend market. worldclass shop with world class fish pants. ignore all the others here.
  15. any one who wants fish pants go to section 23 weekend market. ask for batik design fish pants made. ignore the nasty comments here about them. enjoy!