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  1. thank god they have video. otherwise the thai would have got out of this charge.....although its true that a decade ago farangs took advantage of thais. it seems the opposite is happening now. the thais corral tourists into areas.
  2. my point exactly , they are outsourcing this visa servicing. this route might be cheaper than paying the 1900 baht in Thailand for the extra 30 days. i will try it
  3. I might try to get a visa in goa india. I see thier is a satellite office thier. it looks like third party companies in some countries can get you a visa for minimal additional cost.. if u look on thai immigration site in india they speak of this third party company as official ............I see this as the future. third party companies charging a bit for help and the thai govt. going along with it.
  4. I have a freind that lives in khanom (sp) . yes I like quiet. I usually go to krabi. but starting to get tired of krabi.. I do beach running and krabi has decent beach for running up at the tourist area..............i heard the beaches at khanom are long and flat . maybe good for running? not sure if I can get any massage thier or not
  5. yes krabi. its easy to get to surat from krabi. only an hour by bus
  6. if im in vietnam and buy a 60 day visa. and I come to Thailand for 7 days can I leave the kingdom for india for 23 days and then come back to Thailand and use my remaining 53 days on the visa????? is that called reentry permit?
  7. I usually fly to krabi on my way to samui area. for a week. has anyone been to nakhon si thammarat? I assume thier is town near airport . how close is that to the beach? I like to do beach running on flat beaches. do any westerners go to this area? will I find any massage thier. and how about any decent veggie restaurants? im skeptical this area will be able to compete with krabi regarding western services