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  1. i agree the fine. plus hard labor cleaning the wall.
  2. airline carry on limits in thailand

    how would they check ? scale at boarding gate? what a nightmare.. best the airlines just let people and hope people are respectful of the limits
  3. it creates jobs. thats a good thing
  4. airline carry on limits in thailand

    i wonder about thai lion? i dont think nok checks and i would suspect thai smile dosnt check either
  5. airline carry on limits in thailand

    iknow for a fact in manila Cebu pacific has guards weighing every bag going on board. i would never fly an American airline internationally unless i had to.
  6. airline carry on limits in thailand

    i think the airlines should get a clue, if the bag fits in the overhead and is reasonable. let it on. if they start getting militant with carry on.. pax will just go to other airlines...i know that thai and Vietnam airlines dont seem to care much about this issue which keeps pax coming back. the key as i see it . is everyone needs to be respectful of issue. too many abuses and the checks start coming
  7. spray paint should be banned in thailand
  8. dont u see the culprits got the attn. they were wanting? now 2 million views because they spray painted a wall?????? dont people have their own lives anymore? a graffiti artist is like a dog that pisses on a tree to mark territory......now they have been arrested they have marked 2 million trees!.. i put a sticker on a lightpost once in Thailand ........should i turn myself in?
  9. airline carry on limits in thailand

    note. if you fly Cebu pacific airlines ...........at manila airport they have guards at security that weigh your carry on .........and if its over by a bit you have to go to check it in............
  10. does air asia enforce carry on limits
  11. is this really news. deported for this. cmon.........they should be penalized but deported. give me a break. they didnt steal or hurt anyone....too many lynch mobs here
  12. which color taxi in bangkok? to airport

    what are the tricks to get a taxi without a queue or the stupid taxi waiting extra fee. at BKK international. u used to be able to a taxi dropping someone off. but they have blocked this off. militarily
  13. which color taxi in bangkok? to airport

    i thought the thai mafia restricted grab or uber. in ho chi mihn . grab motorbikes and uber motorbikes are everywhere. when will Bangkok get the cue? taxis pretty cheap here so i dont see need for uber taxis? note. ive had nasty traffic issues gettting to don mueng during the 9 am time period. be early........
  14. to and from the airport does it really make any difference which color taxi one takes? ive always used the yellow and green ones and sometimes the pink ones. but i had a good experience with the green one the other day. does it make any difference to wait for a certain color? also. sometimes im tempted not to take the toll road or "highway" which hours would it be safe to do so............and finally , going to the domestic airport don mueang...........ive had nasty traffic issues en route to the airport. which hours are to be careful about this ? thanks
  15. krabi versus ko lanta which is better

    the other option i have is to go to the area south of surat thani. on the sea. i have heard their are decent beaches thier. but i would suspect restaurants are challenging their. and no decent massage