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  1. More ammo for the Pattaya haters out there.............
  2. scumbag needing extra $ to fund his lifestyle and steroid addiction
  3. and is made to regret every last moment of every punch, every minute of every day
  4. jinners

    Living the High Life in Pattaya

    So there at last we have it. So weakened are you by Pattaya's seedy offerings you are unable to turn away and make a choice that won't make you feel embarrassed about yourself in the morning. Thus, not being able to control your inner desires and risk compromising those mighty morals that you have, you keep clear in some dead arse town, suck on that Chang Yay and bitch from afar about something you'd actually love to do, have fun!
  5. jinners

    Living the High Life in Pattaya

    And me!
  6. jinners

    Living the High Life in Pattaya

    Lets not let reality get in the way of a good moan and Pattaya bash eh? How's life up there in Surin anyway?
  7. What a shame. Had a few nice trips to what was a very nice sleepy seaside town with lovely beaches. Very cheap. Lots of oddballs hanging around with interesting stories to tell. Also met a few Ex Pat's moved over after having enough of the Thai experience. Wonder how that's all working out?
  8. quite right too lol. I meant the fact they can concentrate their efforts without worrying about having to pull in any brethren. almost like getting an out of visa farang counts more.
  9. Agreed, but I do feel a little uneasy at this 'foreigner' label. Xenophobic we know they are but this glee to announce over stayers are caught verges on exposing the sheer delight of getting none Thais. While a myriad of better things they could focus on go on unnoticed.
  10. Not me, I think in cases with nailed on evidence there is a real need for getting rid of these oxygen thieves. Unfortunately then I think, what about the rotten bastard cops that can fit people up. And on it goes
  11. jinners

    13 things I miss about living back in the UK

    Must have missed the contention. Which are you taking umbrage with? I think most are pretty true.
  12. jinners

    13 things I miss about living back in the UK

    I have no problem them pouncing. 100% legal and always wear a helmet. No problem, fans and AC take care of that. Don't live anywhere near burning, fields or garbage thank you. I won't go anywhere if at all possible where there's dual pricing I have lived many many other places, I thought this was about things you missed or didn't from the UK> <deleted> has Vancouver island got to do with anything? Think I have pretty good health care from my experience so far. I hope never to get into that with anyone, Thai or otherwise and will deal with it should that happen same in UK. When you say 'animal feces' presumably you mean birds? In which case reread the first sentence.
  13. Yeah saw that after, no worries.
  14. repetition. Don't you just love it?