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  1. Trying to outlaw? I know someone just got stung with a 20k fine for holding one. Cop wanted 30k, madness
  2. No it won't. It never does. Have you learned nothing from the ridiculous taxes in Scandinavia and some middle east countries?
  3. Bullying bastards, what a pathetic shower of <deleted>
  4. Just another sneak tax hidden from public view. Shocking really taxing peoples families and futures. Immoral.
  5. Understood, and anything I could possibly do to assist others with what is a very unclear stressful system I would happily supply. It is of course wrong to pay extra for a correction to made to somebody elses bad work. It should of course not be that way. Reimbursement should at least apply. But with the governments take it or leave it attitude, that's all you'll ever get. Good luck to anyone giving it a go.
  6. Can't actually remember as it's a couple of years ago. I challenged them through the system as a refusal gets a challenge automatically. I changed nothing, added nothing, reapplied, paid the extra and received an approval saying the officer involved was overruled. That's it.
  7. Look, I'm not making this up and whatever you may think you know, you're wrong. There was nothing wrong, erroneous, missing, incomplete, or otherwise on my application. I submitted the appeal, paid more money, and received an approval. What you want me to say, I'm wrong we forgot xyz? I know what happened you don't. Just because you had an app sail trough does not mean that is the norm, far from it. Stating the obvious is not particularly helpful either. Stating percentages of approvals and declinations is meaningless. I go on my experience and the experience of another friend who had similar experience then paid an agent to flower it up and back hand the staff, at which time he received an approval. perhaps you're an agent doing the same. I have no clue and wouldn't assume so please stop assuming you know better than others.
  8. then he should have had better. No trying to be smart, but it's not an occupation without its known risks. Hope he recovers
  9. No insurance and diving instructor? Bonkers
  10. Incorrect, they are not per my reply below and have the ability to deny even when everything is complete and satisfactory with of course no need to respond. I'm just lucky my appeal worked so my wife has met my aging mum and other family members. There's no doubt the government takes the line of least resistance when deciding these applications as it's much more profitable and simple to deal with than the illegals/legals/immigrants with no/little paperwork. As per drivers, tax payers in general and all other lawful individuals, it's a easy target, the immigration process is there to frustrate and make money not assist citizens in a time of need dealing with something thats really quite stressful and expensive. Terrible system.
  11. Lucky guy, I met full criteria but was refused. Appealed and won (more expense) with the assistance of local MP. They are bastards and work to rules that have a great amount of slippage and no constant to report to, it seems a free for all and relies a lot of the person processing, latest advice from HO and the weather probably. Horrible scenario. My spouse visa is about to expire. We don't live permanently in UK so probably won't bother renewing. Full sympathies for all those having to put up with this crap.
  12. totally agree. But the visa side of the house are really able to do just whatever they want, and charge for it. I had my initial application for a spouse visa refused for spurious reasons. Appealed and, with the help of my MP, had the same visa application approved. No explanation, no refund of appeals fees. I read today of a guy with his Chinese wife. He earning big bucks and a new baby, just had her right to stay refused. No reason given, thousand of pounds spent. Disgrace doesn't get close.
  13. Totally agree, <deleted> anyone s interested in this nob for is beyond me, nobody was interested before. It was simply his rude belligerent manner that attracted all the news
  14. Presumably you're not talking about the example used of vulnerable adult entrants? In many cities in the North particularly, its quite common to see aged grand parents, who have contributed nothing to the UK system, wrapped in sari's and pajamas wandering around to the health care provider or travelling free on public transport. If this is who the government are aiming at I support it wholeheartedly. Unfortunately I doubt it very much. In general the visa system, as I have discovered, is a broken expensive extension of the Inland Revenue.