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  1. Shame it wasn't Pattaya, there'd be loads more 'hate posts' in the comments
  2. I have no confusion over what socialism is but thanks for your concern. Merkel being a child of the east clearly has little understanding of the free and peaceful way Germany has lived since the 2nd world war and embarked on a thoroughly confusing plan to bring this horde to a totally unprepared country. While I may not live in Germany I have done for may years in many different places. I also still have quite a few German friends who, while as usual, they are a pretty welcoming and accepting crew, are all bemused and upset at seeing many areas of where they live, from Berlin to Munchen and many places in between, being wrecked and increasingly unsafe with Slovak gypsy's, the other groups I have already mentioned, and many other undesirables now living and moving around in what were previously safe and prosperous areas. Also large parts of German industry complaining about the lack of uneducated unqualified work force they are being forced to take on. When I lived in Germany it was a beautiful clean, for the most part safe and organised place to be. I think with your confusion of Merkel's methods versus Trump's, you were a Merkel voter and feel the need to justify screwing up your place of birth. Or, as many Labour voters are, in complete denial over the damage being done. I am still confused actually about mentioning the Donald? Hey, your world your taxes. Good luck.
  3. a bit difficult to do when they destroy any evidence of their origin would you not say?
  4. yeah, whats a million north african & middle eastern asylum seekers going to cause any harm to anyone?
  5. Can't believe Merkel is actually still hanging in there after the wanton destruction she's committed on a beautiful country. Socialist garbage at its finest
  6. Thai govt asks retailers to slash prices

    England, and Thailand; by price? With 77% of the price being tax already how much extra would you suggest? 100% 150% 200%? Why not suggest everyone returns to growing their own? You know, have the back garden producing potato's, carrots, few chickens running around in the back. Cos you sure can't get to a supermarket without a car. Both parents working to make ends meet as it is and just spinning wheels. And you suggest higher taxes. What were/are you, a politician? And why a dictatorship? I'm lost there. So if a country doesn't use increased pricing as a means of changing behaviour, it must be a dictatorship?
  7. Thai govt asks retailers to slash prices

    see you on the bus? Where I used to live there were no buses. Getting a pushbike in English weather is an unforgettable experience and pretty restricted. It's okay for you to have these Utopian views, but reality is a bitch and when you are paying some of the highest prices in the world for what is a necessity, quite patronizing too.
  8. Thai govt asks retailers to slash prices

    "How about the govt cutting fuel prices", I thank the govt every time I fill up for the fuel prices. Half the price of the robbing bastards in the UK
  9. And that would be coming from where exactly? '"develop a more moral foreign policy in the Middle East."
  10. 3 lanes grow to 5 or 6 and the biggest usually wins, I never let these <deleted> in, who or whatever they are driving.
  11. Agreed. 500 baht fine and a wrist slapping
  12. In the meantime, hang on to your hat. sorry, I mean head.
  13. The more I see about this cult the more I despair. A real victory for the Neanderthals and knuckle dragging male bullies in Pakistan and many other places over any form of decency. Indoctrination rules OK. Now agree or else.