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  1. "This is a democratic and patriotic effort to recover our future and we welcome support for our efforts from many quarters," he said. Says the cock trying to reverse the will of a democratic vote.
  2. Can't see the mail online here in Thailand. Banned publication. read it now and again, no problem?
  3. a 2014 Sunday Mail opinion slot. Great, now I really do know you talk out of your a**e
  4. Not been following this very much have you? UK have gone to the EU on bended knee bowing and scraping for a deal which would appease the bureaucratic nightmare that is the EU and its unelected chiefs. 23rd of June 2016 the British people voted to leave. Mrs Maybe and her team have meanwhile been dillying and dithering and this is where it gets you. The EU still shouting and threatening. The EU sell much more to the UK than the other way around. There is a far higher percentage of trade on offer outside of the EU with its stifling controlling regs. If push comes to shove go on to WTO tarriffs. <deleted> em, UK will be absolutely fine.
  5. UK Passport Costs to Rise Up To 27%

    Hahaha, like the fall in the economy, the rise in unemployment, GDP reduction, keep it coming. You probably think Trump's doing <deleted> too.
  6. Cash-strapped Foreign Office puts Bangkok embassy up for sale

    which mythology exactly? I'm a Brexiteer as you obviously are not. But your sneering and contempt for Britain should at least be explained.
  7. No they are not. They are weak amoral and lacking any sanity or similar human trait.
  8. Usual crap peddled by the Mirror rag. Usual crap peddled by the Pattaya haters. Nothing new here move along.
  9. Good for him. Wish UK would do the same with these Islamic double dealing misogynists. Let em shuffle off on their own flag burning rabid chanting screwed up selves.
  10. Looks to me like you already have your own built in unassailable view. Or put another way, 'Why can't we have more white people?' When he speaks about shitholes like many African countries and Haiti being just that, it makes him a racist does it? Oh sorry, PC means never speaking the truth.
  11. "The bloke obviously stupid for not helping her and fleeing the scene, but maybe he was aware that the local cops' ill repute would likely have him stitched up for something had he stuck around. " Nothing to do with him being a wanted rapist and drug dealer then?
  12. There's a few you could probably pick from. No shortage of cash in big business and other self interested parties. The man has no shame and a very confused view of how others see him. Like you, I hope one day to see him in the dock.