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  1. Tonys gym, Ban Amphur?

    Cheers for the photo, I popped down the dirt track to look today, for the price it quite reasonable, 900bht per month & they have openair conditioning with sea views!
  2. Tonys gym, Ban Amphur?

    Going to have to drive down to get more info, knowing my luck probably not be able to u turn anywhere and have to reverse back up, ha ha!
  3. Tonys gym, Ban Amphur?

    Yes seen the same but it's just a sandy lane under an arch, is there a building at the end never seen any traffic go down there, that's mainly why I am asking, is there a gym at all or does one exist?
  4. Tonys gym, Ban Amphur?

    Has anyone any info on Tonys gym in Ban Amphur, where is the location?, if it's still open ? & fees? Tried to get info but just drawing a blank with my enquiries
  5. Visa on Arrival

    I thought I might be ok as it was a miscalculation on my part, you live and learn, not be making that mistake again, thanks!
  6. Hi I entered the Kingdom on 5/9/17 & leave 5/10/17 I calculated this as 30 days but the visa on arrival states expiry 4/10/17 so I would have 1 day overstay? I calculated from 5th to 6th as 1 day but both days must be included bit confusing, So my question is the overstay fine, do you have 500bht to pay at the airport on departure?
  7. Anyone know of anywhere in Pattaya that does football coaching for 8yr old kids?