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  1. feasantplukka

    Tonys gym, Ban Amphur?

    Cheers for the photo, I popped down the dirt track to look today, for the price it quite reasonable, 900bht per month & they have openair conditioning with sea views!
  2. feasantplukka

    Tonys gym, Ban Amphur?

    Going to have to drive down to get more info, knowing my luck probably not be able to u turn anywhere and have to reverse back up, ha ha!
  3. feasantplukka

    Tonys gym, Ban Amphur?

    Yes seen the same but it's just a sandy lane under an arch, is there a building at the end never seen any traffic go down there, that's mainly why I am asking, is there a gym at all or does one exist?
  4. feasantplukka

    Tonys gym, Ban Amphur?

    Has anyone any info on Tonys gym in Ban Amphur, where is the location?, if it's still open ? & fees? Tried to get info but just drawing a blank with my enquiries
  5. feasantplukka

    Visa on Arrival

    I thought I might be ok as it was a miscalculation on my part, you live and learn, not be making that mistake again, thanks!
  6. Hi I entered the Kingdom on 5/9/17 & leave 5/10/17 I calculated this as 30 days but the visa on arrival states expiry 4/10/17 so I would have 1 day overstay? I calculated from 5th to 6th as 1 day but both days must be included bit confusing, So my question is the overstay fine, do you have 500bht to pay at the airport on departure?
  7. Anyone know of anywhere in Pattaya that does football coaching for 8yr old kids?
  8. I am in the process of transferring through HSBC to Kasikorn Bank but on internet banking HSBC it asks for the IBAN code, which Kasikorn Bank have not given me & don't know what IBAN code is, so my question to you is how do I get round it or is there a solution to the problem?? I am confused.com
  9. Hi I have been trying to send money this way to my wifes sister who is with Kasikorn bank but HSBC keep asking for the IBAN account number, which Kasikorn do not know what she is requesting, How did you find the IBAN number to send money to your Thai Bank, it is turning into a nightmare, solve my problem please
  10. Just to clarify things I have 2 youngsters if any divorce takes place in the future i would be willing to walk away from the property as the children would inherit it later
  11. The house is on the 6th phase of the dusit villages already put down a deposit and planed the layout of the property, the house is bought in my wife's name not mine as the house is the 6th phase and no previous problems have occurred on the previous phases i think its a fairly secure transaction, the purchase price is around 4m thb and 10% is the amount I will be sending, I am currently back in the UK and unable to open a thai bank account, was looking for the best way of making these transactions to the development company.
  12. Guesthouse I don't have a thai account, I am buying the property through a payment plan with the Dusit company, all monies to be paid to the company bank account via swift transfers, they want email copies of the transfer and they are to send email receipts, payments over 2 years then the outstanding balance to transfer the property etc
  13. I have to transfer a large amount of money to buy property in Thailand was just wondering what is the best way and cheapest I currently bank with HSBC