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  1. Yup would appear so ....Thanks ! Down the pub it is then !
  2. WorkPointTV streams live here : http://www.workpointtv.com/live and there's an app for Android and IOS And a 7 day schedule so can check tomorrow if it's on next Sunday But I'm curious what language the commentary will be in ....
  3. Actually that posters says it's on LINETV too, I've installed it and it has WorkPointTV but doesn't seem to stream anything currently ....
  4. Thanks for the replies Gents, Can I get a Multiple ReEntry when I leave the country via DMG or BKK ? I guess I'll find out in 1 months time ... Cheers SB
  5. Hi, I have a Retirement Visa with new 12 month extension. Queue was too big at Phuket Immigration last so didn't have time to get my usual multiple Re-Entry Permit I'd rather get the Permit sooner rather than later as have once forgotten and then caused all sorts of grief with Visa/WP etc... I'll be flying Don Muang to Phuket next week, is it possible to get a Multiple ReEntry Permit whilst I'm there ? Just curious is it possible to do the same at Suvanabhumi ? Many thanks Cheers SB
  6. Just a quick update on Retirement Extension in case its useful for someone ... I went circa 11am Tuesday, was barked at to "GO OUTSIDE, GO OUTSIDE" by the senior IO to get "TWO FORMS, TWO FORMS !!!!" Young polite IO came outside and showed me the new form, the TM2 I think it was. Nooneelse in the queue, all my documents (almost) were in order (thanks for tips Gents) Didn't need my lease copy as the previous 90 day reporting slip was OK for Proof of Address Photo outside Condo with Number Photoshopped by my 10 year old was ok printed on A4 paper colour 6"x4" image) However I was sent back to photocopy all the pages (5) of my Passport back to my original Non-Imm Visa stamp from 2012 Queue was 20 people deep with one lady serving and doing passport photos too. Took circa 20 mins. All in all in and out in less than one hour... Picked up the passport next day at 1pm Asked for Multiple Reentry Permit, sent round to the other Room where it was a zoo of circa 30 souls at one door so left ! Cheers, SB.
  7. Thanks I must have been 49 years old before !
  8. I've read a few threads where people said they did as a guarantor, , and I needed one a few years back who guaranteed me ...so I drove home and returned with my maid !
  9. So, still as always one more question, for my retirement extension, do I need to take a Thai national with me ? Many thanks in advance....
  10. Is your tenancy for 30 years or 6 months ?
  11. Its a 30 year Lease, registered 10 years ago at the Land Office. Been OK in the past. I was just unsure how much of the 80 pages I needed to copy nowadays !
  12. Thanks PJ, Yeh Retirement extension...sorry but again to clarify IF I have a TM7 I DONT need a copy ????