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  1. Taxi from airport to Karon Beach: price?

    There's also private minivans that take passengers to the south west ie Patong ...and possibly Kata / Karon for reasonable rates ie circa 180thb (I think)
  2. Taxi from airport to Karon Beach: price?

    There's a meter rank just outside domestic terminal on the right about 50 meters (towards International Terminal) I always use them. Never had any issues with them (except sometimes new drivers dont know where much is!) As stated 100thb Airport Charge plus the Meter.... Ps I've always found them cheaper than any other taxi options GrabTaxi I use locally but is well pricey ....
  3. Nice outdoor lunches in BKK ? Where's your Favourite ?

    Quick update, visited a mate staying in Khao San Road yesterday so we went for a stroll down to the river and bumped into a cool bar/restaurant named SHEEPSHANK. We sat on a table just a few yards from the river ... It's on google/tripadvisor so easy to find... Still need to make it to Steve's !
  4. Nice outdoor lunches in BKK ? Where's your Favourite ?

    Think it's about time a did a river tour hop off pub crawl !
  5. Nice outdoor lunches in BKK ? Where's your Favourite ?

    Yeh, thanks for that, been meaning to visit ....
  6. Nice outdoor lunches in BKK ? Where's your Favourite ?

    Just Google'd it, looks peaceful, thanks !
  7. Nice outdoor lunches in BKK ? Where's your Favourite ?

    Thanks. USe Eatigo a few times, Wine Connection had good deals and is nice at K Village ....
  8. So I was gonna pop outside for a bit of Sunday afternoon late lunch but after a few searches all I can seem to find is Rooftop bars which was not what I was looking for.... I was more thinking somewhere like Hemmingways, Lumpini Park etc but both now gone.... Dont wanna sit to close to a TukTuk or Traffic jam either Any suggestions ? (near to a BTS or Siam to Thong Lor range but interested to hear of further afield options....) Cheers SB
  9. Just a quick update, got the Multiple Reentry Permit at Suvanabhumi : It's stated somewhere go to Zone 2 (there's three zones from Left to Right) I went in Zone 3 (early start!) and had to come back out. Went into Zone 2 and the little desk is tucked in the far corner 50 meters before Passport Control We took with us completed forms, passport photo and 1 copy of a few Passport Pages detailed above. We were handed back the passport pages photocopies, said not required. They took the Passports, forms and photo and charged us 3,800thb each. They had a sign stating cost was 3,800thb + 200 thb Maybe the 200thb is for the photo ? Dunoo, and don't care as long as I got my Multiple ReEntry. One person in front of us, took about 10 mins and we got our passports back. BRegards, SB.
  10. 555 Thanks Ubonje, Ps Strange that, I thought all the service charge stuff was frowned upon nowadays !
  11. Sorry a quicky, had a quick looky on TV and cant see what Passport pages I should copy for Multiple Reentry Permit Off to Swampy tomorrow 7am, I'm guessing not all pages just ... Photo page Visa Page Last Entry stamp Cheers SB
  12. Yup, I would say I prefer "Villa Park" living generally .... except a couple of neighbours feeding Soi Dogs that bite some kids and leave their "mess" everywhere ...
  13. We currently live in a 5 bed house with pool etc on half Rai, although circa 5 years ago lived in a small condo unit where I think it's quite good for kids also as they can always pop down the communal pool and find other kids to play with ....
  14. Starting to look for next year ... To me it doesn't really matter if British Curriculim, IB etc, currently younger kid at a Thai International school, EP program as better for Thai language, elder kid at IB...