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  1. Thanks, I'll see if I can get anything out of the Embassy on Monday....
  2. Thanks, Yes her mobile number's OK as we received one SMS on the day we went to VFS ... (And she went into VFS in person on Friday which is now 15 working days...)
  3. I'm not sure actually, maybe I'll pop back in on Monday to VFS and see where it is ....
  4. Thanks UJ, Yeh she's informed them but they say she just has to wait for the passport to come back and then they'll SMS here ... (It's been 3 weeks now) I guess if anyones reading this now of in the future and applying for a UK Visa , be prepared to wait for more than 3 weeks for your passport to come back... Ps And Dont bother using VFS VIP processing which cost us an additional 3,400thb
  5. Hi Gents My girlfriend is on an Ed Visa, has to go next week for her 60 day stamp/Visa extension to Changwattana She applied to VFS for a UK tourist visa a couple of weeks ago and went to collect her passport today as previously instructed by VFS but was told it had not be returned to VFS yet. Does she have any options except to just sit and wait for VFS and pay the 500thb daily "overstay" when she does go Changwattana next ie when her passport is returned to her? BTW her school say no options, there'll be a 500thb per day fine ! Although I guess she may have one weeks grace period perhaps... Cheers in advance, SB.
  6. SurinBeach

    Villa Market Suk Soi 11 Closed Today, Relocating

    Ps Villa opened yesterday !
  7. SurinBeach

    Villa Market Suk Soi 11 Closed Today, Relocating

    I wasn't disagreeing with you in any way, just adding a bit more info as I've been missing the old Ambassador Villa since the day it closed ....
  8. SurinBeach

    Villa Market Suk Soi 11 Closed Today, Relocating

    Shelves looked pretty stacked a couple of nights ago...
  9. And check you're not getting one of those wonderful 30+30+30 year leases which are actually NOT legal but sold everywhere ..... and therefore you might get the whole 90 years deemed VOID by the courts as has happened before ...
  10. Morning ! Quick update for any noobs who need to get Thai kids Passports : Today, Monday morning, Popped down to Phuket City Hall as per Ubonjoe (and Google Maps). It was raining so took almost an hour from Cherngtalay on a Monday Morning (Mainly Heroines traffic) Arrived circa 8.45am, circled the car park twice then parked outside on the road. Showed Tabiian Baan, Daughters Thai Birth Certificate and Mum & Dads passports at the entrance Was No.16 in the Queue. Guess they started at No.1 cos 5 minutes later we were being processed. 510 minutes later Paid the 1040thb, passport will be EMS posted. Easiest thing I've ever achieved in Thailand in 14 years I'd say... Now for the UK Passport ... Agree with BOB12345 above, ie smiles all round and perfect service ... Cheers, SB.
  11. Thanks Ubonjoe, looks same as Google Maps ! Jackdd, cheers plan on heading down about 7am, ETA 8am !!!
  12. Presumably still at the old Phuket City Hall on Damrong/Surin Rd ? Just saw on Google maps there's a new City Hall being built 1 year ago...
  13. SurinBeach

    Villa Market Suk Soi 11 Closed Today, Relocating

    Any update on how Villa is coming along in Soi 13 then ? I'll be in BKK in one month so hoping .... But then again !
  14. Hi, I want to get a new passport in Phuket Town for my daughter, any idea of good times to go ? ie Can we head down at 1pm and get processed that afternoon or should we go at the crack of dawn ? (And do we need an Original Thai birth certificate ? The EX might have mislaid it ....!!! but I have copies and also I my daughter's previous Thai passport) Cheers SB