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  1. Wherever you are. You have to sort the wheat from the chaff. Thaiand is no exception.
  2. Maybe they are both travelling equal to the speed limit. Preventing the following wannabe speeders passing. Mobile speed limiter. Can't please everyone.
  3. Maybe he should read his book. The Art of the Deal.
  4. Dog need help : what can i do ?

    Actions speak louder than words. Get on down there then.
  5. Why not just extend in August,plus a re,entry permit. Then you are good to return after your visit. Carry on with ninety day reporting,90 days after your return.
  6. Women want equality. Only when it suits them. Headline is one person strikes another.
  7. See them everyday in their hammocks. Terrible if there's no breeze.
  8. Trump and Kim wouldn't make a full shilling.
  9. I have no idea what they actually check on. The worst they can do is refuse the visa,not a big issue just fly back and plan your next move. Seems you are going to worry yourself into an early grave
  10. Is there a Nazi contingent in Thailand?

    Interesting comment. Ex con looking. As for the Swastika. Many of the younger generation don't think of the symbol in a way older generations do. It doesn't bother me either way,as it is past history.
  11. Book a hotel on Booking.com. Get a print out,then cancel the booking. Similar to what you are going to do with the air ticket.
  12. Kim isn't as green as he is cabbage looking. Unless China gives the nod. The Western powers are powerless.
  13. UK southerners used to use,"know what I mean"in a similar fashion. The usage wanes in time.
  14. When all said and done it's only a piece of cloth. The flag of my country of birth,is used for all manner of things. Tea towels,bath towels,toilet seat covers,bikini,shorts,flip flops,hats,door mats,to name a few. Offensive?No. The vandalism a minor offence.
  15. Flight upgrades...

    FlyEtihad,Emirates,Qutar and China. I have no Loyalty. Timing and price rule my ticket purchase. Qatar are looking interesting for my next flight though. They have a new standard Q Business class. Flown Singapore business once,the dogs b?llocks, more like I imagine first would be.